Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Sita, along with trijata, is aghast at the news of laxman being dead. she wonders how is this possible, for the brother, who is ready to give his life for her and rama. she refuses to believe and collapses on the ground, devastated. MEanwhile, on the battlefront, hanuman and rama beg him to get up, while laxman lies emotionless. ram is in a state of shock and disbelief, and urges him to get up. he then says that if this is so, then he shall also give up his life, to follow him, just like he has followed all his life. hanuman is aghast and apalled. the lords are apalled to hear this. Ram is shocked that meghnad ruined everything, by taking away sita and laxman, then whats the significance of his victory

here then. he wonders how he shall face the parents, and that this war and his life, have no meaning. hanuman is enraged and asks him to kill ravan, and stop this sinner. ram says that everything is finished, as ravan didnt leave anything to him. hanuman says that he has a solution, by which laxman shall revive and again fight meghnad, and defeat and finish him this time around. vibhishan along with jaamvant, tells rama by coming, that laxman’s treatment is possible, by sushen, with his medicines. hanuman hurriedly asks where can he be found. Rama is asked by hanuman not to be tensed, as he assures him. Hanuman swears that he shall not let anything happen to laxman and till there is time, he shall get Vaidyaraj shushen, for treating laxman. vibhishan says that he is kept so secretively, that its impossible to find him, and by delay, laxman’d condition shall only get worse. hanuman says that with ram by his side, trouble shall be alerted. rama says that by doing this, he shall make him indebted yet again. hanuman says that its his promise, that he shall fulfill his promise, and get sushen here. rama complies, and gives his blessings. he takes his flight and starts searching for the priest. but he is unable to find him. he wonders how to search for him. MEanwhile, vidyutjihva is tensed. hanuman lands in the vatika, and finds a shadow in there, and then when he gets nearer, he is surprised to see sita sitting distraught and grief stricken. he is distraught. he wonders if its another magical trap. sita however apparates before hanuman, in her divine form, and assures him that what meghnad showed was a trap, and she is the reality. hanuman gets back to his work, and thinks that he shall not meet the grief stricken sita, until she finishes the work. sita finds hanuman and beckons to him, and he comes rushing. she asks him why is he so sad. he talks about how he got distracted, and sita says that she knows, but knows that now he shall give rama the happy news. she asks him to effort for averting the trouble.

In the courtroom, raavan wonders how do they avert their deadly attack, and always return back from the dead. meghnad assures that this time around, hanuman shall not be able to find him, nor return back alive.

Sita assures him that he shall be successful in saving laxman. he says that hearing and seeing her, he is sure of his success in the work. she blesses him to be victorious. hanuman rushes and continues searching. MEanwhile, sita is sure that this time around, sin shall not win, as long as hanuman exists. hanuman remembers how rama’s name helped him trace sita and shall help him today too. he rants and finds hiw own voice being reflected back from someplace. he wonders whats the secret and if this indicates some new trouble.


Precap: In his grand avatar, hanuman picks over the entire magical castle, and is about to take it away, when meghnad warns him, that if he tries to escape his magical circle, he shall turn into small pieces.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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