Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the arrow hitting ravana and he falls down on a rock and is about to die. Everyone cheer and say jai shree ram and all the gods in heaven smile. Vibhishan is crying and everyone gather around ravana. Vibhishan cries and lord ram says you have walked the path of righteousness vibhishan and this had to happen. Vibhishan says I tried so many times to bring my brother ravana on the right path but he had his ego always. Vibhishan is crying and says he could have lived if he had left iniquity. Vibhishan sits in front of dying ravana and removes his crown and keeps it down. Vibhishan is crying and he says brother I have always loved you and tried to bring you on the right path but you insulted me, but you are still my brother and this time at least now et go your

ego and accept lord ram in your heart and he will forgive you for your sins and you will die peacefully. Lord ram smiles. Ravana turns his head aside. Vibhishan is shocked and says even now you have your ego brother and this is not right and accept lord ram. Ravana is in pain. Hanuman thinks this time is so sorrowful for vibhishan but on the other hand also a good time for the rest as ravana is going to die but I feel sad for vibbhishan.
There in ashok vatika sita says what must be happening at the war? And that devil egoistic ravana can do anything to win and is my lord safe? Hanuman lands and says yes devi sita and don’t worry lord ram is safe. Hanuman looks excited and devi sita says from your looks it seems you have a good news. Hanuman says yes mata sita and lord ram has defeated ravana and the 10 headed ravana is now dying as vibhishan mourns. Hanuman says finally ravana has been put to an end and everything will be fine from here on. Devi sita is happy and all the women soldiers with sita get happy. Devi sita I knew my lord will win but I was worried for him and that is why I wanted to know the result of the war. Sita is in tears of happiness and says hanuman what you have done is a lot and you helped my lord in this war and I don’t know how to thank you. hanuman says don’t say this mata and what I have done was just what a faithful servant would do and I am a faithful disciple of lord ram and the last battle was fought by lord ram only because he wanted to defeat ravana himself and take you with him. Hanuman says now I wait for that moment when lord ram will take you from here.
There at the battlefield, laxman says brother ram our exile is also over now and you shall take devi sita from lanka. Lord ram says my dear brother laxman, we both were born in a palace but we spent most of our lives in the forest. We served many rishi’s and guru’s and have attained a lot of knowledge from them but we never had a chance to learn court politics and now as we will go back to ayodhya we have to know politics and rule and there is no greater teacher than the great knowledgeable ravana himself. everyone gets a bit shocked, hanuman lands and hears too. Lord ram says so brother laxman, go and gain knowledge of politics from the great learnt ravana. Laxman is a bit shocked.

Precap: lord ram being the form of lord Vishnu, lord Vishnu appears behind lord ram’s back. Ravana makes pranam hand and says jai shree ram and dies quickly. There mandodari is in Pooja ghar and sees the diya fire extinguish. Mandodari screams loudly no!! and says this has all happened because of hanuman, ram and laxman and they have waged this war with iniquity and now my curse will ruin lord ram’s entire army.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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