Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with luv kush continuing to sing their song reciting the Ramayana, they then even say how hanuman met lord ram and him helping lord ram to kill ravana. Hanuman hides and thinks I cannot wait but tell these boys who I am. As luv and kush sing, lord ram has tears of happiness, he remembers sita. Luv and kush finish singing. Lord ram has tears and he gets up and comes to luv kush, luv kush get up and take lord ram’s blessings. Lord ram is happy and he sits down and smiles, lord ram gives his pearl necklace to kush and an arrow to luv. Lord ram says what are your names? Kush says my name is kush, luv says mine is luv. Lord ram smiles and says they are very sweet names. Hanuman thinks lord ram should recognize them, though he doesn’t even know he has sons. Luv and kush

start looking for someone. Lord ram says what happened kids? What are you finding? Luv kush say the one, for whom you broke the shiv bow by mistake, for whom shurpnakha’s nose was cut, for whom you built the bridge to lanka, for whom ravana was killed, where is the devi form, mata sita? Lord ram has tears and looks down and remembers sita, he is hurt. Everyone look down, laxman bharat and shatrugan have tears. Luv and kush say where is mata sita? Hanuman thinks what did these boys ask? What will everyone say, if anyone tells them they wont understand the dharma of a king and I hope they don’t stop praying to lord ram. Luv kush says everyone why are you quiet? Where is mata sita? Luv kush say tells us, where is mata sita? No one says anything, Sumitra says luv kush not everything has an answer to do raj dharma. Luv kush have tears and they turn their backs and walk away. Hanuman is sad and everyone is.
There sita is in the ashram and rishi chyavan has come. Sita says I am happy to see you maharishi chyavan. Rishi chyavan blesses sita. Sita says rishi I hope my sons know who their father is and their bond grows strong. luv and kush come walking angry inside the ashram. Sita thinks they don’t look happy. Sita says luv kush see maharishi chyavan has come. Luv kush smile and says rishi chyavan! They take his blessings. Rishi chyavan blesses them. Luv kush say rishi chyavan you must be knowing why mata sita was not there in ayodhya beside lord ram, please tell us. Sita and rishi chyavan are shocked. Outside hanuman watches and thinks if they know then they will misunderstand everything. luv kush says we swear you on our soul, you have to tell us. Rishi chyavan is compelled. Rishi chyavan says lord ram abandoned mata sita many years ago. Luv kush sit down heart broken and says abandoned? Luv says how can lord ram abandon his love, mata sita? Kush says yes how could he do that? rishi chyavan tells them the story. Luv kush are shocked and angry. Sita has tears. Kush says lord ram should not have done this, he abandoned the one he truly loved, he is maryada purshottam and how could he do this? Luv says yes. Sita says don’t say that kids. Luv kush says no mata, just imagine he is sitting in a royal palace and mata sita is roaming around somewhere in this world in trouble. Luv says a man who cannot protect his wife is no man to be worshipped, kush says you are right. Luv says I will not accept this necklace given to me by lord ram, luv throws it away, kush keeps his arrow down and they both go inside the hut. Hanuman has tears and says my lord’s family is breaking even before they know of each other, hanuman picks all the pearls and touches them on his head. Sita has tears and is sad, she thinks I though my sons would know about their father and would be happy to meet them but its opposite happened.

Precap: luv kush take their bows and arrows and go. sita says to hanuman and rishi chyavan where did they go? hanuman says did they listen to us talking and are going to ayodhya?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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