Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sita saying these flowers? Did you listen to our conversation? Luv and kush say no not the entire conversation, when that great man had come, we heard that you needed flowers and they were available in lord ram’s sarovar so we went there and brought the flowers. Sita say but it is protected by soldiers, how did you bring them so easily? Luv kush say no one there was so capable to stop us, as we took the flower today we will bring them everyday. Sita takes the flowers and does the Pooja.
There in the garden, hanuman is there and says luv and kush will come again now, I shall stand on top of this tree so that I can see everything and also protect luv and kush. Hanuman stands on the tree, there luv and kush come again to take flowers. Luv and kush hide behind

bushes and see, luv says see they have put a raghuvanshi today to guard the flowers but we will anyway take the flowers. Luv hides and holds both the bows, kush says I will go and you distract them. Luv then attack arrows, laxman sees and says see those boys are hiding behind the bushes, they dared to come here even today! Commander goes with his soldiers to catch the boys. Hanuman says luv is safe for now but these soldiers may catch him. luv continues attacking arrows from both the bows, these arrows hit the ground before the soldiers and they all fall down. Commander is angry and says yesterday you beat me and pinned me to the tree, today I will catch you. from the arrow, commander falls down but gets up angry and takes his sword and heads towards luv. Hanuman says I have to protect luv from them. Laxman says this boys is attacking the soldiers, laxman removes a divya arrow and attacks on the bush. Hanuman sees and says it is the dhrumastra, if that arrow bursts around luv he will become unconscious and the soldiers will take him. hanuman says I will do something. The arrow comes near luv and bursts, the gas spreads everywhere, luv says the raghuvanshi attacked a divya arrow. Hanuman stands and takes all the gas inside him and says till then luv will be safe. Luv is safe after hanuman takes the gas inside him.Laxman then sees 2 bows behind the bush and says it seems only one boy is using these 2 bows, then where is the other boy? Laxman says this is a distraction, I have to find the other boy, he must be near the flower sarovar. laxman attacks 2 arrows on the bows and says these arrows will break his bows, laxma goes. The arrows hit luv’s bows and they are broken, luv says I did not see these arrows coming my bows have broken.
There kush is going to the sarovar and laxman is coming from the opposite way. Hanuman says if they both come in front of each other then there will be a battle, I have to change kush’s direction. Hanuman with his tail breaks a tree and it falls down. Kush walks ahead and sees a tree fallen down, kush says they have put obstacles so that I cannot go to the sarovar. Kush changes his direction and jumps from the tree, there laxman finds for kush.
Luv is standing waiting for kush, the commander now comes behind him and says boy there you are, I will catch you and take you now. commander comes near but luv kicks him back and says I will not let you come near me. Commander removes his rope and throws on luv and holds him tight. Commander says now you will come with me, more soldiers come near now. hanuman sees and says I have to save luv. Hanuman goes and stamps on the ground, from the effect commander and his soldiers fall down. Luv is freed and he thinks it was his bow that did it, luv says I will hide behind the tree and wait for kush till then.
The effect is felt in the palace and lord ram says what was this movement? Is it an enemy? I have to go and check. Lord ram goes.
There kush reaches the sarovar and bends down to take the flowers, he sees and says I will take these flowers to mata today. Kush is taking flowers, laxman comes to the sarovar and is finding kush. There even lord ram Is walking towards the sarovar. Kush takes the flowers and sees lord ram and laxman, he says they both are heading towards me, then he sees a banyan tree and says I will use its branches to go past here. hanuman does the work, he stands in the banyan tree and puts his tail forward, kush thinking it is a branch takes and goes past. Laxman sees kush and is very angry, he says these boys took the flowers. Kush reaches luv and says I got the flowers lets go. hanuman has visions seeing luv kush and lord ram fighting. Hanuman says I hope that is not true.
Lord ram comes. Luv and kush say see soldiers your lord ram has come, he abandoned mata sita, what will shree ram now fight children? Lord ram is sad and feels hurt. Laxman is very angry. Hanuman is shocked to see luv kush say that.

Precap: rishi vashisht tells lord ram in palace to do ashvamedh yag as devi sita cannot be brought back, ashvamedh yag will prove her pureness. Other rishi’s say there is no right horse for the yag and they need the right time, he has to do a 2nd marriage. There sita says no my shree ram cannot have a 2nd marriage.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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