Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
lankini keeps hitting on hanuman, with her weapon, but his miniature size keeps escaping her. she starts getting frustrated. he finds her leg extended, and decides to make her attack on herself. he steps on her feet and after himm, she throws it on her own leg, as hanuman ducks at the last minute. she gets enraged. he says that he cant waste time, dealing with her, and decides to show his grand self. hanuman starts enlarging, and lankini gets scared. a duel ensues, and lankini stands unarmed. she is aghast. she however continues trying. he says that he doesnt have time, and he cant hit a woman, and break war rules, and hence was playing defensive but now shall play aggressive. he comes and lands one fist on her face and she falls flat on

the ground. he minitures back and then walks ahead. lankini apeears yet again and he is scared and tensed. but she apologies, and he thinks its deceipt. but she clarifies that she doesnt deserve to stand in front of him, but she always was waiting for him, so that she relieves him of security tasks. she says that she was assigned the security by brahma when kuber ruled. but then raavan, kuber’s brother overruled him, and then claims Lanka. he strips him everything that kuber once owned, and says that all belongs to him. kuber says that being his brother, had he asked, he would have gladly given. kuber curses that one day he shall lose it all too, and he shall be stripped of further generations too. raavan gets tensed. but he is too spoiled by his own ego, and that he cant be hurt. lankini says that she was forced to see this city turning into ruins. she says that she got brahma to bless that one day hanuman shall be the reason of her salvation. he asks about sita and where is she hidden. she says that she doesnt know, but has full faith that he would succeed. she says that soon lanka and raavan shal be destroyed. he asks if he can go in now. she says that she isnt authorised to tell him so now, and he can gladly enter, while she too leaves for brahma. she vanishes, as hanuman chants for LordRama.

Meanwhile, Mandodari continues doing puja, for Chamunda Devi, that till she is here, nothing can harm Raavan. she expresses full faith, that she shall thwart any infiltration attempty. chamunda devi appears at the gate, hanuman is trying to enter, and sets herself ablaze. As hanuman opens the main door, he is blinded by a powerful light. he decides to go in anyhow, and find out the truth. MEanwhile, Chamundas idol that mandodari was praying too starts being ablaze. she wonders if its a sign of infiltration.

Mandodari is in her room, wondering why is the idol burning up, and deduces that someone has definitely tried to infiltrate, and decides to go and inform Raavan.

as hanuman goes in, chamunda devi appaers enraged, and asks hanuman how dare he try and come inside lanka, while she resides here, as everything around her is set to ablaze. he is blinded and mesmerised by the powerful light. he is boggled. she gets enraged and asks him whats his purpose. he silently starts chanting lord rama’s name, which resonates in the universe, and reaches Rama’s ears, and he is disturbed from his meditation, tensed for him. he starts praying yet again. lakshman is tensed. the words are chanted by Hanuman too. the goddess is affected, as she starts reincarnating in front of him, in his nine different avatars, as the result of his mantra chanting. the screen freezes on hanuman’s gratuitous face.


Precap: Hanuman asks her to calm down. she appears in the mild parvati avatar. Parvati says that he cant enter as long as she guards it. hanuman asks how can he return back without doing Rama’s work. she says that not till she is here. he is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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