Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Lord Vishnu points out as to how he is aware of their dilemma, even before the lords told him anything, about their loss due to Rishi Durvasa’s curse. they are boggled, while he says that the solution to this lies in the hands of Goddess Lakshmi herself. He says that the only way out, is the Samudra Manthan, but with a pre-requisite that they shall have to do it, only by the help of the demons. they are surprised. he says that by doing it, they shall get many more valuables in addition to Amrit, that shall make them immortal. they are thankful, and pleadge that they shall do everything within their means, and ask how can they do it. vishnu says that it isnt easy, but they shall have to keep faith, in

him, and he shall guide them successfully. A boggled hanuman says that demons are highly powerful too, and how and why would they help their arch enemies, the lords. she says that the lords were equally boggled, and had several questions, but this was needed, and hence they formed an alliance, and decided to do it together. hanuman asks if this proposal was accepted. she says that they did, and presented themselves, but were already prepared to steal Amrit from the lords. hanuman deduces that this means that demons again tried their cunning ways with the lords. she thinks that anyone can conspire, but noone has the capacity to conspire against Lord Vishnu, as he is omniscient. she says that he knew that the demons were upto evil ways, but he calmly watched everything unfold. hanuman then asks how they performed the Manthan, and she explains that Mountain Mandrachal was the mortar, and the Sarpa Vasuki acted as the rope. hanuman is shocked. he again is boggled. he asks that handling him by the head, the lord faced the fear of spillage of its vicious poison. she comments that he is very intelligent, and that this is true what he suggeste, as the poison could have attacked the lords, but they knew that by a simple conviction, they could have had their way. an eager hanuman asks how did they solve it then. she says that the lords, by vishnu’s advise, and then told demons, that being superior, they deserved the head. she says that demons thought it was beneath them, and urged for the head, which is exactly what the demons wanted. she says that they trapped the demons in their shrewd thinking. The manthan finally begins, amidst heavy lightning and thunder. the demons are happy that vasukai’s head is towards them only, oblivious of his poisonous danger. hanuman points out how brains are necessary along with power. she says that the scene that happened next is inexplicable. they then started the herculean task of the Manthan, with the lords chanting Lord Vishnu’s name. Due to the heavy thunder, the lords keep weakening. The demons have a good laugh at it, as the mountain starts succumbing to the pressure of the manthan, and the lords think that they didnt give a suitable support to the mountain, for its anchorage. the demons blame the lords for their poor planning. the lords continue their devoted chants, and the manthan. Both the demons and the lords, experience severe difficulties, to perform the task, amidst such adverse conditions, as they find the mountain, drowning into water slowly yet stealthily. they are shocked to see it. Lord Shiva watches all this from Kailash Mountain, calm and composed. finally, the lords’ grip loosens, and they all are thrown into the waters, and then the demons follow suit, swayed by the heavy currents. Hanuman then says that this indicates a great omen, but then what was LOrd Vishnu’s role in this, and why the need for tortoise avatar. she says that when the mountain was drowning, lord vishnu took the avatar, and supported the mountain, on its back so that the task can continue. when the lords started their chants, and devoted prayers to beckon Lord Vishnu for their help, as they face the problem, of drowning along with it, thats when he answewred to their prayers, and re-incarnated in the tortoise form, for their aid. Finmally, he appears, and the lords are full of gratitude. the demons watch with angst, and find it weird, that the tortoise is in the air, as a bird, and guffaw the lord watch it in gratitude. the lords are weakened, and the demons have a good laugh over it. the lord beg the tortoise together to help them, so that the manthan can be continued. but when nothing happens, the demon lose hope that there shall be no success here, and decide to retreat. Then in the tortoise avatar, lord vishnu takes the mountain on his turtle back, and brings it back to surface, while the demons stand stunned. THe lords are full of gratitude and overwhelmed at seeing VIshnu’s immense powers. Hanuman is stupefied at the immense spectacle it must have been, and then asks if it was successfully completed. she says that when lord vishnu himself aided, then who could stop its succeess. she says that the mountain got its perfect anchorage. hanuman asks that the amrit must have been received very soon then. she says that this manthan was very similar to the dilemmas that arrive in the conscience, drawing an analogy to the temptations of the heart to Vasuki, who acted as the same in the Samudra Manthan, and ocne thats avoided, amrit can be obtained, which is salvation in the real life. hanuman asks if destructive things were also produced in the manthan, and she complies in affirmative, that such destructive things were obtained that could have even hurt the entire world. The manthan continues, and its full of poisonous, dark things that surface. Meanwhile, Vasuki’s head starts showing its poisonous effect, as the manthan continues, and the lords start getting stronger, by the Lord VIshnu’s aid, and the demons are tensed. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva watch from the heavens, calm and composed. the screen freezes on the Manthan Spectacle.


Precap: All the demons and the lords, in unison, seek the lord shiva’s blessings, to save them from this poisnous after effects of the manthan. as the sky starts brightening up after soemtime, they all eagerly look towards it, in anticipation.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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