Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman entering the next phase. There is a monkey there praying and he says wait and you cannot enter the gate of the palace without crossing me. Hanuman sees the monkey. He attacks hanuman with his thorny gadha and hanuman tackles with his gadha and is punched, hanuman goes back. Hanuman thinks he is just as powerful as me. The monkey says go or else I will have to kill you, hanuman says I will not and I will kill you and go inside. Hanuman gets attacked again and he puts the monkey back. Hanuman thinks I feel like I have a connection with him and I don’t feel angry on him and why is that? Hanuman takes his fist blow and punches the monkey, but the monkey goes back and stands still. Hanuman thinks no one can escape my strong fist blow in this universe and

why didn’t anything happen to him? The monkey keeps his gadha and says you fool do you know who I am? And I am makardwaj the son of mahabali hanuman himself. And go back now otherwise you will die as no one can defeat me. Hanuman thinks how is this possible and then he tells do you even know who you are talking to? Hanuman turns back and says I am hanuman himself and I am a total brahmachari and I don’t have a wife or any son, I am only a faithful servant of lord ram and nothing else. Makardwaj’s heart melts and he has tears in eyes and he keeps his gadha down, hanuman turns front and says what happened? Now you are back to your senses and you are lying and you are a monster mahiravana has put here and come back to your monster form and don’t distract me. Makardwaj falls at hanumans legs and says you are my father and I am sorry I attacked my father, hanumans back lights as the gods back lights. Makardwaj goes to take hanumans blessings, hanuman comes back and says I will kill you now and don’t lie and these are your tricks. Makardwaj gets up and has tears and says no father it is true you are a brahmachari and you don’t have a wife and son but I am your son and you my father. Hanuman says you are wasting my time, makardwaj says you have to listen to the story of my birth. Makardwaj says when you were returning after burning lanka, a drop of your sweat fell into the ocean and my mother was a crocodile and she drank it and once fishermen caught the crocodile and I was born where they kept my mom. I was born just like you because my mom was actually a woman only but she was given a curse of being a crocodile so she had to return to her crocodile form and go. When she went I grew up very fast and I became 5 years old in 5 days and fishermen were shocked to see this. I grew very fast, and mata durdhubi took me to the palace and goddess maya gave me the duty of protecting the palace and gurading the entrance. Hanuman smiles but says are you finished with your lie story and I have to go. Makardwaj says I am not lying and lord Narayan himself came when he was impressed with my prayer as I wanted to know who my father was, Narayan told me that sankatmochan mahabali hanuman is my father and one day he would surely come to do his work related to lord ram and he is a faithful disciple of lord ram. Hanuman smiles and his heart melts and says lord Narayan can never lie and my son makardwaj, makardwaj says father!! And they both hug. Song jai jai hanuman starts.
Suddenly hanuman remembers that mahiravana will get the holy water from durdhubi. Hanuman takes his gadha and tells makardwaj he has to go and it was nice meeting you son but he has work and has to save lord ram and laxman from being sacrificed by mahiravana. Makardwaj says yes I know mahiravana took lord ram and laxman to the palace inside. Hanuman says thank you for telling me, hanuman is going when makardwaj stops him and says but I cant let you in as I am bound to my duty. Hanuman says but son my lord is in trouble and I have to save him and let me go. Makardwaj says I am sorry father but I am forced to go against you but I am bound to my swami and I have to do my duty of not letting anyone in and protect the gate. Hanuman smiles and says it is totally good and you should always be bound to your lord and his orders but even I am bound to my lord ram and I have to go against you. Makardwaj says I am bound just like you and you will have to fight me, hanuman says if you are bound then I have to do my duty and fight you. Both of them clash their gadha.

Precap: mahiravana there gets the water from durdhubi and is going to perform the sacrifice. Makardwaj and hanuman are fighting and picking and hurling each other.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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