Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman coming to laxman and lord ram and says these kids seem to be very smart, they escaped even today. As luv and kush are going, they say loudly, see soldiers, king of ayodhya prabhu shree ram has lost his jayashree after abandoning mata sita, you soldiers are not capable of defeating us. They go. laxman is furious and hanuman shocked, lord ram looks down and is sad. He says hanuman go and call all the courtiers, it will be a meeting today. Lord ram goes, hanuman thinks has lord ram called for the meeting for luv and kush?
Sita is praying and luv kush come and keep the flowers. Sita says you both brought it today too? Luv kush say yes and we will bring it everyday, you don’t worry as no one will stop us. Sita smiles then they do the Pooja.

the palace, lord ram remembers what luv kush said. Rishi vashisht says what those boys said today may become the words of the people of aydodhya tomorrow. Rishi says they should do the ashvamedh yag again. another rishi says rishi vashisht, lord ram needs mata sita by her side, if she is not there then how can he do ashvamedh yag? There have to be a married couple to do it. a rishi gets up and says then lord ram you have to do a 2nd marriage. Everyone is shocked. lord ram is shocked and sad. Hanuman thinks how can lord ram do another marriage when mata sita is there? Lord ram gets up. Everyone get up. Lord ram says I have given a promise to sita, that she would be mine until the day I die, I will protect her, how can you suggest me do another marriage? Everyone think for an alternative suggestion. Hanuman then says I have a solution lord ram. Lord ram says yes say hanuman. hanuman says lord ram you can tell me your vision of mata sita and I will make a statue of her. Rishi vashisht says yes that way you can also have devi sita here and we can do the ashvamedh yag. Lord ram says yes. He tells hanuman his vision of sita and says hanuman you have learnt from rishi and gods, you are intelligent and a master of everything, I know you will make it right. Lord ram tells his soldiers to go and invite all rishi’s for the ashvamedh yag.
Hanuman goes in the room and has the pearls from the necklace given to luv. Hanuman sees in the pearls and sees sita’s face in it. he smiles. Hanuman then melts gold coins and puts the pearl inside it, he with his hands sculpts the statue. Sita’s statue is made. Lord ram comes and hanuman says see the statue shree ram. Lord ram says this is exactly according to my vision hanuman! hanuman goes. Lord ram looks at the statue and is happy.
There sita prays to lalita devi that give her a blessing to meet lord ram soon, so that he also meets his sons. A soldier comes and says to rishi’s of the ashram that lord ram has sent an invitation for the ashvamedh yag. Soldier goes and rishi are happy. Sita is happy and says lord ram has called the rishi, we will finally meet. Sita is sad suddenly and thinks ashvamedh yag? There has to be his wife which means me for the ashvamedh yag, has lord ram done a 2nd marriage? No my lord cannot do that. sita tells lalita devi to tell her its no true.
There lord ram looks at the statue with love. Behind a shadow of sita comes and has tears, she says so lord ram has made a statue of me from his vision, I knew he wouldn’t do a 2nd marriage. Lord ram turns behind and sees the shadow, he says sita! And goes to hug, the shadow disappears. Lord ram says where did she go? lord ram says maybe it was a hallucination.
There sita’ shadow comes inside her and sita gets up and says my lord has made my statue for the ashvamedh yag. I am eager to meet my lord with his sons.
There pushkar comes on his arrow in the palace and has grown up.
There lord ram puts tilak on the horse and says like last time, brother shatrugan I make you the commander of this ashvamedh yag and hanuman you the protector. Lord ram says pushkar you will help brother shatrugan. Everyone get ready and take blessings and go.
As everyone go, the army walks behind and horse runs ahead, the general and his soldiers are behind the horse and pushkar and shatrugan in the chariot. hanuman flies. Suddenly everyone sees a blue lightning circular power in mid air. Pushkar says like last time ,we will eliminate any difficulty. Suddenly the power attacks lightning bolts and it turns general and some soldiers and the horse to stone. Everyone is shocked and they stop. Pushkar asks hanuman that can I go forward and see what has happened? Hanuman says yes pushkar. Shatrugan thinks pushkar has become intelligent as he asked hanuman ji for permission. Pushkar goes ahead. Hanuman then has a vision that it is a threat and he flies beside pushkar to stop him. the power attacks lightning, hanuman pushes pushkar down.
Both stand on ground. Hanuman says I had a vision that this power is evil, let me go ahead and check it. shatrugan comes ahead with the army and comes down. Hanuman says I will go and check what the problem is. Lord ram laxman and bharat see in fire, laxman says what is this maya?
Hanuman flies above and goes on a mountain. He sees down and on the side of the power, everything has been turned to stone, trees, animals, people, entire villages, birds too. Hanuman says this power has held everyone captive and turned to stone. Shatrugan says what happened? Hanuman says brother shatrugan stay there, this power has turned everyone here to stone,we have to do something. Before hanuman then goes back on ground. Suddenly the evil power attacks bolts on hanuman, it starts turning hanuman to stone from his legs. pushkar and shatrugan say hanuman ji has come under the captivity of this power, what do we do now? rishi vashisht says if sankatmochan hanuman is turned to stone, then no one can help them. As the stone reaches hanuman’s neck, hanuman says jai shree ram and breaks it. lord ram says nothing can keep hanuman captive, he has dharma and bhakti flowing in his blood. there suddenly shatrugana and pushkar are turned to stone. Hanuman says what do I do? Then he says shree ram and touches the horse, horse becomes normal. He touches everyone like this and they become normal. Pushkar and shatrugan smile, pushkar then says hanuman ji! Everyone is turned back to stone. Hanuman says this did not work, what do I do? Hanuman then says jai shree ram from the mountain together on everyone, everyone becomes normal but are turned back to stone. Hanuman says I have to do something else.

Precap: a demon says you monkey, I am brahma rakshasa stambhaksh, everyone is captive from me, you will also have to be captive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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