Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman tells the Asuras they wont be able to reach his Gurumata till he is there. He looks at the mayavi jaal that the Asuras have made. He closes his eyes to concentrate. Theses Asuras wont be able to stand before my concentration. He hits the Asuras.

Surya Dev tells Varun Dev the wrong consequences that will happen in the world now. You are acting like an Asura by doing this. I am well aware you took help from Asuras for this. Varun Dev calls it justified. I don’t care what you think. Surya Dev asks him what has happened to him. Rahu overtakes Varun Dev once again. He speaks rudely to Surya Dev. Surya Dev asks for his horses. Varun Dev says I don’t know where they are. The one, who did all this, has them. You wont be able to figure out who that person is. Surya

Dev warns him to be in his limits. Hope I don’t do something wrong. Varun Dev points out that he has already broken his limits. Varun Dev and his sena surround Surya Dev. Your pride will break today. Surya Dev tries to make him understand he is doing wrong. Don’t do it. Surya Dev manages to break Varun Dev’s powers which were about to caught him. Varun Dev yet again attacks Surya Dev. Surya Dev is in a fix. My own friends (Gods) are attacking me!

Hanuman fights with the Asuras while he keeps his eyes closed. The Asuras get scared of him. They leave from Surya Loka in fear.

Surya Dev tells Varun Dev he can give him a reply, but I still haven’t lost my patience. Varun Dev challenges him for a war. Surya Dev points out that it will be harmful for the world. You have forgotten Dev dharma. I wont forget my dharma though. The welfare of the world is above everything for me. You can do as you please. Varun Dev and his sena fail in binding Surya Dev in theri powers. Surya Dev asks for his chariot again, along with the horses. I will forgive you. The world will never forgive you for this. Varun Dev refuses to seek forgiveness from his or the world. You worry a lot about the world. I will take all the Jal Tatva from the world. I will make you and the world helpless. He summons all his Jal Tatvas. First of all, the mountains, lakes, etc will get dry; followed by the tress, animals and people. Only those Asuras, who are supporting me, will survive! Surya Dev thinks Varun Dev is doing wrong by withdrawing all the Jal Tatvas from the world. The world is already in dark and now this. He stops Varun Dev and reminds him of their duty / dharma as Gods. Rahu does not let Varun Dev think anything positive. Think about yourself first. Surya Dev decides to step back. Hurting Varun Dev will only hurt the world. He does not stop Varun Dev’s sena this time.

Narad ji says Surya Dev is reducing his heat for the benefit of the world. It will be a disaster if Varun Dev catches him up in his Jal-Paash.

Ravan reprimands his nephews for getting defeated from a vanar kid! You saved your Gurumata, but how will you save your mother now? He tells Patalika to bring all the kids and Anjana from Sumeru once the yagya is complete. They will be sacrificed afterwards. The kids and that vanar kid’s mother’s story will end then! Patalika assures him she will do it. Ravan says if you too return defeated like your sons then I will sacrifice your sons along with the horses! Patalika is taken aback. It wont happen.

Varun Dev focuses all his energies towards Surya Dev. The Jal Tatvas withdraw from the world slowly. All the Gods look on tensed. Surya Dev is caught up in the Jal-Paash. Narad ji thinks when one’s destruction time is soon to arrive, one thinks un-intelligently or negatively. Now only Sankat Mochan Hanuman can end this Sanktat.

Jayant says everyone rightly calls you Sankat Mochan. You take care of everyone’s problems. Hanuman asks Gurumata why she is still tensed. All the Asuras went away. She shares she feels as if Surya Dev is in trouble. Narad ji tells them about Varun Dev binding Surya Dev in his powers. The chariot is in Varun Loka only. Hanuman says no one can harm my Gurudev in any way. I wont let it happen. Gurumata advises him to help his Guru. The world will not run perfectly until the sun is out. Hanuman takes everyone’s leave.

Hanuman reaches Varun Loka. The Varun Sena appears as soon as he sets his foot there. They tell him he isn’t allowed to enter here as per Varun Dev’s order. Go back. Hanuman makes it clear to them that he has come here to take back his Gurudev safely. He is attacked by waves. The soldiers tell him to return. You wont be able to stand before us.

Varun Dev tells Surya Dev he made a mistake by coming here. You wont be able to go back from here.

Hanuman agrees to fight with the soldiers if that is the only option to reach his Gurudev.

Precap: Hanuman ties all the soldiers together with Sakha’s help. Surya Dev tells Varun Dev he did not want to hurt him in any way. Varun Dev angrily retorts that he will turn into iceberg before he can do anything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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