Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakha pours water over Maruti.

Vali smiles as he looks at his reflection in mirror. Sugriv is looking for his brother.

Anjana wakes up. She looks around for Maruti. Maruti is enjoying his bath. Sakha drops the water pot. Anjana hears Maruti chuckling. She heads towards the bathing area. He laughs as Sakha keeps on throwing all the empty water vessels on the floor. Anjana looks at the state of the bathing area. Who did this? Was there some storm in Sumeru that came only in the bathing area? Maruti says I did all this. He tries to wear his new ang-vastra. Anjana smiles seeing him thus. Why were you so anxious that you got ready? He shares that he is excited about the competition. She adjusts his clothes.

Vali says even if Maruti escapes from Vrikshasur’s trap today

then I wont spare him. Sugriv reaches the weapon room. He thinks of how Vali was instigating little Neel. Now I understand the whole thing. Bhaiya is going to make Maruti’s friends a medium to take him to Vrikshasur. He wants Vrikshasur to kill Maruti. The brothers come face to face. Vali tells his brother to go away. Sugriv says I have heard everything.

Maruti gets ready. He looks at himself in the mirror.

Vali doesn’t care what he has heard. Sugriv says it does matter. We will have to bear the consequences of your act. Kishkindha will be held responsible. Vali clearly tells him off. Leave that tension on this Mahantam. Get out of my way!

Maruti takes Lord Shiva’s blessings.

Sugriv points out that it is no greatness to hand over a little kid to that cruel Rakshas. Vali tells him to mind his own business. Sugriv says you are so small. You have become so small by your thinking. Do you have any idea what the world will think about you when they find out this truth? Vali is sure it isn’t going to come out any day. But in case it does, no one can win over this Mahantam.

Maruti and Anjana do puja. They take aarti later. Maruti seeks his mother’s blessings next. I am going for the competition. He runs out from there.

Sugriv tries to put sense in his brother. Make your karmas good before making yourelf great. This irks Vali. Be clear about what you want to say. Vali angrily asks him how that kid Maruti has harmed him that he is trying to kill the kid. Vali tries to decline but Sugriv reminds him about his convo with Neel. You are keeping this competition near Shambsadan jungle. Why do you hate that kid so much that prompted you to become friends with a Rakshas? Sugriv angrily asks his brother what he after is. Vali finally shares with Sugriv what Narad ji had told him. He had told me that you will stand with that Markat and will go against me. You will become the reason for my doom. I will never let that happen! Sugriv is shocked. Vali too is taken aback that he spoke the truth before his brother. Sugriv asks his brother for more. I know you are saying the truth this time. Vali nods. Devrishi Narad had told me that you will side with that Markat and become the reason of my doom in future. You will leave me and support that Markat! Remember this that I will never let it happen. Sugriv finally understands why he had lied to him earlier. Dint you trust you brother? Vali agrees. I dint trust you and neither do I trust you now. You already speak in favour of that Markat what can I expect from you in future? Sugriv realises that he was doing it for his own selfish reasons. You can take me out of your way also in future. Vali replies I will take anyone, even God, out of my way if they try to become an obstacle in my path. I will not sit quietly without attaining my motive. He leaves.

Rama and Ravan live inside a person, not outside. Sugriv was following the path of truth and dharma by listening to the Rama inside him. He was trying to take his brother to the same path but Vali chose to side with Ravan’s knowledge. This is why he was on a wrong path.

Sugriv follows his brother towards the jungle. Vali begins to go but Sugriv holds his hand. don’t try to cross your limits. Vali too tells him not to stop him. Sugriv stays put which angers Vali. He frees his hand and pushes Sugriv.

The kids are at their old school. They are waiting for Maruti. Maruti is still on his way out. he stops as he recalls something. Ma had told me not to go out of the palace without seeking her permission. I should do that right away.

Vrikshasur laughs.

Precap: Maruti takes Anjana’s permission. She drops something. Lord Indra tries to stop Vali but Vali stays put. Anjana has forgot to put Anjan on Maruti.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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