Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman directs all the energies towards Surya Dev. Varun Dev regrets putting others and the world in trouble. It is because of my misdeeds only. Hanuman helps everyone every time.

The commander asks the soldiers to close the main doors. The Asuras have attacked. Suddenly there is heavy fog in the room. Everyone gets worried. Patalika appears there. The commander tries to hit her but she disappears along with Anjana and the kids. The commander informs Kesari about the same. Kesari fumes.

Hanuman is successful in freeing his Gurudev. All the Gods are relieved. Hanuman touches Surya Dev’s feet. Surya Dev points out that he saved his life once again. Hanuman credits it to his blessings only. Surya Dev notices that he is devoid of any sort of arrogance. Narad ji too remarks

that ego and arrogance can never touch Hanuman! Surya Dev tells Hanuman that the task is still incomplete. I have the chariot but not the horses. The world has stopped. We must go and find the horses. Your education is still incomplete. We must find out the horses asap! Hanuman nods. Gav greets Surya Dev.

No one is able to figure out what has actually happened to Gurumata. She gains conscious. Maybe Surya Dev was in problem. His powers were decreasing because of which I felt extremely restless. Now I feel better.

Varun Dev’s wife apologizes to Hanuman for what all Varun Dev did. He replies that she should not say so. You are elder to me. She requests him to free Varun Dev too. I will be forever indebted to you. Surya Dev asks Hanuman to hurry up. We cannot delay in finding the horses or the world will continue to be imbalanced. Hanuman is in a fix. Surya Dev insists upon Hanuman to come. You have to complete your education. The time is passing. Hanuman politely says sorry to him. Varun Dev is also a God like you. He is also one of the important Tatvas. His freedom will return the Jal Tatvas to the world. It will be wrong to leave from here without freeing him. Surya Dev looks proudly at him. You are incomparable. No one can sway you from helping anyone. I was only testing you to find out what’s important for you – the welfare of the world or the revenge! Free the world from this problem by freeing Varun Dev! I will also help you. Both Hanuman and Surya Dev join their energies to free Varun Dev. Varun Dev greets Surya Dev as soon as he is free. You overlooked my misdeed and freed me. He also thanks Hanuman. Hanuman points out that he is only as old as his son. You shouldn’t bow down before me but rather bless me! Varun Dev says you are the lamp which finishes the dark of the entire world. Be it a God or an Asura, no one can harm the world in any way till you are there. I bless you!

Patalika brings everyone to Pataal Loka. You (anjana) will stay here for the rest of your life, which is going to come soon. Don’t think of this place to be Indra Loka from where you returned to Sumeru. Anjana asks her why she has brought them here. What place is this? Patalika shares that they are in Pataal Loka. Very soon you all will get freedom from your life itself! The kids shout in fear. Patalika adds that they all are going to be sacrificed soon. Patalika scratches at the stone. Anjana says maybe you don’t know but I am the mother of Sankat Mochan Hanuman. He helps everyone in their problems. He will certainly punish you and free the kids!

Varun Dev rues all that he has done. Surya Dev tells him that Rahu was behind it. He forced you to do this. Varun Dev says the world had to pay a heavy price for my mistake. He returns the Jal Tatvas to the world. Life blossoms once again on earth. Now I have to return your chariot to you. Surya Dev asks Varun Dev about his horses. My chariot cannot move without them. Varun Dev shares that they are in Pataal Loka. Hanuman offers to go to Pataal Loka. I will bring back your horses safely from there. Surya Dev tells him it isn’t easy to go and be in Pataal Loka. Plus Patalika is very mayavi!

Patalika comments if that small kid will challenger her. Anjana reasons that even a small ant can hurt a giant elephant. Patalika laughs. He could not do anything when I stole Surya Dev’s chariot! Call him here. Anjana replies that she would have done so but he went to gain education. Patalika points out that Hanuman’s education lasts for one more day only. Your life is also not going to last for long. You can meet him once before you bid adieu to the world. Anjana thinks Hanuman’s education is important, but saving these kids is more important!

Narad ji thinks about Anjana sacrificing her eyesight for her son. now she is thinking to call him to help the kids. Duty is bigger than love. You are great!

Patalika picks up one kid. She asks Anjana to call Hanuman now or she will sacrifice this kid before the main sacrifice! Anjana shouts Hanuman. Her voice reaches Hanuman’s ears. Hanuman realises that his mother is in some danger. I heard her voice. Narad ji confirms his doubts. Patalika took you mother and the kids to Pataal Loka. She has the horses too. She plans to sacrifice the horses, Anjana and the kids to accomplish the yagya she has been doing. Ravan has asked her to do it.

Precap: Anjana waits for Hanuman. Hanuman is on his way. Narad ji hopes Hanuman reaches on time. Patalika is about to make the first sacrifice.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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