Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sita saying these boys have become angry on shree ram and what will happen now? rishi chyavan says devi sita don’t worry you have to pray to lalita devi. Hanuman outside thinks lalita devi? Who is she? Hanuman goes in too and says pranam. Hanuman says I was eager to know about devi lalita that is why I came in. rishi chyavan says yes lalita devi, she is the reason for everyone’s existence, she is how earth formed and she has created everyone. Rishi chyavan says she killed the first asur demon with lord shivs kamlaastra. There luv and kush come out and see hanuman, they say pranam rishi. Hanuman says pranam. Luv kush go. they hide and listen. Sita says I will start praying to lalita devi. Rishi chyavan says but remember you have to use shwet kamal flower for

praying to lalita devi. Sita says where will I get it? rishi says you may get it in lord ram’s sarovar only. Luv and kush hear this and smile, they take their bows and arrows and go to ayodhya. Sita hears them going and says where did luv and kush go? have they gone to lord ram to express their anger? They even took their weapons. Hanuman says don’t worry mata, I will go behind them, they seem to have gone to ayodhya. Hanuman says did they hear what we were talking of?
There luv and kush walk to ayodhya. Hanuman flies and sees them reach the entry of ayodhya city. Luv and kush come to the sarovar of lord ram. They see soldiers protecting the sarovar and its flowers. Luv and kush bend down and put mud on their hands and face. They both then go invisible. Hanuman sees them and says what will they do now? luv and kush attack arrow and break a tree. the soldiers are distracted. Luv and kush then attack arrows on a bee hive and the bees go behind the soldiers. The soldiers run for their life. Luv kush then head towards the pond that has the kamal flower. A soldier comes to stop them but luv and kush attack more arrows in such a way that they don’t hit any soldier but the soldiers fall down. Hanuman thinks these boys are very talented, attacking arrows but not hurting anyone. Laxman and shatrugan come hearing this sound and say who is it who dared to attack on our soldiers. Luv and kush go and see the flower, luv says see kush this is the flower mother needs. Luv and kush take 2 flowers and depart to go. laxman and bharat hear footsteps and remove their bows and arrow. They say we have to find who did this? They look smart. Hanuman thinks if laxman and bharat see luv and kush then something bad may happen, I have to do something. Hanuman with his vayu power puts fog all over the place because of which no one can see anything. Laxman sees hanuman and says brother bharat only hanuman ji is here, I cannot see anyone. Bharat laxman and luv kush are heading towards each other. Hanuman says what do I do now? in the dense fog, they walk past each other. Hanuman then flies between them as luv kush go away. Laxman and bharat see hanuman. hanuman says there is no one here, whoever it was seems to have gone because of the fog. Bharat says yes.
There sita has prepared for the prayers of lalita devi. Luv kush are standing outside the ashram and says mother will be so happy to see when we show her the kamal pushpa. Sita says I have everything now except the kamal pushpa. Luv and kush come and says mother when we are there why are you troubled? Luv kush give sita the kamal pushpa.
There laxman tells lord ram that this was stealing just flowers but even though it was just flowers it is a crime, these boys were smart and attacked our soldiers they have to be punished. Hanuman then says lord ram I think they are kids, and kids are mischievous, they don’t understand what is wrong and what is right. Hanuman thinks after today’s victory luv and kush will surely come tomorrow and take flowers again. lord ram says hanuman, if we teach kids from now what is right then they go on the right path, even if it was a small crime of stealing flowers it was not right and they shall be punished for this. Lord ram tells his soldiers too double the guards tomorrow as they will come tomorrow again. laxman says let me also take the responsibility of the protection of the sarovar. Lord ram says yes. Hanuman thinks of luv kush come tomorrow laxman brother will surely punish them.

Precap: luv kush attack arrows and are behind some bushes. Laxman says who did that? laxman sees bows behind a bush and says soldiers catch those boys, they are behind.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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