Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman standing at the feet of the statue of goddess maya. He says what do I do to stop him? And mahiravana is having the water and is going to kill ram and laxman. Suddenly the goddess maya from statue speaks and says hanuman! Hanuman sees mahiravana and durdhubi not hearing anything and says maybe I am only hearing maha maya’s voice. Maha maya says yes hanuman only you can hear me and listen mahiravana can be defeated only by me because he is the strongest mayavi monster in the entire universe. Hanuman says okay mata, mata blesses hanuman. Mahiravana feels like someone is in the Pooja ghar and says I feel someone is here and who is it? Hanuman removes the mata maya’s voice and says son mahiravana, mahiravana says is that you mata maya? Hanuman says yes

in her voice. He says son its night and sacrificing these 2 individuals at night is not a good time and wait for dawn and sacrifice them in the morning. Mahiravana gets angry but kneels down in front of the goddess and says as you say mata and I did not know night is not the appropriate time and I have been your faithful disciple since childhood and I will do as you say. Mata says yes and says close the door of the Pooja ghar and do not let anyone enter inside. Mahiravana says yes and says its great to hear your voice finally, he goes and looks at durdhubi angrily. She goes out and mahiravana goes too and closes the door. Hanuman inside the room, smiles as he made the voice and then turns normal size and takes water and goes near lord ram and laxman. He sprinkles water with his hand on their faces and tries waking them up.
Outside, mahiravana is standing angry and tells durdhubi that because of you today goddess maya told me to delay the sacrifice and its because you walked here late. The punishment for this is your death and I will kill you durdhubi. Mahiravana removes his huge sword and swings it towards durdhubis neck.
In the Pooja ghar ram and laxman don’t wake up and hanuman is sad and says lord please get up and why aren’t you getting up? What punishment are you giving and if you don’t help me then I wont be able to take you both with me on my shoulders from here. Hanuman then sees the red mayavi bands on ram and laxmans hand and says this must be something mahiravana has used and yes using these bands mahiravana made laxman and ram statue and that is why they are not responding. Hanuman gets up and takes his gadha and says I have to break those bands. Suddenly a shield appears and hanuman says maybe these bands also have created a shield around them so that no one can penetrate.
There mahiravana stops and says I wont kill you now and my palace protector makardwaj will come here and I will ask him the truth and what you did. Mahiravana calls makardwaj 3times but he has not come. Mahiravana is shocked and he says makardwaj always comes in the first time I call him and why didn’t he come? Mahiravana says I will see your truth myself, mahiravana opens his see through portal and sees that durdhubi had come to the Pooja ghars gate but went back. Mahiravana gets very angry and durdhubi is scared, he says you went back to waste my time. Mahiravana throws a spell that ties durdhubi to the pillar. Mahiravana says I will see where makardwaj is and this spell will keep you tied here and you cant go anywhere. Mahiravana heads to see makardwaj.
In the room, hanuman prays to goddess maya to help him. Hanuman then looks at the shield.
Mahiravana goes and sees makardwaj tied and is shocked and thinks the greatest warrior ever and how could anyone come here and tie him and defeat him? Mahiravana asks makrdwaj who tied him? And says who crossed all the defenses of hell and come here? Makardwaj proudly says it is my father the greatest disciple of lord ram the great mahabali hanuman. Makardwaj is shocked and gets angry and shouts hanuman!! Mahiravana then understands that it was hanumans voice of goddess maya and he tricked me and I wont leave hanuman. Mahiravana shouts hanuman!!
In the room hanuman is about to touch the shield when goddess mayas voice says wait hanuman! Hanuman turns back and smiles and kneels down. Goddess maya herself appears and hanuman is surprised and says Namaste and gets up. Goddess gives blessings and says mahiravana is very evil and because of his evilness my temple here was impure and after you lord ram and laxman stepped in here it has become pure. Hanuman says its all because of lord ram. Goddess maya says mahiravana can not be defeated easily but you can defeat him out in the arena. Goddess maya says lurk him and fight him and its his time to die now and he will be defeated. Hanuman says thank you mata. Goddess maya turns statue again. Mahiravana comes opening the door and says you monkey how did you enter the Pooja ghar? And I will kill you hanuman and its not nice to take a lions prey away from him. Hanuman says you lion? No you are a donkey and you took my lord ram and laxman and I will kill you. Mahiravan attacks with swords, hanuman dodges and hanuman kicks mahiravana and says its not right to fight inside the temple of maha maya. Mahiravana goes through walls from hanumans blow.

Precap: mahiravana attacks hanuman outside in the field, hanuman throws mahiravana and stands his leg on hi and puts him In lava.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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