Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jatayu’s wings are on fire. It worries other Garud’s. Maharaj must be badly hurt. He wont be able to fly now. Meghasur hits Chitraketu with his tail. He flies up in air and is badly hurt. Meghasur warns them to stop or they wont remain alive. Garud’s pray for Jatayu. Jatayu begins to fall down in his human form. Chitraketu feels bad. It is all happening because of me. Hanuman comes out of the mountain just then. Garud’s call out to him asking for his help to save their Maharaj. Hanuman notices Jatayu falling down. I wont let any harm come to him. He saves Jatayu in time. Everyone happily cheers for Hanuman. Hanuman says all this is wrong. It is my, your’s and every Hari Bhakt’s duty. Meghasur calls his acts unjust. They are only making me angry. I will punish you such a way

that you wont dare to do it again. I will first break these eggs. Hanuman says I wont let you do it. He stands between the Meghasur’s poisonous fire and eggs. Meghasur is glad. You will be burnt like Jatayu and so will the eggs. Hanuman expands his size. Meghasur’s poisonous fire shows no effect on him. Jatayu remarks only Hanuman can save them now. Maharaj Jatayu’s wife tells Chitraketu’s wife that Meghasur’s attention is diverted. They think to save the eggs asap.

Meghasur is tired of emitting fire which does not affect Hanuman at all. He tries again but fails. Hanuman thinks to blow cool air at Meghasur so as to stop him. Meghasur suddenly turns in human form and falls down screaming. Hanuman says now I will not let you trouble anyone here. Meghasur glares at him. Garud’s cheer for Sankat Mochan Hanuman. Meghasur gets up once again. You have challenged me. You escaped my Agni attacks but how will you face my bodily strength? He turns into a snake once again. Panchfann and Dadi are there too by now. Meghasur ties Hanuman in his tail. Maharaj Jatayu says it is impossible to win from Meghasur now. I am hurt or I would have helped Hanuman. He will have to fight alone now. His wife is sure Hanuman will succeed in his mission. Meghasur is confident of his victory. Garud’s are tensed seeing no reaction from Hanuman. Hanuman very smartly reduces his size and frees himself. He stands on Meghasur’s tail next and begins to expand his size. Meghasur is having difficulty bearing Hanuman’s weight. Hanuman asks Meghasur to return the special wing to Garud’s right now and leave. I assure you of the same. Plus the enmity of Garud’s and Naag’s will be over afterwards. Meghasur says you cannot save them. I know you will not be affected by my poison but my Bandhak Naag Vish will surely captivate you. He emits poison. Hanuman is surrounded by Meghasur’s poison. He is unable to move or react or breathe properly while Meghasur keeps increasing the poison over him. Panchfann is shocked to see it. This poison paralyses body.

Bhushan remembers Hanuman breaking the Naag vyuh. He will free himself from this one too. His Dadi says it isn’t easy. No one knows how to break it except Meghasur and his trusted soldiers. Meghasur laughs. I will take these eggs away right before your eyes Hanuman and you wont be able to do anything. Hanuman says you cannot do it. Panchfann tells Meghasur to stop while there is still time. You are only heading towards your doom. Meghasur warns everyone to stay out of his way or he will use the same poison on them too. I wont hesitate for a second! Jatayu’s wife pleads to Meghasur to kill them instead of the kids. Jatayu feels helpless. Even Sankat Mochan Hanuman is in problem now. Who will protect us now? Save us Mahadev! Hanuman warns Meghasur not to even go closer to the eggs.

Garud’s feel bad to see their kids’ life in danger. Chitraketu regrets his act. I can only look helplessly but not do anything. Bhushan has full faith in Hanuman. He will do something. Hanuman thinks to do something asap. Garud’s request Hanuman to save them. Hanuman looks around determined. Hanuman begins to inhale the poison shocking everyone. Meghasur gulps all the eggs. Garud’s break down. Everything is over! Jatayu asks Lord to kill him instead of witness such a scene! Hanuman turns green after inhaling all poison. He thinks snakes take time after swallowing eggs. I will have to do something asap.

Precap: Hanuman and Meghasur confrontation happens.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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