Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maruti is headed towards Surya Grah.

Lord Shiva says this journey is meant for world’s welfare. Ma Parvati is concerned about Maruti. His attempt to eat Surya Dev can prove harmful for him. Lord Shiva reasons that every journey yields a result. This is for a very good and big cause. One has to pay a heavy price for a fulfilling a heavy responsibility. Ma Parvati hopes it isn’t too much for Maruti.

Kaal Dev appears before Maruti. Careful! It is Kaal Dev before you. everyone is aware of me. No one wants to fall for it but you yourself are headed towards me. This is you purely acting kiddish. Maruti doesn’t stop. I have to reach this Aakash-phal asap and satiate my hunger. Ma will be relaxed then.

Anjana does not find Maruti in his room. He comes to

me as soon as he is up. I have no idea when he woke up today. She looks around and hears some strange noises which are not so auspicious.

Kaal Dev casts his spell all around the Sun. Maruti collides into it. The entire world / lokas are affected because of it.

Anjana is surprised to see the changes in sky. I have never seen something like this before. Its all red. Surely something is happening in the galaxy.

Maruti is caught up in Kaal Chakra. Kaal Dev is happy to see little Maruti thus but Maruti simply starts chanting Rama. He finally breaks free of the Chakra which makes yet another impact on everyone / everything. Anjana cannot take her eyes off from the sky. Maruti is glad to be free from the Kaal Chakra. Kaal Dev yet again cautions him. Go back. No one has the permission to go past this spot. Maruti asks the reason behind it. Why are you stopping me? Kaal Dev says this place is under my supervision. It is prohibited to go pas this area. Maruti very innocently talks about eating the Aakash-phal. It will soothe my hunger and my mother will be relieved. Kaal Dev eyes Surya Dev worriedly. He yet again tries to make Maruti understand it. Maruti asks him why he is stopping a kid when he is hungry. Kaal Dev suggests him to ask food from his mother. Maruti sadly recalls the situation at home. I am going to eat only. I cannot return empty stomach. Kaal Dev calls him stubborn. Maruti remembers Narad ji advising him about the obstacles coming in his way. You have to focus only on your destination. There will be obstacles but I wont get scared and return. I have to eat that Aakash-phal. Please don’t stop me. Kaal Dev calls him lucky as he has reached until here and has got a chance to see him. One gets to see me in the end only. Lord Brahma and other Gods only determine the right and wrong in everyone’s life but I do the rest. If you get inside my Chakra then you will not be able to understand anything at all. I have no end. Maruti compares his hunger to him. I will go back to my Ma when I am satisfied. Kaal Dev warns him of the consequences.

A camel considers himself the tallest till he comes under the mountain. An arrogant person too thinks of everyone to be below him. He cannot look above him. Kaal Dev too had thought of Maruti to be an ordinary kid.

Maruti starts heading towards Surya Grah once again. He gets trapped in the Kaal Chakra and can see no exit.

Ma Parvati knows that Maruti thinks of fear to be nothing but how will he get out of Kaal Dev. No one has been able to do so ever. Mahadev says even a little light of lamp can kill the darkness. The one who has made up his mind can do anything. He has made a firm decision to end his mother’s worried. Kaal Dev is a helper of me, Mahakaal but Maruti is my ansh. This is a test for both Kaal Dev and Maruti.

Daasi comes to tell Anjana that they couldn’t find Maruti anywhere in the palace. Anjana gets worried. Where is he then? She looks up in the sky. What if he gets into some trouble? God please protect my son! The yagya is happening. Anjana comes to tell Kesari about Maruti. Rishi tells Kesari not to get up from the yagya as it is considered inauspicious. It can be dangerous for your family and Sumeru.

Precap: Agni Dev orders his Tatvas to get to work. Rishi asks Anjana to sit for the yagya. God will protect Maruti. Agni Dev tries to stop Maruti.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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