Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman requests Ram to sit on his shoulder once again. I will take you to Ayodhya asap. Hanuman increases his size. Ram sits on his shoulder.

Raja Dashrath and his sons call out loudly for Ram. Hanuman and Ram hear their voice. Ram asks Hanuman to go down. Hanuman agrees. Raja Dashrath and Ram’s siblings are relieved to see Ram all safe. Raja Dashrath hugs his son. Ram assures him he is alright. Commander remarks that Hanuman did wrong. He should be certainly punished for his actions. Lakshman thinks how you dare take our Bhaiya away from us! Raja Dashrath says the decision will be taken in court. Hanuman nods.

Manthra and Yuddhajeet talk about Hanuman. Yuddhajeet plans to cut Hanuman’s tail in punishment. Everyone is gathered in the court. Hanuman and Ram look

at each other. Yuddhajeet suggests punishing Hanuman for taking away Ram like this. The consequences could have been worse. Thankfully, Ram was not hurt. Hanuman should be punished. Guru Vashishtha points out that Hanuman is a kid. Yuddhajeet onjects. Even kids are punished for their mistakes so they learn a lesson. Would you have said the same if Ram would have gotten hurt in attack? Devi Kaushalya feels it isn’t happening right with Hanuman. Kaikayi feels Hanuman should be punished. Raja Dashrath says Hanuman did not intend to hurt Ram. If that would have happened, then Hanuman would have been surely punished. We will take an action in the next court meeting. He is like a son for us. He requests Vamdev to give his opinion on the matter. Vamdev replies that if the crime is serious then we should focus on the crime instead of the culprit. I feel Hanuman is a culprit. Ram thinks of Hanuman’s devotion towards him. Another person points out that Hanuman had no inkling to do any harm to Ram. He is back safely. I don’t feel he is a culprit. A lot many people support him while a few others support Yuddhajeet’s logic. It cannot be called kidnapping but the mistake has happened. the culprit should be punished.

Devi Kaushalya says this is not right. Every kid does something like this when parents force them to do something they want. Sumitra agrees but also adds that Ram is the future of Ayodhya. Raja Dashrath turns to Ram. Ram seeks his Guru’s permission before doing so. Hanuman did not do anything wrong with me, neither did he use force against me. It is true that he went against the rules of Ayodhya. All of you should come to a right conclusion following the system of justice. But I don’t think he had any bad motive towards me. Yuddhajeet says Ram has a soft heart but Hanuman scared everyone by growing his size. Ram’s siblings say otherwise. We enjoyed it. Manthra and Yuddhajeet are irked. One person asks Hanuman to increase his size at this very moment. Hanuman thinks of his mother’s advice (not to use his powers unless it is necessary). He tells Raja Dashrath the same thing. Yuddhajeet points out that it isn’t without a reason. it is a valid question in the court. Raja Dashrath suggests him to stick to the main topic. Yuddhajeet replies he should set an example for everyone by making a stern decision. Hanuman speaks up. I understand my mistake. I am ready for whatever punishment you will give me. Manthra smiles. This vanar is a fool. He will be surely punished now.

Raja Dashrath explains he will give the same punishment to him just as he would have given to his son if it was him in his place. As per the rule, the punishment should be big. He announces that Hanuman will not be allowed inside the palace till his next order. Hanuman will stay in the guesthouse outside the palace. Hanuman accepts his order. Raja Dashrath observes Ram’s sad face. Yuddhajeet and Manthra are not happy. Hanuman should have been given a bigger punishment. Atleast he will be away from Ram now. I only will have to do something.

Ram sits all lost in his room. A Daasi brings ladoos for the kids. All the brothers offer it to Ram but he says he is not hungry. The brothers are surprised. They too keep the ladoo back. Shatrughana points out that their brother is sad thinking about Hanuman’s punishment. Lakshman says it is good he got punished. He tried to take you away from us. Ram shares that Hanuman did not go back to his mother seeing me sad. He stayed here with me so I could be happy. Think how much he loves me. Because of punishment he is far from me. What must he be feeling?

Hanuman is also sad in his room.

Lakshman agrees with Ram. Ram explains to Lakshman that Hanuman loves him just like him. Similarly, he will be feeling pained at this separation right now. We should not wish for sadness and pain for anyone that hurts us. The brothers nod.

Sakha rings its bell. Hanuman says it was wrong to take Prabhu ji away without seeking anyone’s permission. The punishment is very big and wrong for me. I got separated from my Aradhya. I came here to serve him. How will I meet my Prabhu after this punishment?

Precap: A lady ties the Raksha-Sutra in the hands of all brothers. Manthra drops the plate from Daasi’s hand when she is about to head to Hanuman’s room. She exchanges the thread.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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