Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman turns to Chitragupta ji. There was no reason for my father’s sudden death. Was there some mistake in your notes? Chitragupta ji looks at Kaal Dev. He remembers Kaal Dev acting stubborn to kill a family member of Hanuman in his anger. He tells Hanuman that his notes are never wrong. As per them, Kesari ji had more breaths. But it is my duty to follow Maharaj Kaal Dev’s orders as I am under him. Hanuman looks stunned. Shani Dev greets Kaal Dev. Hanuman is right. You acted unjust with Kesari by killing him before time. You have ignored the destiny and have given preference to your wish instead. All the Gods and Tridev’s watch them. Kaal Dev insists that he followed his rules only. I have used my rights only. Kaal has followed his rules strictly. It is on me to take the last

decision regarding anyone’s death. I am Kaal. Tridevs look shocked. It is wrong for anyone to intervene in my work. You can leave now if you have shared your viewpoint with Hanuman. This is between Hanuman and me. Hanuman thanks Shani Dev for coming here upon his request. You have cleared my doubts. Thank you so much. Shani Dev blesses him and hopes he gets what he wants. It is my Mangal Kaamna (hearty wish). He greets Kaal Dev and Chitrgupta ji before disappearing. Kaal Dev asks Hanuman to leave as well. You don’t have any work here now. Hanuman sadly folds his hands before him. He thinks of all the incidents that landed his family in this condition.

Anjana and everyone are shocked to see Kesari’s dead body missing. Asuras have cheated them big time. Anjana feels dejected. I couldn’t even save my Swami. They notice the footprints of the Asuras. Anjana says I could not save Swami. She picks up her mace and goes to find the Asuras. Everyone follows her.

Kaal Dev remarks that one reaps what he sows. Hanuman stops in his tracks. He thinks of Shani Dev and of Chitragupta ji’s words. He looks at Kaal Dev in astonishment. Whose question and who got paid in return? I want answer to my question. Kaal Dev replies that father (Kesari) has to pay for his son’s deeds. Hanuman calls it injustice. You have been unjust with me in the disguise of rules. Kaal Dev gets angry. Do I have to learn it from you now what justice or injustice is? He is in disbelief. You think your act is justified. Kaal Dev affirms. Be it Shani Dev or anyone in the world. Kaal Dev’s decision will still be the same. Your father’s mukti is impossible. Hanuman advises him not to talk about rules when he broke them himself. My father was not to die at this moment. He had more years to live. He was not supposed to die untimely yet you killed him. You still talk about rules? Kaal Dev angrily shouts Hanuman. He is pointing a finger at Hanuman. Hanuman wipes his tears. My father will get his life back. You will give him his life. I made up for my mistake by setting the planets back in their original position yet you could not forgive me. I give you a chance to make up for your mistake. Return my father to me or you will be punished. Kaal Dev gets all the more angry. You will punish me? Hanuman says yes. I will punish you. Kaal Dev asks him who he is to punish Kaal Dev. Hanuman replies that he is the son of the father with whom injustice has happened. it is justice and dharma to punish what’s wrong. Kaal Dev calls him mad to come to his Loka and punish him. Now I will punish you for your act. He expands his size. Chitragupta ji requests him to calm down but in vain. Kaal Dev turns into Yamraj. Chitragupta ji requests him to forgive Hanuman but Kaal Dev says he is to be punished. He deserves it.

Kesari is worried. My son’s life will be in risk because of me. I don’t want to live. Save my son, Lord.

Kaal Dev says I can kill you right away like your father. Hanuman does not care about his life. Just return my father his life. You will have to give him the boon of life again. Kaal Dev tells him to stop. Your childlike stubbornness has again made you a culprit. You have disrespected me and have tried to order me. You will be punished! He gathers his energies. Chitragupta ji again tries to reason with him. Don’t lose patience. Calm down. Kaal Dev pays no attention to him. He attacks Hanuman. Hanuman gets hurt. He falls down as he shouts Ma. His voice echoes in the galaxy. It reaches all the Gods and Anjana as well. Anjana looks at the sky startled. My son is in some problem. She prays that he is fine. He has to bring my husband back. If anything happens to him then I will lose both my husband and son. I too wont be able to live if that happens. Protect him Lord.

Chitragupta ji is stunned to see Hanuman lying unconscious on the floor. Mata Parvati calls it wrong. Chitragupta ji too says the same. Kaal’s punishment is the punishment of death. You attacked Hanuman using Kaal Danda. Maybe you forgot that Lord Shiva blessed him with the boon to be Chiranjeevi. Kaal Dev does not care. Whoever interferes in my work gets punished this way only. Kesari shouts Hanuman in pain, anger. You are a God Kaal Dev. Hanuman is a little kid. He only came to ask for his father’s life from you. why did you punish him this severely?

Sugriv notices the Asuras up a mountain. He points out for everyone. The Asuras pick up big stones. Anjana’s father suggests stopping the Asuras before they set fire to the pyre. Anjana prays to Mahadev. You blessed your devotee with the son as your Mahaprasad. You have to save him. Har Har Mahadev! Everyone says Har Har Mahadev.

Mata Parvati says at one side, your own devotee trusts you blindly whereas on the other hand there is Kaal Dev’s anger and arrogance. He has crossed all the boundaries of rules. Mahadev says everyone has a limit. Everyone gets punished for breaking their limits be it Dev, Danav or Manav.

In his unconscious state, Hanuman thinks of how his father was killed and of his mother’s words. He says Ma and gets up leaving both the Gods shocked. Hanuman angrily says Kaal Dev. His word echoes around. All Gods look tensed. Epi ends on Hanuman’s face.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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