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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
The lords are aghast to find a darkness engulfing them, and emanating poisonous fumes, and are shocked. the demons are boggled too. soon they have trouble breathing, and wonder whats this deadly fluid. they decide that the only way to stop this from vastening, is to stop the Manthan and the speed by which this is progressing, it seems that it shall ruin entire earth and all life forms. they cough severely under the impact of the poisonous fluid. the lords says that this is destructive, and they have to think of a way to stop it from expanding. V/ishnu and shiva watch from above. Hanuman asks more about halahal. She tells that the poison can finish everything, and the lords didnt have the strength to overpower

it. he asks how they managed to prevent it then. she says that they yet again turned to lord vishnu, as they beg that they cant be a part of this grave sin, to be spoiling the earth due to this sin. hanuman asks what happened then. she says that even in these desperate times, the demons went on blame game, and started reprimanding the demons. the demons blame the lords for this deliberate conspiracy, while they stand sullen and tensed. the lords turn to vishnu for help. Vishnu’s voice resonates, that in this entire world, only one person, lord shiva himself can battle this deadly poison, and save them all. they then start chanting devotional mantras for lord shiva, and beg him to save them from this grave danger. the demons too join them in unison. Hanuman points out the gravity of the poison, and how only shiva could have averted it, and suspects that shiva must have definitely come to them, to prevent the world, as he is always eager to help his devotees. he looks at her for confirmation. the lords and the demons’ chants finally reach lord shiva, while the people on the earth and other life forms, start getting affected by the deadly poison. His meditation finally is intervened, and he gets up to help them. All the demons and the lords, in unison, seek the lord shiva’s blessings, to save them from this poisnous after effects of the manthan. as the sky starts brightening up after soemtime, they all eagerly look towards it, in anticipation. But parvati is concerned, and asks whats he about to do. he says that this is the only and best way out, which he shall have to intake. she is shocked, and says that this can be fatal to him too, and she cant grant him permission to do this, at any cost. he tries to make her understand, that he is the lord of the lords, and its his responsibility to save his people from the poison. she says that then she shall intake it, but not let his life be affected. he is shocked. he points out that blinded by her love for him, she forgets that he cant be killed and that she is doing her duty as a wife, but thats what shall keep him sustaining and that her marital status shall be the surviving factor of his, and points out how every symbol of her marital status, the vermillion, the red clothes, the smile on her face, the mangalsutra, the bangles, the anklets, and reminds her that she is Jagdamba, and the mother to everyone, then how can she stop him from saving her children. he reminds that he wasnt born, then how can he die. she begs him not to even utter these ominous words. he smiles at her and then takes her hands, and asks her to stop worrying, as their paramount duty is to save people in such times of crisis. she smiles in affirmation, as she has her hands in his. then he takes in the entire halahal, from the earth, and attracts it into his hands, and eyes it, while she stands tensedly. the lords are emotionally overwhelmed, as the darkness engulfing poison emanates from the earth and into the heavenly skies, leading light to come back to the earth. then he takes the poison, and is about to gulp it down, when pravati stops him. hanuman asks the reason. she smiles at him, and says that had he gulped it down, and it landed in his stomach, then that would have meant the destruction of life forms too. he asks if it means that he had to keep it within himself. Meanwhile, shiva intakes the deadly poison, and his throat turns blue. hanuman listens on intently. she tells him that due to having had the poison, and keeping it in his throat for a long time, to ensure the survival and sustenance of all life forms happily on the earth, Mahadev came to be known as Neelkanth. all life forms blossom back on the earth. Lord Shiva incarnates atop the Mudrachal, while the lords praise him for his act of nobility, and they all chant for him in unsion, along with the demons, for his consuming the poison. shiva blesses them all, as they bow down in gratitude. Hanuman says that hsi mother told, that the whole earth is the lord’s son, and he bears all pains for the safety and survival of his child, which is exactly what shiva did. she says that every life form, good or bad, is the lord’s child, and its their duty to protect their own children. she then asks what did he learn from this. he thinks and then says that if there is anything that harms the world, like halahal poison, it should be constricted to one place. she complies and says that this is what shiva did. Hanuman says that shiva might have solved the problem of Halahal, but after that definitely amrit must have been retrieved. she denies, saying that before that, many other valuables were retrieved before that. he is boggled. she says that first some jewellery, precious stones, which was distributed, and then Kamdhenu Gow Mata appeared from the manthan, who gives everyone what they so desire. the demons and the lords are eager to have it, but it was given to the lords, so that they could use it for their holy works, in dairy products. then a precious mani, Kaustumbh Jewel, which the lords wanted to present to lord vishnu, due to whom, the mnthan was possible in the first place. but the demons fought for it too, saying that they got the cow, but they the demons shall have the mani. but the demons’ leader says that if vishnu hadnt helped, this wouldnt have happened, and hence this mani should be presented to Lord Vishnu. they all complies, resignedly. hanuman points out that the demons couldnt have been that selfless, and there must have been a hidden ulterior motive. she says that his assumption was right, and the demons’ leader, pointed it to the rest of them, when Varuni presented herself with her Kalash. The screen freezes on her face.


Precap: Lords say that the manthan is increasingly becoming difficult, due to the gravitational force of the moon and earth colliding with each other and causing a strain, and decide to stop it for sometime, as that could cause havoc on the earth. but the demons dont stop the manthan, saying that they wont, till the Amrit has been attained.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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