Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vayu Dev tells ANjana that it is her and Kesari’s responsibility to show him the right path. He has to realise how he has to make good use of his powers for the welfare of the world. You (Anjana) have to remember that you are no ordinary mother but mother of Hanuman. Hanuman has to do lots of important things in the future. She understands his point. I will make him capable so he understands how he has to use his powers in the best way. Kesari adds that he will also help her. Vayu Dev nods. He blesses the couple and disappears. Devguru Brihaspati too follows suit.

Anjana and Kesari are together. He says it is the result of our patience, and Lord Shiva’s blessings that our son is here. If anything happens to a kid then mothers can go to any extent. You are all alike. She

advises him to try becoming a mother and he will understand. He says say anything but your motherly love only has brought our son back. They hear the voice of Hanuman’s friends. They go out to see the antics of their son. Hanuman eyes all the laddoos which have kept there. Neel says today is double celebration day. Anjana and Kesari happily look on. Atibal gets scared as all the kids come near the food trays. I am scared what will happen now. Last time he beat me badly, thinking me to be a drum! How do I save myself now? Hanuman’s friends get tensed as they recall the last time when Maruti had eaten everything by himself. Hanuman notices their tensed faces. What happened? They tell him to eat first but Hanuman says we all will eat together. All the kids sit down to eat.

Anjana signals the daasi’s to serve them. Everyone looks on adorably at Hanuman as he starts eating. His friends are waiting for him to eat first so they can give them his food too if he is more hungry. Hanuman says you all are very good. That food was satiated after eating Aakash-phal. I wont be that hungry again. You all can eat too. They begin to eat too. Anjana prays to Surya Dev. Apologize my son if he made any mistake. The daasi’s pick the tray in which Atibal is. He panics. Hanuman chooses the laddoo which he wants to eat. Luckily, he picks another laddoo. Only one laddoo is left in the plate – Atibal! He is very happy as he got saved. Anjana gazes at her son. Kesari too is very happy to have him back. May Lord Shiva always bless him! One of Hanuman’s friends picks up the last laddoo of the plate. He tries to bite the laddoo but it is way too strong for him. Neel says it has gone stale. Let us play with it as ball. Hanuman denies. Ma says one should never insult food. This should be kept in the bin so the insects can eat it. Atibal is happy that he will get a chance to survive even that ways.

The daasi throws off the laddoo amongst waste. Atibal wipes his face clean.

Hanuman’s friends love his new name. You would have got so many powers. No one can defeat you now. There is no other brave kid like you in Sumeru or anywhere else in the world. Anjana pats at her son’s head. You have surely become different and undefeatable after getting so many boons but now it is my responsibility to show you how to put them to use.

Anjana and Hanuman are in the house temple. Anjana is worried for him as he is too young but still has received too many powers in the form of blessings from Gods. He hugs her. You should be happy. She adds that powers bring responsibilities. Not everyone gets such blessings from Gods. It will be good if you understand their importance. He agrees to do what she will ask him to. She seeks a promise from Hanuman before the Shivlinga – you will not use your powers before people only to show off! Hanuman goes quiet. He thinks of Lord Shiva’s words as he eyes the Shivlinga.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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