Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman continues to point out, that he needs to absolve his ego and heinous personality, to turn a new leaf, and apologise to him for this crime, or else he shall be the reason for his and lanka’s ruin. raavan asks him to shut up, or else his death is definite no. hanuman insists furthermore, but raavan shuts him up, and asks him to realise that he shall die today, and asks him not to enrage him anymore. just then, vibhishan walks in the court room, and all are tensed to see him, as he eyes taavan in full rage. hanuman says that his anger shall ruin him, as he has lost all sanity, since his doom looms over him. he says that raavan wont be able to stand in front of rama, and asks him to apologise, as rama forgives even his enemy. he

asks him to get rid of his ego, and not let it stop him from accepting rama’s devotion. he starts chanting Rama’s Arti, that resonates in the entire universe. the lords smile upon him, while sita and rama are overwhelmed. Indra however is tensed that hanuman might land himself in grave danger, by showing his devotion to raavan, that shall anger him more. sita wonders at the irony, that where rama’s name is prohibited, in that lanka, she hears chants praising lord rama, and deduces that this being hanuman, ensures that he is safe and noone shall be able to hurt him. but the demons instigate that he is an idiot to enrage raavan further, only to face his ire. but they themselves are soothed by the melodious voice. even the demons start chanting lord rama’s arti with everyone. hanuman continues with utter devotion. even raavan seems affected as he lets go of his sword, and starts swaying to the tunes of the arti, as the entire courtroom complies. hanuman chants with the utmost of devotion. but suddenly, raavan is shaken up, and he gets enraged, as he picks up the sword yet again, shocking everyone, while the demons too get back in action. hanuman asks what happened, and why did he stop himself. raavan says that he wont be trapped by him. hanuman says that he is mistaken, as its the grandeur of lord rama’s name, which captivates everyone. raavan says that he wont stand this anymore, and he shall himself murder him, and give him capital punishment. they are all shocked. he raises his magical sword and then descends down the throne to confront him, while all watch tensedly. but before he can kill hanuman, vibhishan comes in the way, as raavan gets ready to land a fatal blow. raavan is aghst and enraged too at this, and asks him to step aside, as its rightful to kill hanuman himself. vibhishan apologises for the ill mannerisms, and asks him to have some patience to listen to his request. he says that he doesnt wish to save this monkey, as he has done many crimes, but we cant follow royal protocol, as he is a messenger, and killing him, is against the code of ethics. hanuman thinks that vibhishan is saying so, to save him. raavan is frustrated, and says that killing is prohibited, but he cant forgive the murderer of his son. all stand tensed. vibhishan says that he isnt saying that hanuman shouldnt be punished, but he should be given punished as deservant according to the code of conduct, so that he can serve as an example to thwart the enemy, and that his master doesnt have the guts to step in here. all the demons start citing one punishment after the other. Raavan remembers how he had made use of his tail to irk them all. he silences them all saying that he has the perfect punishment for him. he says that the biggest punishment that a monkey can have, is that he goes sans his tail, as thats a symbol of his respect. he asks his demons to light fire in his tail. hanuman listens shocked and yet smirks. the demons guffaw out at that while hanuman stands unfazed. the lords are tensed as to what shall happen next. he orders the soldiers to get to work. they circle hanuman all around. hanuman thinks that till now, they were just tormented by his grandeur, but now lanka shall see his tail’s might too.

Hanuman is taken in the ground, and then meghnad orders them that they should cover his ail, and then set it on fire. as hanuman stands resignedly, the demons come up with the cloth but the tail swiftly moves aside. As hanuman starts elongating his tail, the demons find it hard to cover it up with requisite cloth, and finally the entire cloth in lanka falls short. they are aghast as to how to cover it, while meghnad gets enraged, asking them to catch it. hanuman stands smiling, as the demons rush after hs tail. it starts capturing even the weapons. finally they have no more cloth left. they rush to report this to meghnad, saying that there is just one place where there are clothes now, and thats Ashok Vatika. hanuman is tensed to hear this, as thats where sita is, and thinks that he cant allow that, and hence he shall have to shorten his tail, so that they are distracted. as the demons progress towards ashok vatika, hanuman begins to shorten his tail. megnad and the commander of the army are shocked. raavan observes this from the balcony, and hollers at them to hurry up. the demons are oblivious that hanuman has the entire tail wrapped around the city. sita says that she shall use her prayer and its powers, to prevent the messenger of her husband. she sits down for meditating. meanwhile the commander alights the baton, and hands it to meghnad. he guffaws and then amidst much cheer, begins to alight. The screen freezes on sita’s, hanuman’s and raavan’s faces.

Precap: Hanuman warns raavan that today, there shall be such fire, that he and everyone shall know what it means to face rama’s ire, and how lanka shall see his tail’s recreation. all are boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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