Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman agrees to fight with the soldiers if that is the only option to reach his Gurudev. He jumps up to avoid the high tides that the soldiers push towards him. Hanuman ties all the soldiers together with Sakha’s help. They request him to free them. Hanuman says I will leave you as soon as I enter Varun Loka. He starts walking but cannot see the main door.

All the Gods are tensed to see Surya Dev caught up in the Varun Paash. Varun Dev’s mind isn’t supporting him. I only will have to do something now. Surya Dev tells Varun Dev he did not want to hurt him in any way. You have forced me. I have no other option to save the world now. Varun Dev angrily retorts that he will turn into an iceberg before he can do anything. The world’s Jal Tatva will end along with it.

He summons his powers. Surya Dev closes his eyes and thinks of Mahadev and Brahma Dev. He begins to counter Varun Dev’s energy. Varun Dev calls his Jal Tatvas to him. The earth becomes bereft of water. The animals pass out. People are curious as the water is gone. They panic and begin to fall down. Even the fruits have lost the juice. A kid cries but tears don’t fall down his cheeks.

Nani says it feels as if the thirst is unending today. I will bring water. Kesari and Anjana too are feeling thirsty. Nani thinks Hanuman went to get educated. Someone’s evil eyes have fallen on Sumeru. She finds the pot of water empty. She sends a Daasi to get water. The Daasi’s return empty handed. They tell Kesari that the water is finished. This leaves everyone shocked. Anjana points out that this isn’t a good sign. First, the sun dint come out and now the Jal Tatvas have disappeared. What’s happening? The commander tells Kesari about the Asuras attacking their palace. Kesari asks him to bring the kids here. Increase the security of the room. Maybe they attacked at us to get hold of the kids. I will see them! Marjarika offers to go with him. I can know their strategies well. Kesari thinks of the past instance when she had saved him. He allows her.

Hanuman can only see water all around. Where is the main entrance? He strikes a deal with the soldiers. Tell me about the main entrance if you want to be free. They keep mum so Sakha tightens its grip around them. They shout in pain. Finally they share that the main secret entrance of Varun Loka is behind the waterfall. Hanuman thanks them and frees them as well. They leave after thanking him. I feel powerless and thirsty. He is about to drink water from the waterfall but then decides against it. I have to free Gurudev first. Narad ji appears there. He tells Hanuman Varun Dev is trying to bind Surya Dev in Jal Paash. He has withdrawn entire Jal Tatvas from the world. You will have to be quick. Hanuman greets him. He realises the reason behind his thirst. He finds the entrance closed. There is a big piece of ice stuck at the gate. Hanuman tries to break it.

Surya Dev binds Varun Dev in his energies. Meanwhile, Hanuman breaks open the door. Now both Surya Dev and Varun Dev are caught in an iceberg each. Hanuman wants to reach Gurudev before the world is complete cold and bereft of water.

Rahu gets out of Varun Dev’s head. I completed my work. Now the Gods will fight amongst themselves. Surya Dev notices Rahu and understands the entire plan. Varun Dev too realises his mistake. I did wrong by stealing Surya Dev’s chariot. Who will help the world now? Who will take care of this Sankat? Hanuman reaches there. I came late. Both Surya Dev and Varun Dev are caught up in the iceberg.

Gurumata is feeling uneasy. Jayant and everyone get concerned. She is feeling thirsty. The charioteer goes to bring the Vaid.

The soldiers are having a tough time fighting with the Asuras. Patalika is also there. Kesari and Marjarika go out to fight with them. Patalika orders her Asuras to surround Kesari. Engage him such that he cannot get out of it. I will do my work then. She disappears.

Hanuman apologizes to his Guru for reaching late. This wouldn’t have happened if I had been here on time. He uses his energies but is unable to free his Gurudev. Why am I failing in my attempt! I will free him anyhow. He recalls Varun Dev and Surya Dev’s boon given to him. He prays to the Gods to give him strength to free my Gurudev and everyone else. He gets all the energies together that the Tridev and all the Gods bless him with. He holds the energies in his palm. This heat will end the Jal Paash that is holding Gurudev. He directs it towards Surya Dev.

Precap: Surya Dev asks Varun Dev about his horses. Varun Dev shares that they are in Pataal Loka. Patalika disappears along with Anjana and the kids. Hanuman offers to go to Pataal Loka. Surya Dev tells him it isn’t easy. Plus Patalika is very mayavi!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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