Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana caresses Maruti’s face emotionally. I will never let him go away from me ever. They share an emotional hug. Devguru tells Raj vaid that Anjana needed a herb called Maruti. Your herbs can be of no help to her. Raj Vaid agrees with him. A mother’s life is in her kid. All the Goddesses return to their husbands’ sides. Anjana thanks Vayu Dev. Maruti is with us because of you. Vayu Dev apologizes to her for the delay. It caused to lots of pain. Riksharaj denies. We became happy once again because of you only. You deserve it. Devguru adds that in a way you have given a new birth to Maruti. You fulfilled the duty of a father. He will be addressed as Pawanputra too from now onwards. Vayu Dev is overwhelmed. Kesari too affirms it. Our son will be known as Pawanputra too. Vayu

Dev says Maruti is the luckiest kid of the world today. He has got boons and blessings from all the Gods. They have given him a new name as well – Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman! Anjana smiles. Everyone utters Hanuman together. Anjana loves the name. It transmits powers inside you as soon as you take this name. Devguru Brihaspati says this name is very auspicious. It has the power of mantras in it Anjana thanks all the Gods. Everyone follows suit. All the Gods and Goddesses raise their hands so as to bless them.

Lord Vishnu and Ma Lakshmi discuss about the changes that had happened when Hanuman wasn’t alive anymore. Indra Dev had to bend down his rules. Now everything will be back to normal.

Atibal is curious to find out the reason behind this vanar kid’s return. I thought he was dead but he seems to be way too mayavi. His attention gets diverted as the fragrance of food reaches him. He is about to eat sweets when he hears the sound of anklets. Someone is approaching. He wonders where to go and then looks at the laddoo. He changes himself into a laddoo too! The daasi’s pick up the plates of food and head outside.

Kesari tells the citizens that Maruti is back all safe now. Gods have given him another name – Hanuman. Maruti will be known as Hanuman from today onwards. People cheer for Hanuman. Kesari gives credit to Pawan Dev for bringing Hanuman to them. Hanuman got a new life because of him only so he will be known as Pawanputra too! Vayu Dev turns to Anjana. You can have a son like Hanuman after a very tough tapasya. Gods have given lot many powers to Hanuman. Anjana is taken aback. Vayu Dev tells her not to worry about Hanuman ever. No one can harm him ever. He will always be safe and sound. Atibal overhears it too. Now I will share this info with Dashanan. I have to find out about all the powers that Hanuman has received. Hanuman shares with his mother that he has got many boons.

Kesari tells the daasi’s to distribute sweets amongst the citizens too. Hanuman goes inside with his friends to enjoy sweets. Anjana looks tensed.

Not everyone gets boons. Only those people who deserve it get it. Hanuman has been blessed so he can use his powers for the welfare of the world. Anjana was worried as Hanuman was pretty young at that time. He might misuse it. It was her duty to make sure he took the right path. He had to gain knowledge of good and bad for that. It was important for Hanuman too to understand everything.

Vayu Dev says a kid’s first Guru is his parents and his first Gurukul is his house. Anjana shares her doubt. He is a very small kid at the moment. How will he live up to his responsibilities?

Hanuman is with his friends. They ask him about his adventurous trip to the galaxy. Were you so hungry that you went to eat the Aakash-phal? How was the Aakash-phal? Hanuman thinks of the incident.

A kid is like wet sand. You can mould him in any way like you want to. Anjana is worried as Hanuman might use his powers wrongly. Vayu Dev says Gods have blessed Hanuman. Now it is your duty to make him understand his duties well. They have to be put to good use for the welfare of the society.

Hanuman and his friends’ attention gets diverted when they see laddoo.

Vayu Dev advises Anjana to always remember that she is no ordinary mother but Hanuman’s brother. He has to build the next Yuga. He has to fulfil bigger tasks. Anjana understands his point. I will make my son capable enough so he uses his powers, boons in the right way.


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