Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bal Hanuman’s Chashti pujan ritual is happening in the palace. All the guests have arrived. Vali and Sugriv had come there as well (they were formally invited this time). Sugriv yearned to see Bal Hanuman whereas Vali was not even interested in seeing the baby.

Sugriv is heading towards Bal Hanuman’s room. He overhears Bal Hanuman chuckling to himself and is attracted.

Vali turns towards where Sugriv earlier sitting but his brother isn’t there. Where is my foolish brother? Hope he dint get into some trouble. He too goes to look for his brother. He cannot find Sugriv anywhere.

Sugriv is in Bal Hanuman’s room. He hides behind a curtain to see what Bal Hanuman is up to. I feel like seeing him every now and then. This baby had some effect on me. I had come

to make him a captive but he has made me a captive. He observes Bal Hanuman playing with jewel boxes. He is literally smitten by the baby and his antics.

Vali comes to the same room where he had come yesterday. He pays respect to the Goddess’s photo on the wall. Atleast I dint get to see that inauspicious Markat (Bal Hanuman) today

Bal Hanuman notices Sugriv, who hides once again. this time Bal Hanuman hides. Sugriv comes out of his hiding place to look for him. He smiles after seeing the baby playing with the mirror.

Anjana goes to bring Bal Hanuman for the puja.

Sugriv picks up Bal Hanuman in his arms. He plays with him. you are so small yet you are so captivating. You are shining so brightly. How can someone call you a Markat? You are Kanchnao. Vali is once again looking for his brother. Anjana too is heading towards the room to bring her son in the puja. Sugriv shows him the mirror. This is me, Sugriv and this is you, Kanchnao. Sugriv overhears his brother calling out for him. he runs out of the room with Bal Hanuman to save him. Vali comes there but his brother is not there. Sugriv is walking in the corridor when Anjana notices him. How come my son is with you? Who are you? Sugriv gives some lame excuse and leaves Bal Hanuman with her.

Rukmini says Sugriv too couldn’t stop himself from giving a name to Hanuman. Kanchnao – shining like gold. Some relations are made on its own. They are bigger than the ones that you share with your loved ones.

Vali returns to his place. Sugriv is already sitting there. Vali questions him on his act of disappearing. Sugriv lies that he saw his friend from Gurukul. I was talking to him only. Vali is irked as he dint tell him about it.

Anjana comes there with Bal Hanuman. Vali is not at all happy. Sugriv cannot understand what he is getting into. Will I have to go against Vali bhaiya? How will I be able to do it?

Kesari, Anjana and Bal Hanuman sit for the puja. Bal Hanuman’s smile irritates Vali all the more. Bal Hanuman notices his parents holding out their respective hands when the priest comes to tie the holy thread. He too extends his hand for the same. Everyone is surprised by his smartness except Vali. Suddenly, the fire in the havan kund becomes intense. Everyone gets a little worried. Bal Hanuman smiles happily. A very giant bright light comes out from the fire. Everyone gets up and folds their hands before him. Anjana recalls seeing a similar kind of light coming out from Bal Hanuman when he was born. Kesari too thinks of the same.Agni Dev appears. They all pay respects to him including Bal Hanuman. Agni Devi blesses Bal Hanuman. Everything is back to normal afterwards.

Tejas is used for fire. Agni Dev himself called Bal Hanuman Tejas! Some people were happy, some were surprised while some were disturbed (Vali). Anjana is guiding Bal Hanuman to seek elders blessings. Blessings give us strength. Bal Hanuman nods. Kesari comes in the room. Bal Hanuman goes and immediately touches his feet. Kesari and Anjana get emotional. Kesari picks him up in his arms. It is true. A mother is the first Guru of her son. a child is directed in the right direction by her guidance. Anjana says a child is attached to a mother first of all. Her womb is the first school for her child. They discuss about how importance Ma is in the scriptures even. Bal Hanuman addresses Anjana as Ma. They are stunned / overwhelmed.

Precap: Someone informs Kesari and Anjana that Maharaj Dashrath got lucky with 4 sons. His eldest son’s name is Ram. Bal Hanuman hears it. He grows magically and chants Ram naam. His parents are amazed to see his growth.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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