Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman asks her to calm down, and asks her to bring out the soft and mild avatar, behind this enraged form, the form, that has even captivated Shiva, and how he too is familiar to that avatar of hers. Meanwhile, mandodari rushes to Raavan, screaming her to look out for herself, as chamunda’s idol if on fire, which only means ill will. she doesnt even realise her dupatta is on fire. when she finally reaches, he stops her enraged, and then asks how dare she do this, and points to the fire. he makes it vanish. she hugs him. he says that she seems tensed since morning, and he has alerted everyone for it, including himself, then why is she so tensed. she narrates everything to him, and asks him to come see for himself. he complies. Meanwhile,

hanuman reminds chamunda of her Parvati avatar, and how he had witnssed it when he was very small. she smiles remembering it. he begs her to show herself in that form and oblige him. she appears in the mild parvati avatar. all fires turn mild. he bows to Parvati. Meanwhile Mandodari comes to the temple with Raavan, but finds everything calmed down. she is aghast, while he extends his humble prayers to the idol. she tries to convince him, of what she saw. he sys that she misinterpreted, and that she is hallucinating, and unnecessarily worrying, and this isnt becoming of her as a queen. he reminds her yet again, of his grand power and grandeur. Hanuman tells her that he hasnt come here for causing any harm. she says that she has already foudn out, and that the work has been done by raavan. he is boggled, and asks why did she stop him, if she knows, and why is she protecting Raavan and his Lanka. he asks why is she being forced to do it. she says that its her helplessness. he is baffled, and asks how can that be. Parvati says that he cant enter as long as she guards it. hanuman asks how can he return back without doing Rama’s work. she says that not till she is here. he is boggled. she tells him that Raavan is a great musician, and once he tried his music to impress Shiva, and it was so sweet that in the entire universe, his voice resonated, and the lords were a witness to this spectacle, tensedly. Finally, Shiva is impressed and he appears before Raavan. he understands how shiva was attracted towards him, and he has to bless him with the boon of asking for his Atmaling, a form of Shiva, who resides in his heart, and raavan wanted to get him to Lanka, for his secutiry. He is baffled, and says that Shiva must have definitely given it to him. she complies, and says that he did give the Atmaling, but made a provision too, that any devotee has to prove his devotion to the lord, before achieving such a pious thing. raavan happily complies. shiva tells him that by the time he reaches Lanka, it shouldnt touch the ground, as its highly pious and holy, before it reaches lanka, and he cant even use the pushpak vimaan. raavan expresses that he has such arm strength and not just till Lanka, but even in the entire universe. he complies to his condition. Shiva blesses him, with the Atmaling, and Raavan graciously accepts it. Shiva tells him that if the Ling Touches the ground, it will establish itself there only. Hanuman says that raavan is very powerful and he could have easily done that. she says that raavan crossed one milestone after the other, to reach Lanka. then the lords started creating distractions, using their powers, but he kept defeating them one after the other. he then asks if there was nothing that could stop raavan from doing so. she smirks and says that there was someone who did so. it is shown that in heaven, the lords discuss as to how Raavan cant be allowed to step foot in Lanka, with the Ling. all think tensedly, that they are already troubled by the demons, and even Rama himself wouldnt be able to save them then. Ganesha steps in, saying that he wouldnt allow Raavan to take the Atmaling to Lanka. he asks them all to stop worrying. the lords are plesantly relieved. he disappears and then reaches the earth, following Raavan, who had already stepped in the Konkan area nearing Lanka, with each step. he sees that Raavan is taking the atmaling, and thinks that had he been true and genuine in his approach, to attain it, ganesha wouldnt have minded but his motive is to become invincible, and then torture the humans, which is unacceptable. Raavan remembers its time for his evening worship, and then shiva’s warning too. he wonders what to do.
Ganesha progresses towards him, while raavan instinctively feels that he is being followed. when he turns around, he finds that its a child monk, who asks where is he going, with this Shivling. Raavan ignores him. but he continues following. Raavan turns around, and asks him to fear, as he doesnt know who he is, and he must stop following him, or else there would be trouble. the monk tries to speak, but raavan shuts him up, asking him to leave. hanuman then asks what happened, and was he able to get the Ling From Raavan. The screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Raavan starts his sandhya arti, with the river water, immersed partially in it. but he finds pebbles and dirt in his hand, that taints his puja. he is frustrated thinking where it came from. Meanwhile, the monk starts commenting that he cant hold it any longer, and he shall have to place it, on the ground, unless he comes soon. Raavan is aghast and screams at him not to do so. but the monk places it on the ground. Hanuman hears this and is overwhelmed, as he starts chanting JAI SHREE GANESHA…!!!

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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