Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maruti starts flying again as he wants to reach to the Aakash-phal.

Rishi tells Kesari not to get up from the yagya. It is inauspicious. It can be dangerous for your family and Sumeru. Kesari tells Anjana not to worry. Maruti must have gone to play with his friends. He sends his soldiers to look for Maruti. Anjana is very much disturbed.

Maruti is still unable to find a way out of the Kaal Path. I cannot see Aakash-phal anymore. How do I get out of here? He stands in front of Kaal Dev one more time. Kaal Dev suggests him to listen to him. Don’t ruin your future. Maruti is very hungry. I will be satiated when I will eat Aakash-phal. Kaal Dev finds him too stubborn. Maruti sets out on his journey once again. Surya Dev and other Gods watch it with amusement. Maruti

realises that Kaal Dev is trying to illusion his mind but he will eat Aakash-phal.

Agni Dev laughs at Maruti. He is such a kid or he wouldn’t have entered in the Kaal Path. Now he wont be able to go anywhere. Varun Dev too is sure this kid wont be able to get out of this.

Maruti’s friends are still waiting for him. It seems like he went too high. Hope he isn’t in any trouble. Atibal thinks that he has understood everything. Aakash-phal is nothing else but Sun. Something is going to happen for sure. Maybe I will find out which God is behind him. The soldiers come there to look for Maruti. They think to find Maruti’s friends. Atibal doesn’t want them to meet Maruti’s friends. I will have to do something. He drops a branch over Maruti’s friends. They are taken aback. Thank God that we are safe or we would have been hurt. We will push this big branch in river by pushing it. They start hitting the branch with their foot. Friends ask Neel for a suggestion. Neel suggests telling Raj Mata about Maruti. They together push the branch in water. Poor Atibal tries to breathe. The kids hear the soldiers calling out for Maruti. They go to tell them about Maruti’s whereabouts. Atibal gets out of water and sneezes holding his back.

Kaal Dev yet again tells him that getting out of the Kaal Path is not easy. Maruti cannot see Aakash-phal and is getting hungrier. He is standing once again before Kaal Dev. Kaal Dev boasts about himself. There is no end of me. I can forgive you if you apologize to me. You can go after that. He finds Maruti in thoughts. Are you regretting your decision? Maruti denies. I was thinking about how big he is. Can I be like you too? I want to try. He increases himself in size. Kaal Dev gets impressed. You cannot increase in size than me. Maruti shows him. Surya Dev and all the other Gods are watching it too. Kaal Dev is taken aback. You are growing more than me. Maruti says I become small just like I increase in size. Maruti shows it to him. Kaal Dev says I too can do so. Maruti wants to see it. Kaal Dev accepts the challenge. He becomes smaller in size. Maruti says I can become smaller like a dot. You cannot be thus. Kaal Dev boasts that he can do that. Maruti asks him to show him that he can grow smaller than his palm’s size but I know you cannot do it. Kaal Dev falls for his words. Maruti asks him to show it to him then. You will have to get on my palm or let me go to Aakash-phal. Surya Dev is angry as the kid is acting smart. Why is Kaal Dev falling for his words? Kaal Dev reduces himself in size and gets on Maruti’s palm. Maruti apologizes to him as he closes him in his fist. This has an immediate effect on the entire world. All the other Gods smile. Maruti tells him that he wants to satiate his hunger. Kaal Dev requests him to free him.

Why couldn’t Kaal Dev free himself from Maruti’s fist? It was as if he got stuck there. Shri Krishna says Maruti is Mahakaal’s ansh after all. No one has the power to do it. It can only happen once Maruti does it on his own.

Kaal Dev is boggled that he is unable to free himself or grow back to his original size as per his wish. Who is this kid! He keeps on asking Maruti to open his fist or the world will be affected. Maruti starts flying towards Aakash-phal once again. Surya Dev and the other Gods in his court look worried.

Precap: Agni Dev orders his Tatvas to get to work. Rishi asks Anjana to sit for the yagya. God will protect Maruti. Agni Dev tries to stop Maruti. He surrounds Maruti with fire all around him. Back one arth, Anjana wonders how the temperature has risen all of a sudden. It is hotter than the heat emanating from the yagya.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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