Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maruti wakes up as he is still hungry. He wonders what he should eat. He gets an idea to check in the kitchen. I will surely find something there. All the utensils in the kitchen are empty. What will I eat now? He finds raw food items but has no idea how to cook them. I have to calm my hunger so I will eat them like this only. He empties the three containers too. What to eat now! It is morning by now. Narad ji appears there. Maruti greets him. He has brought some apples for Maruti. Maruti happily eats all of them. They were very tasty. I want more. Narad ji is surprised. I gave you all what I had. I have no more fruits now. Maruti is still hungry. Ma is very upset because of the very same reason. I will have to do it so Ma is now worried anymore. Narad ji says I don’t have anything

with me anymore but I can show you a huge fruit that can satisfy your hunger. You yourself will have to reach for it. Maruti readily agrees. Narad ji points out at the sun to Maruti. Sun is right under the branch of a tree outside the window. Maruti is very happy to see such a giant fruit. Narad ji says that is the biggest fruit of all. Your hunger will be satisfied after eating it but it is very far. Maruti does not mind the distance. Narad ji too encourages him to put his heart into anything to achieve success. You will come across lots of obstacles but you have to be dedicated if you have to satisfy your hunger. Maruti is ready to do anything to make his mother happy / relieved. I will surely go for it. Narad ji tells him to go ahead then. Eat the Aakash-phal (fruit in the sky). Maruti folds his hands before Narad ji to greet him and then beats his fist into the floor and it breaks into two. He flies high while Narad ji stumbles on the bed as it gets cracked into two! The floor / the utensils shake badly as well. They start falling. Narad ji is tensed to see it too. He looks at the sun. So fast! You are way too strong!

Maruti’s friends are waiting for Maruti. They talk about the Anna-Prashan ceremony. They notice Maruti in the sky. They ask him where he is going to. Maruti replies that he is going to eat Aakash-phal. The kids are confused. Atibal too is boggled. The kids wonder what Maruti was referring to. He disappeared within a second.

Maruti looks back for a second and bumps into high mountain ranges. He cleans all the snow from himself and resumes his journey towards the Aakash-phal.

Anjana and Kesari greet Rajpurohit. He has come to guide them that it is lunar eclipse today. It will start real soon. One should not eat in this meantime. Kesari has already informed them. Rajpurohit suggests them to do a yagya. There will be a ceremony wherein different articles are to be allocated to the citizens. Kesari and Anjana have already made preps for it. Anjana is worried thinking what will she explain to little Maruti about this. The more he sleeps today the better!

Maruti travels into space.

Precap: Varun Dev tells Sun God that someone is approaching them. Sun God talks about a previous attempt made by someone in the past. I had only burnt him. This time the one who is trying it wont be spared!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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