Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Raavan gets enraged as the commander presents a lucid acount of the horror that hanuman has put lanka through. he gets frustrated and then remembers Vibhishan’s warnings and says that it was totally wrong for him to come in vibhishan’s talks, and he should have killed him then itself. then he wouldnt have had to bear this ruin today. Meanwhile, hanuman is in his flight, as he eyes the entire lanka burning, and then aims for raavan’s palace. as raavan is frantically searching around for hanuman, he comes and confrotns him, from a cliff ahead. the commander tries to kill hanuman, but he thwarts back the fire ball at the palace, itself saying that this was his last target. raavan’s palace starts burning, and he rushes

out in his Vimaan for his safety. raavan eyes the lanka in total ruins and is apalled.

Meanwhile, the lords rejoice as raaavn is apalled, and how now his sins are up, and he shall have to face lord rama’s ire. they discuss amongst themselves as to how hanuman set the right example, and got them all aware of his lord rama’s potentiality. hanuman meanwhile understands that sita also might have gotten hurt, and highly blames himself for such foolishness. he decides to check before leaving.

Meanwhile, in ashok vatika, the demons realise that it was sita and her ardent commitment, that has brought this ire on lanka and its residents. the demons are frantiaclly rushing around. kumbhkaran is fast asleep, as his room is engulfed in fire. Trijata tells sita that they all realise her immense power now, while the demons give excuses that they had to behave like that, because of raavan. just then, hanuman arrives, and they all get scared, and rush away. she is overwhelmed to find hanuman safe, as he chants lord rama’s name. he too thanks the lord that sita was unaffected by the fire. he is apalled to see her, as tears well in his eyes, and he stands afore her, while she eyes him smiling through tears. hanuman apologises that he got so enrgossed in ruining lanka, to make the demons realise rama’s grandeur, that he forgot she too was here, and had anything happend to her during this, he would have killed himself. she says that she was least affected, and that he should be proud, that he made the enemy realise his lord’s importance. he says that its all due to their blessings and seeks permission to go so that he can get lord rama here asap. she takes off the Churamani, and asks hanuman to give it to rama, and tell that his sita anxiously waits for his coming, and begs him not to make her wait anymore. she starts crying. hanuman is distressed. he starts doing her parikrama, and finds rama’s reflection behind sita, and is overwhlemd. as he narrates this to her, she too is overwhelmed and highly emotional. finally he takes leave, through flight.

MEanwhile, raavan is in his Pushpak Vimaan, as he eyes and supervises the damage caused by hanuman. the commander meanwhile reaches kumbhkaran’s room, while raavan orders him to try and douse the fire anyhow, and save as many demons as possible. he is aghast as he ses lanka’s ruins, and says that he shall return lanka to its former glory, but before this fire gets doused, he shall kill hanuman, as he cant go like that, and that he must have definitely gone to sita and thats where he shall kill him. meghnad says that he shall himself kill hanuman, as a mere monkey cant dare to challenge him, and seeks his permission to rectify his mistake, and kill him. he presents how he shall kill him, and present him to raavan, who is enraged. Meqanwhile, hanuman takes his flight and then starts chanting Lord Rama’s name, eyeing the churamani emotionally. raavan reminds that hanuman knows tricks, and meghnad says that he isnt bigger than he himself, and that it isnt befitting for him to fight a mere messenger. raavan complies and asks him to go and kill meghnad. they hear hanuman chanting nearby. as he eyes hanuman, Raavan declares that before he can go back to his lord, hanuman should be killed. hanuman tries to escape, being in flight. an enraged Raavan asks meghnad to catch hold of him, as he shouldnt be able to leave. they both attack hanuman from both ends. the screen freezes on hanuman’s face.


Precap: Hanuman returns back to his team, who are ecstatic and overjoyed. he tells them that he saw sita.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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