Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maruti travels into space. He notices Sun. Maruti’s Aakash-phal. It will surely satiate my hunger. Ma wont be worried anymore. It is growing in the size as I am nearing it.

Maruti’s speed indicated that this time he wont stop until he reaches his destination. It even changed the directions of the planets. Focussing on your aim is the core reason of success. Maruti reaches near Shukracharya’s planet Venus (Shukra). He is the leader of the Asuras. He notices Maruti and understands that it is someone with the Shiva essence. I have to move out of its way or I will be destroyed. He makes way for Maruti.

The planets have to change their course of action because of Maruti. This will affect everyone including human beings and nature. It was a bigger problem for Mercury.

Maruti was heading towards planet Mercury. The planet sways in opposite direction as Maruti crosses past it. This means that there can be negative consequences on Earth in future!

Sun God appears in his court. The other Gods greet him with respect. They all sit down to discuss about solar eclipse. Varun Dev says the water gets impure at that moment; even the fire cannot be lit in a proper way during that time. Garud God tells Sun God that someone is approaching them. It isn’t Rahu. Sun God talks about a previous attempt made by someone (Sampati) in the past. I had only burnt him. This time the one who is trying it wont be spared! Garud Dev says it doesn’t seem like your rays are having any effect on him. Sun God wants to wait that person to be closer. I will see how it wont happen. Varun Dev is guarding Surya Lok. I cause havoc when I get angry. Agni Dev too offers to face that person before it can really reach here. Narad ji appears there. You all are talking so big. I will tell you who this is! He is the same vanar kid who has killed Chakrasur and has freed you Gods from his terrors. I think he thinks of you to be his Aakash-phal and has come to eat you. Surya Dev smiles. Narad ji remarks that we should wait and watch whether solar eclipse happens first or if this vanar kid eats him first. Surya Dev sends the Gods to stop the kid. He is a little kid after all. He doesn’t know that he might even die if he comes closer to me.

Maruti thinks of making the stones in his way the medium to reach his destination. He starts jumping over them. He hits one stone by mistake towards the sun and then resumes flying towards the Aakash-phal. Kaal God wants to punish the kid as he has committed a mistake by coming here. He is surely mayavi as that is why he was able to kill an Asura like Chakrasur. Surya Dev allows him. Narad ji says your security cover is unbreakable. Who will break it? He disappears.

The Tula Daan happens at Sumeru’s palace. Kesari touches all the items and now they will be distributed amongst the citizens of Sumeru. All the people cheer for him after the event. It is time for the yagya. Kesari suggests Anjana to bring their son too. Anjana thinks that Maruti will be hungry when he wakes up. She tells him that Maruti is still sleeping. The Rishi talks against it. One should not sleep during solar eclipse. It can spell doom for Sumeru. One should only do puja, havan and yagya. Anjana is tensed initially but then is relaxed to know that there is still time in Rahukaal. She goes to wake up Maruti.

Precap: Kaal Dev stops Maruti. Anjana does not find Maruti in his room. She is surprised to see the changes in sky. Surely something is happening in the galaxy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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