Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maruti stops as he recalls something. Ma had told me not to go out of the palace without seeking her permission. I should do that right away. He takes a U-turn.

Anjana is getting ready. Dai Ma brings milk for Maruti. Anjana wonders if Maruti dint drink milk. Maruti comes there just then. She stops him from talking. Drink milk first. She notices that he even forgot to put Anjan in haste. Maruti drinks milk. Maruti takes Anjana’s permission to go out. The mirror falls from Anjana’s hand and it breaks. She stops Kesari from stepping ahead and collects the broken pieces. Maruti is getting late. Please tell me if I can go or not. She stops him or he might get hurt. He again asks for her permission and she allows him this time. Maruti runs out excitedly.

Sugriv stops his

brother. I won’t let you do this mistake till I am alive. Vali tries to hit his brother but Sugriv holds his hand. Vali knew that Sugriv will raise his hand on him because of that Markat. Now bear the consequences. Vali twists his hand. You will raise a hand on me? He also tries to hit Sugriv with his gada but Sugriv pushes it in time. Vali holds his neck. Should I not kill you instead of that Markat? You won’t be alive and then there is no point of you getting close to that Markat. Narad ji’s prophecy too won’t come true. He pushes Sugriv. Sugriv gets up and hits his brother. Vali badly beats him. I have just raised my hand and you are on the ground already (in pain). If I hit you with my gada then you will not be able to get up ever again. He picks up his gada. Sugriv too gets up. You can beat me as much as you want to but don’t kill your inner voice / soul. Vali attacks him with his gada. Sugriv is in too much pain. Vali continues to beat his brother. You have called your death today. He is about to smash his brother but stops. It doesn’t suit a Mahantam like me to attack a man without any weapon! He walks off from there. Sugriv loses conscious.

The kids are waiting for Maruti. He is a kid. Maybe he forgot the way. We should have brought him with us. Maruti is on his way to the old school.

Vali mutters to himself. I have taken all the obstacles out of my way that stop me from killing you. Someone calls out for Vali. Vali is angry to hear someone addressing him only from his first name. Indra Dev appears. You are in a way my son. Vali corrects him. I am your Mahantam son. Indra says my son has lost the right path. I too am in your way. Will you try to get me out of your way just like you did with Sugriv? Vali tries to butter him but Indra Dev knows the truth. Vali is forced to touch his feet to show the fake gratitude.

Maruti meets his friends. They all cheer for him.

Vali doesn’t like it when Indra Dev calls Vali just by his name. Call me Mahantam Vali. Lord Indra tells Vali to leave Maruti alone. He has been born by Lord Shiva’s blessings or you will have to bear the consequences. Vali is over confident. Don’t worry about me or what I will have to bear because of any kind of war. Indra Dev tells Vali that even he wont be able to help him if he goes against what God has destined. Don’t think of harming Maruti in any way. Vali clearly tells him off. I am capable enough to handle everything. Indra Dev reminds him who he is. Vali stays put. I don’t know what defeat it or how to lose. Bless me that I become victorious. Vali touches his feet once again but Indra Dev takes his hand down. Vali smirks seeing this. Somehow you did a good thing by not blessing me. today I only will win and I only will get the credit for it. World will not say that I won because of your blessing. Vali leaves. Indra Dev feels helpless as his son has decided to follow the evil path.

The kids tell Neel not to delay it anymore. We should head towards our old school asap. Neel nods and the kids move forward.

Anjana realises that she forgot to put Anjan in Maruti’s eyes. Kesari tells her to do it once he returns. She talks about the rush Maruti was in for the competition. He offers to call Maruti back but she knows that Maruti would have gone very far from the palace by now. I will put it once he is back. She looks at the broken glass pieces. She is tensed / feeling restless for some reason.

Anajna was concerned about Maruti. Vali was concerned about his future while Vrikshasur was eagerly waiting to make Maruti his prey. Sugriv was worried about his brother Vali who was walking on the path of adharma. Maruti was the only one who was free from any tension. He wanted to give his best in the competition as well as enjoy it to the fullest.

The kids reach a point where the route ahead has obstruction of thorny trees. Neel suggests them to help him in clearing their path. They are able to clear it.

Precap: The kids enjoy. Anjana and Kesari decide to see the competition. They meet the Guru ji who tells them that today is an off in the school because of Amavasya. The couple is shocked. Vali reaches the old school as well.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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