Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman reduces his size. Meghasur! He looks at Meghasur’s soldiers. You all emitted enough poison. He flies up hits Meghasur’s soldiers who fall down one by one. Garud’s cry thinking about their eggs. Hanuman thinks Meghasur dint do right. He sits atop Meghasur’s head. Meghasur emits fire. Hanuman falls down in the process but takes care of himself. Meghasur’s Agni casts no effect on Hanuman but he goes inside Meghasur’s mouth. Everyone gets worried for him. Bhushan breaks down thinking this problem came on his friend because of him only. Jatayu says Hanuman shouldn’t have done so. What will I say to Maharaj Kesari now? Meghasur laughs. I killed your saviour Hanuman! Hanuman hits Meghasur from inside. Meghasur begins to feel pain. My poison melts stones but it dint have

any effect on Hanuman. Hanuman keeps hitting at his stomach. Bhushan says Meghasur’s poison has no effect on Hanuman. Meghasur screams in pain. Panchfann points out that he called his death upon himself by swallowing Hanuman. Meghasur is sure Hanuman wont be able to bear the poison inside his stomach for long. Hanuman begins to feel drowsy. Meghasur laughs happily thinking he succeeded. Hanuman increases his size which shocks Meghasur. What is this vanar up to now? He cannot bear it. Chitraketu points out that Hanuman is expanding his size. Meghasur shouts against it. He blasts finally. Meghasur falls down writhing in pain. Everyone cheers for Hanuman. Hanuman keeps the eggs down safely. Everyone is relieved and folds their hands before him with gratitude. Even Meghasur does the same. Hanuman blesses everyone. Meghasur dies.

The special wing flies up towards Hanuman. Hanuman returns to his normal size. Panchfann says you saved Naag’s or our name would have been stained for forever. Hanuman assures him no harm will come on Naag’s till he is alive. Jatayu’s wife also thanks Hanuman for saving their kids. Hanuman returns the special wing to Maharaj Jatayu. Jatayu thanks him. You have saved us from a very big problem. We can never thank you enough. Chitraketu accepts his mistake and seeks forgiveness. Hanuman says you are elder to me. Elders bless, they don’t apologize. Chitraketu blesses him. Chitraketu accepts his mistake before Maharaj jatayu too. Maharaj Jatayu tells him to continue his duties and be alert. Penitence is the biggest punishment. Bhushan says I am your culprit but Jatayu says all is well that ends well. He turns to Acharya. Please chant the mantra and rekindle our power to fly once again. Acharya points out that some part of the wing is still missing. It is with the Naag soldiers. The Naag soldiers begin to fly away (3 of them). the fourth one looks on from far. Our lives are in danger.

Hanuman addresses them. Return the part of the special wing. Panchfann tells them to do it right away or they have already seen what had happened with Meghasur. The 3 soldiers return the parts to Hanuman while the fourth one runs away. Hanuman gives the missing parts of the wing to Acharya. Now you can do the needful. Acharya agrees. Panchfann says sorry to Jatayu on behalf of all Naag’s. Jatayu tells him against it. Not every Naag can be punished because of one Naag. They vow to be friends forever and share a hug.

Vali gets angry. This Markat is a very big obstacle in my way. He killed Meghasur too. I wont be able to fly now. Ravan too is angry. Where did the special wing go after Meghasur’s death? Soldier shares that it went directly to Hanuman as soon as Meghasur died. Ravan asks him how he came here. Soldier shares how he had to crawl so as to save everyone. Vali is all the more irked. You did not bring the special wing. Did you come here to joke? Vali hits the soldier angrily. Soldier is in pain yet shows them the part of wing that is with him. Vali takes it from him. This is only a small part. Is this the dream which you showed to me? It is of no use. He hits it on the ground when he flies up high in the air (as it is still in his hand). Both Ravan and Vali smile. Kalnemi is confused. what happened to Vali?

Acharya does yagya along with Maharaj Jatayu to revive the power of Garud’s. They succeed in it. Garud’s yet again gain the power to fly.

Precap: Vali thinks to reach Prawaldweep by evening. Chitraketu says whoever goes there dies by the devil ruling Prawaldweep. Hanuman says I will do anything and everything to free the Garud babies from this poison.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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