Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord ram sitting and looking in the fire, he smiles. There hanuman saves his mother and is saved when lord Shankar enters hanuman, the trishul hits hanuman but nothing happens. Then hanuman takes the gadha and hits vidhurmali such that he is thrown away. Lord Shankar comes and stands smiling and blesses hanuman. vidhurmali gets up and says lord Shankar, why didn’t hanuman die? I attacked the trishul on him. You cheated me lord Shankar, you cheated me. Lord Shankar says I did not cheat you, you monsters cheat us gods by taking what wishes you need but not using it in the right way for good, and I am rudra, hanuman is my rudransh. How can you kill my own blood with my weapon? Vidhurmali says you cheated on me lord Shankar and this is injustice, I got that wish

from you after a lot of prayer and hard work, but in reality you never gave me the wish. Mata anjana says hanuman, this demon first insulted a mothers love, then lord ram and now the great mahadev himself. such a devil should not be allowed to live. Kill him hanuman. hanuman looks angrily at vidhurmali and then turns into his dangerous form of god narsimha(half man- half lion). Hanuman as narismha goes to vidhurmali and kicks him and throws him. Vidhurmali tries fighting back but hanuman fights vidhurmali and takes him on a mountain, as the sun shines narsimha tears the body of vidhurmali and kills him. Hanuman comes down and turns back to hanuman. lord Shankar smiles. Nikumbh is shocked and says now I will call all the demons in the entire universe to kill hanuman. nikumbh calls the demons and says come here demons of the universe and kill this monkey hanuman and destroy the rule of ram.
Anjana says who is this demon? Hanuman says mata he is the son of kumbhkaran, nikumbh. All the demons from the universe come to nikumbh and nikumbh says, go and kill hanuman. pushkar says the demons are coming on earth and these are the remaining demons, we will kill them so that no iniquity is left in the universe. 3 demons come on earth first and start laughing, hanuman is so angry that he screams loudly such that his eyes turn red from anger, the demons get scared and say his scream is destructive. The scream waves turn the demons into ash. Lord ram and sita there smile. Nikumbh is scared and says other demons to go and kill hanuman.
All the demons head to earth, pushkar and shatrugan shoot some with arrows and kill them. Anjana says hanuman look behind you, hanuman sees and hanuman starts screaming even louder. All the millions demon heading towards earth are destroyed and turned into ash. Hanuman still screams as he is very angry and even nikumbh starts getting weaker. Nikumbh sees his finger and body shivering and says hanuman’s scream is turning me weak. The universe now starts trembling as hanuman’s anger goes out of control. Mata anjana is worried and says hanuman has to calm down otherwise the universe will be destroyed. Suddenly the earth starts going away from its orbit and away from the sun, pushkar says why is the sun getting smaller? Pushkar says its shocking to see that the most peaceful soul like hanuman ji, also has so much anger in him. Brahma dev says if hanuman’s anger isn’t calmed down, the earth will clash with the moon and all universe will also destroy. Lord Shankar in kaliash parbat says hanuman has to be shown the face of his lord, shree ram. Then his anger will calm down. Lord Shankar becomes huge and then disappears. Indra dev says what is lord Shankar doing? Lord Shankar appears in front of hanuman, hanuman is in anger and then looks at lord Shankar. Lord Shankar shows hanuman the face of lord ram from his body, hanuman anger suddenly calms down, hanuman does pranam and says my lord ram. Hanuman smiles, there lord ram sees and blesses hanuman and smiles. Lord Shankar becomes normal sized and hanuman says mahadev thank you for calming down my anger otherwise because of me this universe would have been destroyed. In heaven, brahma dev says hanuman’s anger calmed down and the earth has aligned itself back, the universe has been saved. Lord Shankar smiles and says hanuman! The universe has seen your anger and your rudra form today, because of your anger, all the demons and evil have been wiped out from the universe. The universe from now will also know you as angry hanuman and any evil who will see the angry face of you will be freed from its evil powers. Hanuman says mahadev, for this I am very grateful to you, but I just want my lord ram’s ashvamedh yag be successful without any obstacle and I need you to bless me for that. lord Shankar smiles and blesses hanuman saying tathastu. Lord Shankar says now even I need something from you hanuman. hanuman is confused, mata anjana thinks what does lord Shankar want from my son? Hanuman thinks lord Shankar is the swami of the entire universe, he blesses everyone and gives them what they wish for. What does he need from me?

Precap: lord Shankar tells parvati that hanuman has to do something so that the horse heads ahead without any obstacle. Hanuman becomes huge and is picking up the mountain, hanuman says I will not let any obstacle alter the path of the horse. nikumbh says I have a chance now to kill hanuman and make this ashva medh yag unsuccessful.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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