Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi vashisht saying that now the pind dan shall be done. Lord ram and sita and laxman get up. Laxman thinks where is hanuman? And there is someone here.
There hanuman fights nikumbh and nikumbh says I am very string and you have not yet tested me. Nikumbh punches hanuman, hanuman punches back to nikumbh on his chest. Nothing happens to nikumbh and he laughs. He says I am powerful too hanuman and not only you. I am the son of kumbhkaran. Nikumbh uses his red spell punch and hits hanuman. hanuman stands strong.
There lord ram puts the food, gold and coconut and rice for his ancestors for honoring them. Lord ram waits as some crows stop but they seem to be monster nikumbhs demons who have turned into crows. None of the crows accept the pind dan. Lord

ram says what happened to the crows? Why aren’t they accepting our pind dan? In the sky the sky god sees this and says prabhu ram’s pind dan is not being accepted because these are demons, I shall become a crow and accept this pind dan so that there is no obstacle between lord ram’s path. Sky god becomes a crow and flies to the ground, he comes and sits. Lord ram sees and smiles. Sky god eats the rice. Lord ram laxman bharat shatrugan and rishi vashisht go near the waters and say we will pray to the water and my father dashratha.
There hanuman fights nikumbh and punches him. Nikumbh removes a spell and attacks hanuman but hanuman removes a stone from his power and neutralizes the attack. He then punches and reverses the attack by which nikumbh falls down. There sita and the rishi see that suddenly the souls of all lord rams ancestors come and accept the pind dan and take it. everyone is surprises. Even the water goddess ganga sees and is surprised. Sita sees and is happy. Suddenly the dark shadows come and go through the rishi and ganga goddess. There nikumbh tells hanuman that now you are here and your absence there must have created problem, he laughs. Hanuman says I should have been there with lord ram.
Lord ram and everyone come back. Sita tells them that their ancestors all came and their souls accepted their pind dan as the pind dan has been taken by them. Lord ram is very happy and says it is really nice and my ancestors have accepted the pind dan. The rishi sitting says no devi sita I did not see anyone and the pind dan wasn’t accepted. Even goddess ganga says. Devi sita is puzzled and says why do you say that? you saw it yourself and why are you lying. devi sita thinks why are they lying when even they all saw the pind dan. Lord ram and everyone is confused as to who is saying the truth.

Precap: in palace lord ram declares that he raghuvanshi ram will do the Pooja of 100 ashvamedh or horses.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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