Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Kaushalya sings a lullaby for Hanuman and Ram. Simultaneously, Sumitra and Kaikayi also put their kids to sleep. Manthra looks at Ram from far. She is a little tensed seeing Hanuman there as well but then thinks she will do her work once Kaushalya leaves from there. Hanuman wont be able to find out Ram. The Pishachs are on alert too. We will kidnap Ram as soon as we get a signal from Manthra.

Devi Kaushalya covers Ram and Hanuman with a duvet before leaving. Manthra looks at both the kids. Kaushalya had to put Hanuman here tonight only! She thinks to remove Hanuman from there. She whispers in Hanuman’s ears but in vain. Hanuman sleeps peacefully. She remembers the effect of Ram on Hanuman. I will say it in his ears. It will be great if Ram’s destruction happens by

his name only. She whispers Ram in Hanuman’s ears. Hanuman smiles in his sleep and wakes up. He is surprised to see her there. She covers his mouth and signals him to come. A sleepy Hanuman goes with her. Manthra asks him what he is doing here. He says Maharaj has allowed me to come inside the palace. She says he dint allow you to sleep in Ram’s room. He will get upset with you once again if he sees you here. He might order you to leave the palace one more time. Hanuman gets thinking. It can happen. She nods. It will be good if you sleep in your room. Hanuman sadly looks at Ram before leaving.

Manthra walks up to where Ram is sleeping. I am very happy to see you tonight as I am seeing you for the last time. She breaks the Raksha-Sutra tied on his hand and throws it away. Tridev and Narad ji is worried as to what will happen next. Manthra next lights a torch outside the room’s window. No one will be able to stop the Pishachs now. The Pishachs head towards Ram’s room as soon as they see the sign. Manthra bids goodbye to Ram as she exits from the room.

Hanuman is walking in the corridor. Kaushala Mata made me sleep next to Prabhu. But Manthra Kaki might be right as well. Maharaj might get upset with me once again. He finds the broken Raksha-Sutra lying there. It might belong to my Prabhu. Is he in some problem? He runs back to Ram’s room.

Ram is sleeping peacefully when the Pishachs enter in his room. Hanuman is still on his way. The Pishachs lift the bed. Hanuman enters just then. He jumps and holds the feet of one of the Pishachs. He pushes him away and then pulls the bed down. The Pishachs glare at him. One Pishach holds him from behind. Hanuman beats him and other Pishachs one by one. They disappear but then stand next to Ram once again. Hanuman thinks they have come to wake Ram from his sleep. The Pishachs talk about taking Ram from there with them. Hanuman understands who their leader is. The Pishachs turn into smoke as and when he tries to hit them. I will not spare them once I catch them. He manages to hold the neck of one of them. The Pishach screams to be freed. Hanuman looks at Ram. These Pishachs will wake up Prabhu. I will have to take them out of the palace. If I get hold of their leader then the others will come out to free him. this is the only way to get them all away from the palace. He holds the neck of the main Pishach with Sakha’s help. Hanuman flies out of the window while holding the neck of the two Pishachs. The other 3 Pishachs follow him. Hanuman asks them to come. You came to disturb Prabhu’s sleep even when I am there. Now I will take you all outside.

Hanuman brings the Pishachs in their place only. The Pishachs are happy to see it. Other Pishachs join them. They call Hanuman a vanar, a fool. He himself wants to be our food. Your Raksha-Sutra is actually an ordinary thread. Hanuman says I already knew it. You all could not have even come near me if this thread was real. You all might have woken up my Prabhu. Now I will see you all here. They compliment him for challenging us without any Raksha-Sutra.

Precap: Hanuman tries to hurt the Pishachs but they disappear yet again. The Pishachs divide themselves in two groups.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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