Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman slowing the trishul and anjana says why isn’t lord ram coming to saved you? you are his disciple and isn’t he cared about his greatest disciple? Why is lord ram not coming to save you? there lord ram cannot see this and is angry, rishi vashisht thinks if lord ram gets up from the Pooja then the ashvamedh yag will fail. Sita has tears in her eyes. Hanuman says mata, lord ram cannot come because he is bound by his decorum and has to complete the Pooja. Mata says you will die from the trishul of lord Shankar. Hanuman says what more grateful death will I get? And I am lucky to die from the trishul of lord Shankar. Mata anjana says no hanuman, I will not let anything happen to you and vidhurmali will die from the love of a mother’s anger. Vidhurmali laughs

and says mata, just look at your son trying to stop the trishul which he cannot, he is going to die today and nobody can stop that, not even lord Shankar.
Mata anjana says why are all the gods just looking at hanuman die? Mata says gods why don’t you come and save my son if lord ram is bound by his decorum? Indra dev why don’t you stop the trishul of lord Shankar? When hanuman was a child, you attacked your indra astra on him without thinking? Why cant you come and save him now? Lord Shankar is there doing tandav and kaliash parbat is shaking, nandi is worried and parvati looks at lord shankar’s anger.
Mata anjana says vayu dev? Why don’t you come and help your son? Why are you standing and watching everything? agni dev, you gave hanuman wish that no fire could ever harm him? Why don’t you stop the trishul? Varna dev you gave hanuman wish that no wave of water can bring destruction upon him. Why don’t you save my son? Surya dev, you protect my son from the extremem rays of sun and gave him the shine, why don’t you come and save hanuman? you all gods gave hanuman wishes and now you don’t come to save my son, even mahadev lord Shankar is looking at hanuman and not saving him from his trishul. Why then did you give my son powers? Those which cannot save my son from destruction and death. But I am hanuman’s mother and I will save hanuman. mata anjana walks to step inside and stop the trishul, hanuman says no mata please don’t come here, please don’t. mata don’t come her, no! as mata anjana comes in she uses her power of a mother and tries stopping the trishul, the trishul stops. Vidhurmali sees and is shocked and says why is the trishul not going ahead? And I have attacked it on hanuman as I got a wish from lord Shankar, why isn’t it going ahead? Suddenly the trishul starts going ahead slowly and vidhurmali laughs. Hanuman is worried and says mata I will come ahead, anjana says no hanuman don’t come ahead and I will die if the trishul comes but not let anything happen to you. lord ram is worried and angry but cannot do anything, sita is crying. In heaven, lord Shankar does tandav and is very angry, the destruction in universe starts, nandi says mata I am worried and lord shankar’s tandav will destroy the universe. Mata parvati says nandi, lord shankar’s tandav will; destroy everything and the destruction has started.
There mata anjana gets weaker as the trishul comes near and her eyes start closing, hanuman says no mata! And he starts crying, anjana falls down unconscious and hanuman says no!! mata! Hanuman stops and takes his mother an puts her down. Th trishul meets no resistance and it heads forward.
There lord ram says I have to pray to lord Shankar to stop this. Lord ram closes his eyes and starts praying mantra for lord Shankar. In heaven, lord Shankar does tandav and parvati hears the mantra and says this is lord ram’s voice and he is asking for help. Lord Shankar listens and suddenly disappears from there.
Hanuman stands and says jai shree ram and closes his eyes and does pranam, suddenly a huge flash of light comes and there is fog everywhere. Vidhurmali laughs and says hanuman that monkey is finally dead. I will now kill that ram, nikumbh in sky says hanuman is dead and now there will be darkness of iniquity everywhere and the demons will rule.
There sita says nothing can be seen, lord ram smiles. Suddenly the gadha comes flying near vidhurmali and he says this gadh? Hanuman is alive? No!! this cant be. The gadha hits vidhurmali and then gos and hits nikumbh and they are thrown away. The fog goes and hanuman stands with his gadha. Vidhurmali says this cannot happen and lord Shankar has cheated on me. Hanuman says I will kill you vidhurmali. Everyone is happy and mata anjana wakes up. Indra dev and narad muni say jai bhokenath baba and jai hanuman.

Precap: hanuman and his form of narsimha god kill vidhurmali as narsimha tears his stomach. Hanuman says vidhurmali, now I will kill you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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