Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman finishing the food. He tells devi sita that mata I am still hungry. Sita tells her sister in laws to bring all food here. They go and everyone bring food back. The everyone go in the kitchen, sita tells that make more food before hanuman finishes the food we gave him now. Everyone start to work. Hanuman there eats all food quickly, lord ram smiles. Laxman tells bharat and shaturgan that they should go in the kitchen and help mata sita as they may need help to make more food before hanuman finishes this. They go in kitchen and help mata sita. Sita says hanuman must be finishing the food now and she tells maanvi to go and give hanuman fruits by then. Outside hanuman has finished the food and he says mata I am hungry. Maanvi comes with fruits. She gives

hanuman all the fruits. Hanuma eats them one by one. Maanvi runs inside and teels sita that hanuman is about to finish eating the fruits to. Sita says I hope this kheer I am making may satisfy hanuman’s hunger otherwise I wont be able to fulfill my promise. Lord ram smiles and walks towards hanuman and stands beside him. Hanuman does pranam to lord ram, lord ram blesses him.
There the monster nikumbh tells his army that the shadow of darkness and iniquity will go over earth and turn everyones mind dirty and into iniquity. The shadow goes and people walking suddenly sit as the shadow goes over then, they start gambling and drinking madeera. Shadow goes over people turning their habist into bad ways and turning them on the path of iniquity. Nikumbh says this way I will turn everyone into iniquity and they will come with us and against ram.
There sita comes with the kheer and gives to hanuman. Hanuman says wow kheer, I love kheer and I will become even more hungry now. Hanuman starts eating kheer. Sita looks at lord ram, she thinks now all the food has finished and how will I satisfy hanuman’s hunger? Sita says bholenath please help me and I don’t know how to satisfy your form hanuman’s hunger. Suddenly lord shankar’s shadow is sen behind hanuman drinking kheer too, lord Shankar then disappears. Sita thinks the entire universe lives in lord Shankar and how will his hunger be satisfied with kheer? And lord ram’s disciple hanumans hunger has to be satisfied by some other way, lord ram looks at sita and smiles and nods his head. Lord ram goes to the temple and brings a plate of Vishnu tulsi leaves and gives to sita. In heaven, parvati says when a disciple does everything for his god, even the god has to do everything for his disciple when he needs something. Lord Shankar smiles. Sita takes one leaf and writes the name ram on it. hanuman finishes eating kheer and says mata bring more food for me and I am more hungry. Sita says hanuman eat this leaf first. Hanuman takes it and says wow it is the Vishnu tulsi leaf and its is the favorite of my lord ram too, lord ram smiles. Hanuman says it has my lord ram’s name written on it, hanuman takes and eats the leaf. He then burps and says I am satisfied and my stomach is full now. Sita says I have made laddoos too and dont you want them? Hanuman says no mata I have had my fill and after this my stomach will burst. Everyone laugh.
There the shadow goes over everyone and turns everyone iniquity, as men walk to pray to the shivling with flowers, the shadow goes over them and they go to watch women dance and throw flowers on women. The shadow goes over a rishi teaching students and he suddenly says go away and I wont teach you unless you bring money and girls are not allowed to learn. The children go. The monster nikumbh says like this all people will turn into iniquity. There lord ram does the Pooja with rishi’s and after the Pooja all rishi’s are served food by lord ram himself. then everyone do pranam to all the rishi’s. suddenly one rishi gets up and says lord ram I cannot eat food served from your hands. Hanuman says rishi why do you say that? Lord ram says rishi have I done anything wrong? Please tell me. Rishi says lord ram you had to do the pind dan after your exile in honor of your ancestors to the poor people and you have not done that, unless that is done, I cant eat food served by you and nor can any rishi.

Precap: a demon tells monster nikumbh that hanuman and everyone else in the pushpak vimaan are going to do the pind dan. Nikumbh says I wont allow them to do the pind dan. There hanuman while flying thinks I sense something is here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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