Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pretas challenge Hanuman. You wont be able to do anything but we can fulfil your wish by killing you before time.

Kesari keeps looking for Hanuman. Preta Raj stands in his way. Kesari says I want to meet Hanuman. Why did you block my way? Preta Raj says you cannot meet him. Kesari replies that he wont be able to stop him. Preta Raj binds Kesari in his powers.

Hanuman folds his hands before them. Accept my request. Let me meet father once. I did not come here to fight with anyone. They say he has broken the rules of Preta Loka, you broke the door and now you are scared of fighting us?

Kesari asks to be freed. Preta Raj advises him to stay away from Hanuman. Kesari denies. He has come here to meet me. Preta Raj explains him the rules of coming here. Your son entered

here and broke our rules. He has no idea that any living being that comes here can die anytime. He can also go in Preta Yoni. Kesari agrees to follow his rules. Preta Raj allows him to see Hanuman and be near him, but you cannot talk to him. If you do so then I will keep him here in Preta Loka too. Kesari does not want any other problem to come in Hanuman’s life. My family is already going through so much.

Kesari notices the Preta’s hitting Hanuman. Hanuman finds their attack weird / different. How will i face them like this? Preta’s go invisible confusing Hanuman. Hanuman wonders how he is unable to save himself. They say no one can escape our attack. We appear something else and are completely different. Kesari feels helpless. Both Hanuman and my family are in problem. How will Hanuman free my body from the Asuras?

Anjana’s fake father speaks of Kesari’s pain. His wife has faith in Hanuman. Hanuman brought Anjana back safely from Swarg Loka too. Marjarika too is sure Hanuman will be successful. He says Hanuman is neither Maha-Kaal nor Kaleshwar. Anjana says Hanuman is my son, my faith. He will do more than what he can to bring his father back.

Hanuman thinks of the way the Preta’s attack. He closes his eyes to concentrate to figure out how they attack. What I see before me is the reflection of the attackers coming from the backside. He stops the attack this time. Kesari looks on proudly at his son. Hanuman tells Preta’s that their Maya wont work now. He wards off all the attacks.

Kaal Dev is angry as Hanuman did not learn any lesson from Preta Loka too. He is breaking the rules there too.

The family members want to wait for Hanuman’s return but the Asuras insist upon doing the last rites of Kesari. Hanuman’s friends ask (fake) Sugriv to wait till Hanuman is back. He is your friend. Sugriv retorts that they should not advise him. He will listen to elders or him? Anjana’s fake father too tells the kids otherwise. Anjana looks at her father in shock. What has happened to you? You have fulfilled my every wish. Are you my father only? He replies that he put her son’s life in danger. I am sure now that this pain has affected you badly.

Preta Raj tells Hanuman to stop. Just like your father is bearing the brunt of your act, he will have to bear the consequences of this as well. Hanuman denies. Please don’t punish him more because of me. He recalls his mother’s words. I am here. My punishment should be given to me. I will go back only with my father. Preta Raj reasons that no one is a relative here. Your father is only a soul here. Every soul if brought here on Kaal Dev’s orders. Hanuman says my father has been brought here unjustly. I will free my father. Preta Raj warns him not to even try doing so. Hanuman requests him but in vain. If you don’t leave now then I will keep you here for forever. Hanuman cannot see his parents in pain. I can bear anything for them. Preta Raj gets angry. He binds Hanuman in his powers. Hanuman is in thoughts. Kesari is pained to see Hanuman and Anjana’s condition. I cannot do anything but look.

Asuras decide to get Kesari’s dead body out of the bowl. Hanuman’s friends get tensed. It will be a misfortune if Hanuman does not come soon. Nani thinks it cannot be her husband. He never refuses anything that Anjana says. The eyes of the Asura’s turn red for a fleeting second. Anjana thinks I wont let them do this before Hanuman comes. She stands in their way holding a mace in her hand.

Preta Raj says now not just your father but you too wont be able to leave Preta Loka. It is all because of your stubbornness. You will die slowly because of this energy binding you. 2 days have already passed since Kesari came here. After 2 days no one will be able to figure out where Kesari will be. Hanuman refuses to let it happen. Preta Raj says he wont be able to do anything. Forget about saving your father, you wont be able to wipe your mother’s tears even. She will cry while waiting for you. Hanuman expands his size.

Kesari feels proud to have a wife like Anjana and son like Hanuman. You are doing every possible thing to save me.

Bright light emanates from Hanuman because of which no one can see anything. He is on fire. It reflects in Nature too. Preta’s are having a tough time standing before him. Narad ji thinks Preta’s are always afraid of fire. Preta Raj has actually instigated Hanuman’s anger. This is a bad sign for Preta Loka.

Precap: Hanuman stands in his Raudra Avatar. Neither you all will be saved now nor your Preta Loka. They scream in fear and pain. The main Asura has come to his real avatar. He shouts at Anjana. I wont spare you. She holds the mace high so as to attack him when they hear someone using a knife.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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