Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
There is tremendous unsettlement in the entire world, as rama beckons the brahmastra, and it makes its way through the universe. all are apalled to see and imagine the implications of it thereof. at the last minute, rama realises that he cant do it, as he cant use this weapon for personal revenge, and that not just raavan, it shall hurt several of innocent lives, and he cant be a part of this highly unjustified crime, and that he shall maintain his code of ethics. hanuman sings in his glory, while vibhishan says that he is noble to be like this in place of anyone else, and still be calm and composed. the demons however mock him. meghnad thinks that he got petrified. he says that he is only concerned of

his victory, and that there might be as many innocent lives killed. rama thinks that he could kill meghnad in a second, but cant resort to his evil tactics. now meghnad beckons the brahmastra. the lords are extremely tensed. all wait tensedly in anticipation, as they eye the brahmastra on meghnad’s bow. vibhishan declares treason and says that he is using brahmastra. everyone, from mortal to the lords are tensed as to what shall happen. hasnuman thinks that his sins are overdue and he shall soon be repaid. rama says that he shall deal with him. a tear falls from rama’s eyes, and falls on sita’s forehead, by the gush of wind. she gets tensed as it gets stormy and dark. trijata wonders whats the matter, and sita instinctively feels that something heinous is about to happen. Meghnad declares to everyone that now this weapon shall annihilate them all. finally, he strikes it away. the brahmastra goes right up in the sky, while all are stunned into silence. sita is tensed too. MEanwhile vidyutjihva narrates this news to raavan, who is ecstatic and overjoyed. he declares that soon they shall get the news of the monkeys ruins. the brahmastra now in its full grandeur and glory, while hanuman wonders how to get rid of this now. the monkeys are petrified. vibhishan too is tensed and thinks that before everything ends, he should apologise to rama, on raavan’s behalf that he should instigate meghnad to fire this weapon. laxman too apologises for not being able to get him victory, saving sita and not being able to stop this too. rama is overwhelmed and asks him not to think so. surgiva too apologises. hanuman stands tensed. he too then apologises for not being able to prove his devotion. vibhishan says that noone can stop this brahmastra. but hanuman eyes it soaring outside into the universe. he says that he shall, as he eyes the weapon. he asks for permission, while laxman says that its impossible to stop it now. vibhishan too warns him, saying that more he goes up, the more destructive it gets. they all eye the weapon. hanuman eyes lord rama and begs for permission, and rama expresses faith in him, and his ethics. he asks him to go. hanuman says that he wont allow this weapon to annihilate the earth. he chants lord rama’s name, and rushes after it. all eye him eargerly. the lords watch what he is capable of, as he follows it. vibhishan tells rama, that it seems he is on the verge of the boundary of hanuman. hanuman is amazed at the destructive nature it has taken, and decides to use his entire force to stop it anyhow. he tries to catch it though still.

Meanwhile, meghnad returns back to the court room, and raavan welcomes him galore at his bravery saying that no one can stop this weapon now. he guffaws. Meanwhile, a saint comes and says that this weapon shall not be able to save anyone, not even the demons. raavan says thats his job, he is employed for. but the rajpurohit doesnt have a plausible explanation for the same. raaavn threatens him to think of something.

MEanwhile, hanumanm takes the bright light that the brahmastra has developed into and flies through the universe. but he is unable to stop the gravity and impact of the brahmastra. finally it enters the atmoshphere, on its rebound journey, and everything and everyone feel the thunder and shudder of it. The brahmastra comes and hits laxman who falls on the ground. MEanwhile, sita instinctively feels something is wrong. rama screams and rushes to him, which catches hanuman’s attention too. they both are overwhelmed and distraught as they find laxman unconscious on the floor. hanuman is enraged. Rama asks whats the matter with him, as nothing shall happen to him. his feel and hands turn blue, and rama and hanuman are apalled to see him in such a state. the screen freezes on both their faces.


Precap: Rama is asked by hanuman not to be tensed, as he assures him. Hanuman swears that he shall not let anything happen to laxman and till there is time, he shall get Vaidyaraj shushim, for treating laxman. he takes his flight and starts searching for the priest. but he is unable to find him. he wonders how to search for him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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