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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Hanuman listens to the tale of Lord Vishnu’s fish avatar. she tells him about how Maharaj Satyavrat had full faith in lord. Hanuman is tensed. he asks if the boat was strong enough, to be able to bear the slaps of thunder and storms, containing thousands of devout followers of lord vishnu. she says that as people progressed, the storm and weather worsened. the people are highly distressed, that the thunder and lightning are worsening, and it seems that the whole of earth shall be submerged. all were worried, but Maharaj Satyavrat was extremely calm, with the full belief, that his Lord Vishnu shall abide by his promise and come to their rescue, and tells them the same too. he asks them all to be calm

and patient, as the lord shall definitely come. he continues iterating the same, while the people getting scared of the thunder, saying that noone can save them. he nudges them all to pray to the lord, and they comply. Finally, a giant fish appears from the waters, and their boat gets stabilised, boggling them. as they turn around, they find a huge fish in front of them. they are shocked. they are all gratified to find Lord Vishnu incarnate before them, and their leader says that they had full faith that he shall come to their rescue. Vishnu tells the Maharaj, that he did exceedingly well and he is impressed. they all join in unison to cheer him. Vishunu beckons Snake Vasuki, for his help in this, who finds it gratuitous, to be of help in this work for the lord. all wait and watch in anticipation, as they are hailed to safety. Hanuman understands that he took fish avatar to save them. she says that all the followers were safe now. he asks where was Vishnu taking them. Goddess Saraswati says that everyone was in the care of Lord Vishnu, who took their responsibility, to securely take them to the Kailsh Mountains, that was unflinched by the storm and thunders. They are all excited to have reached Jambu Dweep. they express their deep gratitude and seek the lord’s blessings. therein, the fish again transforms into Lord Vishnu. Satyavrat is pleased. he says that today he proved that lord never deserts his followers in distress. they again cheer him. Hanuman comments on satyavrat’s good fortune and the ability to be doing such a noble work. she asks why does he belittle himself, as its possible, that he too gets this chance to serve lord vishnu someday. he is too shocked to even imagine that. he then says that maybe she is merely chiding with him, as he is an innocent child, and cant take care of himself, then how would he help Lord Vishnu. she finds his innocence appealing, and comments that tireless devotion and commitment to the lord and his path, can make even the most inefficient of people, his helpers. Hanuman says that he got a great lesson, that Vishnu comes even in the worst of times, to help his devout followers she says that its right, but those who dont follow the path of righteousness and religion are thwarted and have to face his ire too. he says that non obedience to the lord is impossible to even imagine, then who dared to do it. she says that those who are blinded by darkness, dominated by the demonishing powers, one of whom wasd the most powerful. he asks what was the name. she says that the demon’s name was Bhaygreeva. The demons then start looking at him, as he takes leadership and narrates to all the demons, as to how he shall bring unattained glory to the demons, after the pralay, as they rule the world, by him. he says that he shall steal the Vedas from Brahma, and then create his own world, in which the demons shall rule. Hanuman asks her if the demons was actually going to do that, and if the veds are actually that powerful. she points out the importance of the vedas, and how they are a pre-requisite for the Lord Brahma for the world. she says that the demon knew that without it, it was impossible to recreate the world yet again. he asks how is the stealing possible then. she says that he used his stealth to get in, and his evil shrewdness. She says that her husband, Brahma was lost in meditation, when he shrewdly approached the heavens to steal it. as he snatches it away, Lord Brahma is lost in meditation. Bhaygreev guffaws that he succeeded in stealing the vedas, and now shall create his own world. he then deftly and indiscreetly moves to Paatal Lok, underwater. all the demons cheer for him in unison, as he shows his theft, proclaiming how he did it. he says that they have to celebrate, but before that, they have to keep it safe, till the end of Pralay. he says that this is partial victory, and the complete shall be when he creates his own world. he decides to hide inside a giant Shankh, and asks the other demons to protect it from all corners, and not allow anyone to get near it. as they comply, he too dimishes in size, and escapes inside it. Hanuman is curious. she then proclaims how Lord vishnu who is omniscient, and the conserver of the entire universe, took it upon himself, to get the vedas back, through the incarnation of the fish. they scare the fish away. but later, he again catches them off guard, and the fish gets inside. Bhaygreev finds it inside, and then asks how did he manage to get inside, and even if he is the form of lords with the motive to take the vedas from him, its in vain. he underestimates the reincarnation of the lord, and is shocked as the fish keeps growing in size, and grows huge in front of him. but he is unfazed and says that he might get bigger, but his enemies shall thwart him out. the fish grows in size, and then breaks the shankh. they enter into a tussle, while the demon doesnt let go of the vedas. their tussle creates a twirling tornado inside, and the vedas slip out of his hands. When lord vishnu appears in his form, they land on his palm. he eyes Lord Brahma still lost in meditation. when he wakes up, he finds him in front of himself, and expresses his gratitude at seeing him for the first time right after he came out of meditation. she then tells hanuman how lord vishnu then narrated everything, and kept the vedas back where its place was. Lord Brahma is extremely overwhelmed to have received it. brahma then chants his mantras, in the praise of the lord vishnu. she asks him then what lesson did he learn. he says that a man’s main reason is to get egoistic, blinded by power and fame, and negligence of his superiority over the lord due to which a man gets distracted, and he starts overestimating his strength, which leads to his own ruins. he points how bhaygreev lost in his own strength, couldnt bow to the powers of the Lord Vishnu, and was destroyed. he vows to forever lead according to her lessons. then she tells him that after this incident, he took the form of Tortoise. he is boggled and excited at the same time. she says that every form is with the motive to prevent religion and conserve the humanity. she says that he did this then too to prevent the lords. he asks from whom. she says that after the world was created, the demons were at war with the lords, and has managed to defeat them several times. she talks about how the lord had a curse from Rishi Durvasa, stripping them of their luxury, power and grandeur due to which they failed in front of the lord. he says that he can remember, that he had heard about the rishi’s powers. she says that its possible, but he wouldnt have known what happened after that. he is eager and curious to know. she says that after being defeated for long, the lords finally reached Baikunth Dham, to meet LOrd Vishnu. they find him resting, and bow down with folded hands, to seek his blessings, chanting mantras. The screen freezes on Lord Vishnu’s calm face.


Precap: At the time of Samudra Manthan, the demons are happy that they shall again defeat the lords, while the lords try hard to overpower the demons, as they duck underwater to avoid being seen, and to be able to attack effectively. the lords and the devils fight amongst themselves, leading to Lord Vishnu’s tortoise avatar.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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