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Hanuman smiles. You all wanted to eat me. Come and eat me. Mayasur is watching them too. The Asuras try again but fall on the ground because of Hanuman’s one blow. Mayasur thinks that he cannot let this vanar kid get away from here. I will see how you get out of here. The man (the Mahaasur in disguise) appears where Hanuman is surrounded by the Asuras. I will help you. I cannot fight with them without any weapon. Hanuman assures him that no harm will befall on him till he is here. The man keeps asking for the mace. Hanuman tells him that he will handle it. The man touches Hanuman’s mace and automatically returns to his original avatar. Hanuman realises that this too is an Asura. The Mayasur accepts it that it was his plan to trap him here. I am not your father’s friend but an

enemy of the entire vanar clan.

Patience is the best weapon in any problem. Those who stay patient in troubled times always succeeds.

Mayasur says you are trapped now. You cannot get out of it. Hanuman hits him with his mace. Mayasur falls on the ground. Hanuman looks at all the Asuras. How will I reach Sumeru before sunset if I am stuck amidst them? Mayasur asks the Jal-daitya’s to attack Hanuman.

Anjana is worried as the sunset is not far away. Don’t know when Hanuman will return. Swami’s health is worsening. Today is Purnima too. Don’t know what is going to happen. She folds her hands and looks above as she prays silently.

Another Jal-Daitya gets killed when one Jal-Daitya tries to attack Hanuman.

The kids ask for water. Their throats are getting parched. Sugriv asks the daasi to bring water. Sugriv feeds water to Gandmadan. Be strong. Everything will be fine as soon as Hanuman is back. Your pain will go away. A soldier tells Anjana that a lot many people are on the verge of death. If they all die then everything will be finished in Sumeru. Anjana and everyone are shocked. Panchfann goes out. Anjana feels helpless. The condition of my citizens and Swami is critical. She keeps asking Kesari not to give up.

Guru Shukracharya scolds Panchfann for losing his battle. You want me to save Kesari and the citizens to Sumeru? Panchfann very politely requests him to do so. You are Mahadev’s devotee. Kesari too is a devout devotee of Mahadev. You should fulfil the duty of a sage and help him. Guru Shukracharya reminds him that he is the Guru of Asuras. I only share one relation with these vanar’s – enmity. They are Ravan’s enemy. I too don’t want to see them. I want Ravan to win. Panchfann tries to remind him of his duty as a sage. You should help them. Guru Shukracharya scolds him. Panchfann rephrases his words. It will be best if you stop supporting the Asuras for a while and support another devotee of Mahadev, i.e., Kesari. Guru Shukracharya takes away all his powers from him as he has anyways renounced Asuras. Panchfann falls on the floor. Your devotion to Hanuman has made you powerless. You are an ordinary serpent now. Panchfann chants – Jai Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman! He gets up again. The power of mantras is there in his name only. His devotees cannot be powerless. I got free from all the negativity because of him including poison.

Hanuman tells Jalasur that he doesn’t have time to fight with him. I have to go asap. Jalasur continues to fume. Another Asura takes out another weapon. Sakha takes care of that one. Jalasur disappears along with his other Jal-Daitya. This kid is too smart. Hanuman thinks of getting that flower when the Daityas ask him to stop.

Kesari is having trouble breathing. Surgiv calls out for Raj Vaid. He checks Kesari’s pulse. Raj Vaid tells Anjana that Kesari is no more. Everyone is stunned. Anjana refuses to believe it. It cannot happen. He cannot leave me. He has to do a lot of stuff. You cannot leave me Maharaj. Hanuman is very young. You cannot leave us. She breaks down.

Hanuman cannot see the Daityas anymore as they have become invisible. They attack Hanuman and he gets caught in a water bubble. Hanuman is surprised at this maya. He tries to break it but fails. The Asuras enjoy watching him thus. Hanuman notices the sun. It is about time it seems. I have to get out of it. All his attempts to break the bubble fail. The Asuras laugh thinking that Hanuman wont be able to breathe in water now.

Sugriv tries to comfort Anjana but she is sure her Maharaj is fine. You all are mistaken. She wipes her tears. She tries to wake up Kesari. Can you leave us ever? He is unconscious. Hanuman will bring that flower certainly. Swami and everyone will be fine. Don’t cry. Hanuman wont let anything happen to anyone. He takes care of everyone’s problems. He will come. Please open your eyes Swami. You have to wake up. Tell everyone that you are fine. Please wake up. You will have to wake up! She cries again.

Hanuman is feeling dizzy. He thinks of Varun Dev’s boon. He starts drinking the water. The Asuras are shocked to see Hanuman drinking all the water from the bubble. The bubble bursts and Hanuman lands on the ground once again. He calls out for Jalasur. Are you scared as you are fighting being invisible? Jalasur replies that one should think of victory only in any fight. Hanuman recalls the mantra for victory – focus, staying calm.

Precap: Panchfann blames himself for Kesari’s death. Anjana stops him from talking. There is still time for sunset. A giant Asura opens his mouth. Hanuman reduces his size and becomes his prey. Anjana screams out Hanuman’s name as the sun sets.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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