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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana’s mother has become very weak. Anjana holds her. She notices the condition of her mother and the kids. They all look so weak. It looks as if they have become all powerless. I wonder what would have happened to Hanuman and Maharaj. What would have happened to them?

Devguru Brihaspati suggests one solution – Prawaldweep. Panchfann points out that it is very difficult to even go there, let alone be there. Hanuman agrees to go. Devguru says a red poisonous Karni flower can help all of these people live. Panchfann points out that they will have to do it by evening only or everyone will die. A Brahmrakshas guards Prawaldweep. No one returns from there alive. Hanuman says every second is precious for me. Panchfann holds Kesari in his lap. Hanuman takes leave from Devguru.

Kesari advises Hanuman to be careful and patient. Panchfann’s mother too asks him to take care of himself. My son has only sprinkled poison on everyone but you drank it. Hanuman tells her not to worry about him. I will be back soon. Panchfann decides to take everyone to Sumeru so they can be looked after. Hanuman greets his father and turns to go when Panchfann reminds him to be back before sunset or everyone will die. Their lives are in your hands. Hanuman nods.

Hanuman feels that the poison had an effect on him as well. Sugriv notices Hanuman in air. He waves at Hanuman but Hanuman is lost in deep thoughts. Sugriv thinks that maybe something is wrong in Sumeru which is why Hanuman dint even look down at him or reply to him.

Atibal has updated Maya-asur about what has happened in Sumeru. You must stop him. He should not reach Sumeru before sunset. Everyone will die if Hanuman fails. He will completely break down.

Sugriv and Anjana are in the palace. Anjana is sitting next to Kesari. Raj Vaid is checking everyone one by one. Anjana notices Panchfann. You don’t live here. Who are you? Panchfann greets her. I am Panchfann. Everyone is taken aback. I am the same mayavi serpent because of whom everyone is poisoned. I have realised my mistake. Please don’t be scared. Everyone will be fine soon. Yuvraj has gone to Prawaldweep to bring the magical flower. If he comes back on time then everyone will be healthy again. Please forgive me. I regret doing what I have done. Anjana prays that Hanuman reaches soon.

Hanuman reaches the place but he is confused which one is Prawaldweep as there are many small islands there. A man calls out for Hanuman. He greets him. He also asks Hanuman about his father. Hanuman replies that his father’s condition is not good. I have to take poisonous Karni flower from Prawaldweep so his and other citizens’ lives can be saved. The man guides Hanuman. Hanuman thanks him and flies away. It turns out to be the same Asura in disguise. He laughs at his act. I misguided you. You will find death there and not that flower!

Raj Vaid continues to look after Kesari. Kesari suddenly starts breathing heavily. His condition is deteriorating. None of my medicine is able to help him. Kesari says Hanuman. Anjana wonders when he will come. Sugriv is sure Hanuman will be back soon.

Hanuman cannot see the poisonous Karni flower anywhere. Am I in the right place? He looks at the sun. I have very less time. Sunset is not far. I will find that flower before sunset. He feels dizzy. He is unable to fly steadily. I think the effect of poison is still not over. I will have to have a stronger willpower. He finds something shining brightly. They too are red. The flower must be there only. He finally lands on one island. He realises that these are different flowers.

Anjana keeps encouraging Kesari not to give up. Don’t close your eyes. Raj Vaid gives up hope. He has a strong effect of poison on him. Hope Purnima does not become Amavasya for Sumeru. Sugriv asks him to be positive as it does not suit a Vaid to talk negative. Hanuman will certainly come with the flower. Anjana thinks about Kesari’s condition and how Hanuman is stuck somewhere. Plus Indra Dev has called me back. I don’t know what will happen! Give me strength and peace. My Hanuman will come with the flower so everyone will be fine once again. I will see my son for the last time before leaving. My son and Maharaj will be fine.

Hanuman hears some sound coming from the river water. Jalasur (the head of the asuras living in water) appears there. He questions Hanuman how he came here. He summons all his other asuras. Look at this small kid with a soft body! Hanuman asks him what they want. The Asuras want to eat him. The Asuras try to move Hanuman but fail. Hanuman smiles. The Mahaasur is watching them. Hanuman beats the Asuras. He looks at Jalasur. I have so less time and they all are becoming a hindrance in my path.

Precap: Anjana is worried as the sunset is not far away. The man (the Mahaasur in disguise) appears where Hanuman is surrounded by the Asuras. Hanuman tells him that he will handle it. The man touches Hanuman’s mace and automatically returns to his original avatar. Hanuman gets angry to see him. The Mahaasur accepts it that it was his plan to trap him here.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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