Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman and Vali run toward each other. Rishi comes there just then. Both Vali and Hanuman are startled.

Ravan enjoys it. it will be fun now. That vanar kid will die by the same powers that Gods have given to him.

Rishi looks at Hanuman pointedly. Vali smirks. I am sure even Gods wont be able to save this Markat now. Hanuman recognizes the Rishi. It seems like he is going to use the powers given by me against me only. Vali says your end is destined now Markat. You cannot face your own powers!

Anjana calls it injustice. Now this cheater Rishi is also on Vali’s side. How will my Hanuman face him all by himself? Rishi advances towards Hanuman but falls down in his feet instead. I cannot commit anymore sins. Pardon me and take your powers back. I am a sinner. I am

not fit for these powers. Vali is stunned.

Ravan gets angry. He cheated me!

Rishi says I cannot contain these powers. I will die if you don’t take them back. Please take them back Hanuman. He cries. Vali questions Rishi. What are you saying? Rishi gets up and joins him hand making a pledge. I return all the powers back to Hanuman. Hanuman gets his powers back. Anjana and everyone look relieved. Rishi touches Hanuman’s feet. Hanuman makes him stand and smiles at him with folded hands. Rishi leaves. Vali says you might have got your powers back but you wont be able to save yourself from my anger. I will once again get half of your powers. He runs towards Hanuman who is in thoughts. I will not let anything happen to Sugriv Bhaiya. I have to fulfil the vow made by father. He too runs towards Vali. They are lifted up in the sky when they bump into each other. They fly up in galaxy. Hanuman thinks the meteors are getting destroyed because of our fight. I wont let anything go wrong in the galaxy. He lets go of Vali’s hand. He balances himself well but Vali falls down on earth. People shout for Hanuman to end Vali. Kesari says I only taught Hanuman to fight for dharma. Never charge on your opponent when he is lying helplessly. Anjana nods. my son will always follow the path of dharma and justice. I am proud of my son.

Vali gets up. I will kill you today Markat, even if I have to kill everyone today. I wont leave you though. Hanuman thinks it is about sunset. Hope Vali Bhaiya doesn’t do anything wrong. He recalls Devraj Indra blessing him with the power of becoming invisible. He becomes invisible surprising Vali. Why don’t I have this power! Hanuman says this isn’t a boon. Hanuman gets his powers back from Vali. Vali is puzzled. Kesari says Vali gets half of the opponent’s powers when he is visible. Hanuman is invisible. Vali’s boon fails before this. Vali shouts in disbelief. It cannot happen! You have begun to cheat me now. Face me if you are daring enough. Hanuman reasons that this is only his Siddhi which he is using. Vali summons his mace and begins to attack blindly. Hanuman lightly hits him from behind whenever Vali hits the mace in air. This angers Vali. Hanuman says I have no enmity with you. Free Sugriv Bhaiya and end this all here only. Vali refuses to give up. He again summons the mayavi weapon. He holds Sugriv’s neck. You (Hanuman) wanted to save Sugriv but you cannot do so as you cannot enter inside this mayavi mirror. Sugriv requests him to free him. Vali agrees but keeps a condition. That Markat will not use this power of becoming invisible again in this war. Hanuman asks Vali to free Sugriv Bhaiya. I promise to not use this power anymore. Vali frees Sugriv and steps out of the mayavi mirror. Hanuman understands that this Asuri weapon only is the medium to enter inside the mayavi mirror. He becomes visible and holds Vali’s hand so as to gain the mayavi weapon. He succeeds in hitting it at the mayavi mirror. Sugriv is freed. Kesari looks happy. Maharaj ji says it is true. Hanuman indeed is Sankat Mochan.

Vali says I wont let Sugriv go like this. Hanuman angrily holds out his hand towards him. It turns into fire. It is enough, not anymore. He begins to walk towards Vali but Sugriv stands before him. Sugriv gets hurt in the process. Hanuman holds him. What did you do Bhaiya? Are you fine? Sugriv nods. His mother gets tensed. Sugriv says I love Bhaiya however he is. I wont be able to see anything happening to him before my eyes. Vali is startled. A weak man like Sugriv saved the Great Vali! It would have been better if I would have died instead. This isn’t the end. I don’t accept the life I got in donation. People begin to cheer for Hanuman. Vali tells them to stop. Hanuman says I dint want to attack you or defeat you. You only insisted for it though. Please don’t be angry anymore. The war is over. It is about sunset time. Sugriv Bhaiya is also free. Sugriv Bhaiya got hurt while trying to save you. Look at his condition. Maharani wipes her tears. Hanuman is right. We don’t have anything against you.

Vali says stop it. This war might have ended for you (Hanuman) and everyone else who is present here but it isn’t so for me. He walks away.

Vali says no one can defeat Vali but it all happened because of all the people sent by you. Why did you do this Lankesh? I got insulted because of you in front of everyone! I became a joke before everyone. He lifts Lankesh in air while holding his neck angrily. Ravan calls it his illusion but Vali questions him over the Rishi. I would have killed that Markat if that Rishi had not come there just then and returned Hanuman his powers. He frees Ravan from his grip. This life that I got in donation is hurting me badly. People mocked me. That Markat’s proud face is making me angry. Everyone was cheering for him. Ravan repeats his words. The war is still not over. Vali says it will end with that Markat’s life only. He has become a curse for us. A mayavi lady says if someone curses Hanuman once then he will lose his everything. Ravan says every Rishi likes him. Which Rishi will curse him? Vali takes a Rishi’s name (Rishi Durvasa). Ravan smiles.

Rishi Durvasa is standing on one foot and praying.

Ravan says he is too short tempered. He says anything in anger. Vali says this is why he is most suitable for it. That Markat’s powers will be of no use once Rishi Durvasa curses him. Ravan reasons that they will also land in trouble if they make any mistake. Vali says we will have to take up this much chance. Ravan speaks of Rishi Durvasa’s anger. No human being or even the animals or birds dare to go near his ashram fearing his wrath.

The animals, birds and insects are seen taking a u-turn from where Rishi Durvasa’s ashram.

Our soldiers have destroyed the ashram of many Rishi’s but when they went near Rishi Durvasa’s ashram they were destroyed within seconds.

Ravan fears his anger and so does Kalnemi. If we make any mistake then we will meet the same fate. Vali insists that they need such a powerful Rishi only to make Markat weak. The mayavi lady says he is in Swarg right now. Ravan says he can even curse Gods, be it Indra Dev only. The mayavi lady shows them the recent happenings of Swarg.

Precap: Vali says we have to make Rishi Durvasa aware of Hanuman’s powers. Send someone to update him on the same. Rishi Durvasa tells his disciples to get ready to leave for Sumeru. Hanuman is headed somewhere along with his friend.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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