Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with durdhubi in the palace and she sees mahiravana and says that demon is waiting for me and if I give him the water he will kill ram and laxman soon. Suddenly durdhubi feels the shaking of earth and says makardwaj and hanuman must be fighting and they both are alike in strength and power and I have to do something and stop them. Durdhubi heads towards hanuman and makardwaj.
In heaven narayan tells lord Shankar that see lord a son and father are fighting and that is also taking time for hanuman to save ram and laxman and this way they will die, do something. Lord Shankar is smiling and says both makardwaj and hanuman are powerful and both are doing their duties and one should never back off from his duties. Shankar smiles.
There makardwaj and hanumans

gadha clash. Makardwaj says I am forced to fight father but don’t hesitate fighting with me like you are fighting with your enemy. Hanuman says yes we have to do our duties and not go back from them. Hanuman and makardwaj fight. Hanuman says that’s nice son you fight well, makardwaj says thank you father and I will fight with you with all my power and try to stop you. Hanuman and makardwajs gadha clash and makardwaj is thrown behind but he stands. Makardwaj fights with hanuman and hanuman hits makardwaj with gadha in the stomach and then throws him in air. Makrdwaj goes far and his gadha goes, hanuman says no son!! Hanuman then says I have to go now and is going when makardwaj comes again and stands and says I will not let you in. hanuman disappears his gadha and says its not the path of righteousness to fight against someone who doesn’t have a weapon and now lets see how well you are in hand to hand combat. Makardwaj and hanuman fight and hanuman throws off makardwaj. Makardwaj stands still and attacks and then hits hanuman and throws him off too. hanuman stands.
There mahiravana is angry and cant wait for durdhubi anymore. He says where is this durdhubi? And I think she is coming slow on purpose and wasting my time and I will go and kill her and this is her punishment for wasting my time. Mahiravana goes and there durdhubi is going to save hanuman and makardwaj from fighting. Mahiravana comes behind durdhubi. Durdhubi hears his sound and his sound of teeth clacking. Durdhubi is scared and turns front. Mahiravana says where are you going? And the pooja ghar is here and why are you going there? And you are wasting my time. For this I am going to kill you, mahiravana swings his weapon and stops near durdhubis neck and says no not now and its time I have to sacrifice ram and laxman but I will kill you after sacrificing them.
There makardwaj tells hanuman see father I am good in hand to hand combat too. hanuman smiles and thinks in mind that now makardwaj has got ego on his powers and this is the right time to strike and now I have to defeat makardwaj with planning and not attacking. Hanuman says yes my son you are good. Makardwaj smiles and feels proud. Hanuman says but can you extend your tail like I can? Hanuman says sakha to his tail and it extends. Makardwaj says that’s easy father and he says sakha too and extends his tail. Hanuman says but I can rotate my tail in the air and can you do that? Hanuman rotates his tail in the air, makardwaj says I can attack someone with my tail and makardwaj breaks some huge stones with his tail. Hanuman says very good son but now what I can do is not possible for you to do. Hanuman says sakha and rolls the tail around his body firmly and makardwaj says I can do that even more firmly and makardwaj says sakha and rolls his tail around himself more firmly. Hanuman smiles and then unrolls his tail and goes behind makardwaj fast and then ties his tail. Makardwaj says you tied me. Hanuman says yes my son and I should tell you that an enemy gets fooled sometimes by his ego and is defeated and that’s what has happened now. Hanuman says makardwaj remember you said that you can not allow anyone in the gates till your hands are free and till you can fight but now your hands are tied and you cant fight and you fought with all your powers to do your duty and this way your swami wont be sad too. hanuman says makardwaj sometimes defeating an enemy with planning and not with power also works and remember that and I will go and save my lord ram now. Makardwaj says thank you father and I learnt a lesson from you today. Hanuman gives blessings and enters the palace.
There mahiravana takes the water and goes angrily. Durdhubi has tears and suddenly hanuman comes behind. Durdhubi turns and sees hanuman and is happy. She says hanuman defeat that demon otherwise he may sacrifice lord ram and laxman soon as he has the water and don’t let him feel your presence otherwise he may kill laxman and ram and if they are sacrificed he will get the powers equal to brahmadev. Hanuman says don’t worry I have been granted the power of shape shifting and invisibility by the gods. Durdhubi says still stay alert as mahiravana has powers given by goddess maha maya and he is strongest mayavi monster in the entire universe. Hanuman says I will be alert and he turns invisible and goes. Hanuman flies as fast as he can and says i hope I reach there and mahiravana shouldn’t do anything to my lord. Hanuman reaches the pooja ghar and turns small and gets visible and sees mahiravana praying to maha maya. He says I have to be very quiet.

Precap: hanuman is waking up lord ram and says please wake up my lord and don’t do this and what punishment are you giving me? Mahiravana comes at the door of pooja ghar and opens with his legs and screams hanuman!! It is not right to take someone else’s prey. Mahiravana attacks hanuman with his swords and hanuman dodges and then says I will kill you demon and he kicks mahiravana and he goes past the walls very far by the impact.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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