Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalnemi summons the mayavi clouds. Devraj Indra and Hanuman notice the changes in the sky. Devraj tells Hanuman that someone has intentionally got these clouds so it gets dark. They are mayavi clouds. Asuras create an illusion using them against their enemies. Someone wants to spread darkness around!

Matang Rishi looks at the sky. Everyone else is taken aback too. The clouds hide the sun.

Hanuman refuses to let the evil succeed. He uses his powers to remove the clouds.

On the other hand, Kalnemi is happy that he hid the sun. Now Kesari’s life will be over seeing the sunset.

Kesari thinks Hanuman dint return till now with his mother. I will come now. People keep calling out for him. Don’t do this please. This is wrong! Kesari requests Matang Rishi

to allow him to take the next step. Matang Rishi feels that the sunset is happening before than the right time today. Commander thinks Maharaj’s Lokantaran will mean Sumeru will be finished. If Maharaj leaves then Hanuman will also not come back. Who will save Sumeru from the Asuras then? Kesari waits for Matang Rishi’s words. Matang Rishi asks him to go ahead. Kesari ignores everyone’s plea. Kesari takes a dip in water. Everyone looks on sadly, helplessly. Today’s sunset has brought darkness for everyone!

Hanuman continues clearing the sky. The sun comes out again. People in Sumeru are shocked. Matang Rishi calls it wrong. Someone created an illusion intentionally! Kesari is inside water now. Marjarika tries to go in to bring him back but a lady holds her back.

Hanuman looks at his mother. The vermilion in your forehead has lost all colours. Anjana gets worried for Kesari. Hurry up, Hanuman! Something has gone wrong. I feel restless. He nods. He notices the people of Sumeru gathered near the riverside. Anjana and Devraj also look down. They all get curious as to why everyone is here. Anjana hopes everything is fine.

Hanuman’s friends see them. They call out for him. Hanuman, Anjana and Devraj get down there itself. Hanuman asks them why they are here. Marjarika says he came late. Everything is over. Matang Rishi tells him everything. Hanuman and Anjana are shocked to know about Kesari doing Lokantaran. Anjana calls out for Kesari as she rushes towards the river. Ladies hold her back. Hanuman too asks her to wait. Anjana is crying.

Narad ji tells Varun Dev that Kesari is at the last stage of Lokantaran. Varun Dev too is worried about the same. Now I will have to start the final process. Varun Dev looks sad as he closes his eyes.

Hanuman jumps inside the river. Anjana and Nani shout after him. Marjarika tells him to be careful.
Kesari has his eyes closed. Hanuman notices that his father is going to collide with a big stone.

Narad ji asks Varun Dev to stop. Hanuman has gone down in water to save his father. As per Kesari’s order, only Hanuman can stop his Lokantaran. Varun Dev affirms. He ends the process of Kesari’s Lokantaran.

Sugriv, Anjana and everyone is worried about Hanuman. They know nothing will happen to him though. He has been blessed by Varun Dev. He is Sankat Mochan. He will surely take care of his father’s problem.

Hanuman reaches for his father before he can get hurt by the stone. He pulls him out of water. Everyone is relieved. They all cheer excitedly for Hanuman. Hanuman lays down his father on the ground. Anjana tries to wake up Kesari. We are here. Open your eyes. Kesari is unconscious. This worries Anjana all the more. Matang Rishi shares what Kesari had decided. Sadly, some Asura hid the sun using mayavi clouds. Because of that Kesari went inside water before time. Devraj thinks of the black clouds that they saw. Anjana asks Hanuman to do something. Bring your father back like you brought me back from Swarg. My life will lose its meaning if I lose him.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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