Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

A Daasi brings food for Hanuman. Maharani has sent it for you. Hanuman says Ma says one should not disrespect food ever but I am not feeling like eating as of now. The Daasi leaves the plate there only so he can eat when he feels hungry. Hanuman thanks him. He tells Sakha he will keep everyone happy now. I will not do anything that will upset someone.

Sumitra comes to Ram’s room with a Daasi. She tells them about the Raksha-Sutra that she has brought for them all. Their sister ties it on their hands one by one. Sumitra adds that Kulguru Vashishtha has chanted some powerful mantras in the Raksha-Sutra. They will protect you all. Manthra looks on from a distance. One Raksha-Sutra is left. Sumitra says I will tie in on Hanuman’s hand. Manthra intentionally collides with the

Daasi carrying it. The plate falls. Manthra exchanges the thread as she bends down to pick it. She talks sweetly to Ram and everyone. Sumitra leaves with the Daasi.

Maha Pishach and his team are aware of the Raksha-Sutra in the hand of Ram. How will we take him with us now? Maha Pishach says we will have to inform Ravan about it. we have to take Ram to Lanka with us before Purnima.

Hanuman sadly looks at the Rakhsa-Sutra in his hand. He wonders if Prabhu will also be restless without him. Sakha nods. He thinks all the brothers’ surround him all the time. How will he have time to think of me! He senses something and turns and finds Ram standing there. He talks to himself. I have lost it. I am dreaming of Prabhu. He rubs his eyes but Ram is still standing there. Ram smiles at him. What happened, friend? Hanuman is ecstatic. This is no dream! He immediately folds his hands and moves toward him. He wipes his tears. He kneels down before his Prabhu. Why did you come here? Don’t be sad about my punishment. Ram makes him get up. I too have been punished as I got separated from you. Hanuman yet again asks him why he came here. It wont be right if anyone questions him. Ram reasons that his father’s order dint mean I cannot come here. He notices the untouched plate there. He picks up laddoos. I feel hungry seeing the laddoos made by mother. Hanuman politely asks him to have a seat. He too is tempted to see the laddoos. I am also hungry. They both sit down to eat. Devi Kaushalya calls out for Ram just then. Raja Dashrath and Devi Kaushalya come there. Hanuman greets them. Raja Dashrath asks Ram why he came here. Ram says Hanuman is our guest. You only taught us to take care of the guest just like we treat our family. I came to see that only. Devi Kaushalya is impressed. Ram adds that he too is responsible for Hanuman taking him outside Ayodhya. Hanuman did not take permission from anyone and so did I. I left Ayodhya on my own wish. I am equally responsible for it. raja Dashrath says neither you nor Hanuman is at fault. I discussed it with Guru Vashishtha and a few other people. They decided that Hanuman was not at fault. I order that from now onwards Hanuman will stay in the palace just like my sons!

Manthra and Yuddhajeet are in the jungle. Manthra is scared. The torch blows off. Manthra realises that the smell is just like Guru Vashishtha had explained. Yuddhajeet smiles. The Pishachs come there. Manthra is scared. Yuddhajeet shares he brought her here to meet Ravan. Ravan comes there just then. Everyone greets him. Ravan asks Manthra why she looks so amazed. Should I address you as the sister of Bali (another Asura)?

Hanuman thanks Raja Dashrath. You fulfilled my wish. Devi Kaushalya says I will now feed laddoos to both of you. She feeds Ram.

Yuddhajeet is surprised to hear this info. Ravan explains that everything was asked by King Bali by Narayan in his Vaman avatar. He was forced to stay in Pataal Loka by Narayan. You took birth as Manthra to snatch everything from that Narayan. Manthra is not aware of anything. What do you want from me by reminding me of that? Ravan offers her friendship. The enemy of enemy is a friend. That Narayan is my enemy. Manthra says stories of your bravery are famous. The smartness of people like us work where strength fails. What do you want from me? Ravan wants Ram’s Raksha-Sutra to be broken. The rest of the work will be done by my Pishachs. I will give you so much gold in return that you can never imagine or I can give Ayodhya to Yuddhajeet. It will happen only once my work is done!

Hanuman compliments the laddoos as he eats them. They are just like the laddoos made by my mother. They are very tasty. Everyone ends up smiling.

Manthra looks at the jewels that Ravan has brought along. Gold is nothing where the motto is big. They are useless for me. your aim is my aim. Your enemy is my enemy. She removes her Raksha-Sutra as she is friends with Pishachs now. Your work will be done. I will break Ram’s Raksha-Sutra tonight itself. The lit torch outside his room will be the signal for your Pishachs. Take Ram with you! Ravan smirks.

Precap: Manthra looks at a sleeping Ram. I am very happy to see you tonight as I am seeing you for the last time. She breaks the Raksha-Sutra and lights a torch outside the room’s window. Hanuman finds the broken Raksha-Sutra. It can belong to my Prabhu. Is he in some problem?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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