Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Adulthood
Hanuman tells jaamvant that he shall go and find out. he finds that carnovorous monkeys have gathered, and they get him trapped. but he continues fighting them off. hanuman is tensed as the carnivorous monkeys attack surgiva while jaamvant looks on tensed. he tells them that he knows they have been sent here to take sugriva on baali’s orders. he says that in his presence, they cant take sugriva from here. they start chanting slogans for Baali, and fight him, while he shoves them away with one blow. while he is busy dealing with one batch of monkeys, the other capture sugriva in chains, andtry and take him away. finally, they start overpowering the monkey army, and sugriva too joins in for hanuman’s help. its a tough

battle but they dont give up. finally hanuman defeats every monkey till the last and gets sugriva back safely, who hugs him overwhelmed to see his devotion. jaamvant is impressed too. sugriva is thankful that he saved his life as always. jaamvant too praises him and his valour. hanuman says that baali sent them, but due to the lord’s grace, they managed to thwart his attack. sugriva asks when shall be free of this torture. hanuman talks about his promise to surya dev, and that as long as he is there, he wont let him be hurt. he asks sugriva and jaamvant to rest, while he ensures the safety of this place. sugriva brands him a true friend, and hanuman thanks him. he continues to guard the cave gates. suddenly, he instinctively calls out to jaamvant and then gets in and nudges him awake somehow. jaamvant wakes up hurriedly, and asks if bali made another attack. hanuman says that he is very eager to know what happened in lord rama’s life, till what he told. jaamvant says that he shall neither rest himself nor let him sleep. he then talks about how rama and lakshman, started on their journey, after the successful completion of the yagya, to the janakpuri, reign of King Janaka, who had organised the swayamvar of his daughter, Sita. Janak talks about the Shiva’s bow and arrow, which he gave to parshuram, that gave it to him, to keep it safe, which sita took up, easily, and tells every king gathered, that whoever picks it up, and raises an arrow on it, he would get to marry his daughter. Sita arrives with her sisters, while all the eligible bachelors are aghast at her beauty. hanuman asks jaamvant how Lord Rama reached to take part in the swayamvar. Jaamvant explains that vishwamitra wanted rama to win the swayamvar, but he also knew, that rama would never participate in it, without the permission of his father. therefore vishwamitra didnt tell him about the swayamvar, but was only told, about Lord Shiva’s bow challenge, and rama as a true warrior continued on his journey, to achieve this feat. As sita and rama eye each other for the first time, they are aghast as they continue to eye each other. Lord Vishwamitra then officials introduces rama to everyone at the gallery. as the official announcement for the swayamvar is made, Sita’s swayamvar starts and every eligible bachelor is asked to come one by one, to try their hand at the divine bow and arrow. egos and pride are bruised when every king fails one after the other, much to the amusement of the others. all watch on with anticipation, as to who shall accomplish this unachievable task. King Janak starts reprimanding and lamenting as to the lack of warriors who could lift this bow. just then, raavan’s voice resonates saying that its him. raavan then steps in, and starts bad mouthing about the other warriros, and proclaims to be the greatest warrior. he boasts about himself and with great pride and poise, he proclaims that he shall do it within a minute, and tries his hand at the arrow, as he has won th three worlds, and is an ardent disciple of Lord Shiva himself. sita gets scared as she doesnt like him at all. ram watches it all amusedly, with much calm and poise. raavan fails in his first attempt, but guffaws and tries yet again, and fails then too. he starts getting enraged, as all are amused and mock him. the screen freezes on hanuman’s and jaamvant’s faces.


Precap: Finally ram arrives to try his hand at the bow and arrow. he picks it up with much ease and then is about to turn an arrow on it, when it cracks from the middle. His tales of bravery are told to his father, Dashrath, who gives them permission to marry and hence Lord rama is married to Sita, amidst much glee and excitement.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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