Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman finds raavan in ten heads form, and is amazed at the grandeur of his personality and laments as to how its going to ruins. raavan too wonders who this magical monkey is and is sure that he is one of the lords. mandodari thinks that she should be enraged at him, for having killed her son, but she feels immense relief, and sanity in his presence. hanuman too eyes her, and says that she is so sweet to be bearing the torments of her heinous husband, with such patience, and how she isnt mad at him, even after he killed her son. raavan wonders who is he waiting for, and that he shouldnt wait at all now, to take his actions and that he is definitely a spy of the lords. he tells meghnad that he has made his father proud, and proclaims and

boasts to everyone how meghnad captured him, referring to him as an uncontrolled animal. hanuman takes it on his ego, and chants lord rama’s name, and hi ropes comes off. all are shocked to see this, while the demons are scared. hanuman says that he can only be trapped in the worship of lord rama, and noone else can control him down. he tells everone the truth about how meghnad managed to capture him, and how his victory lands on false pride. he says that he has himself come to meet him, and asks him to give some place to sit, so that he can render him some advice. raavan takes it on his ego, and asks if he would advise him, when he is so knowledgeable. he says that he doesnt even have the guts to stand in front of him, leave alone sit in his courtroom. all start guffawing. hanuman sarcastically taunts him, and then asks his tail, to give them a jolt, and they all terribly feel it, as they all fall off the feet. they are aghast as they find hanuman making a seating place, by his tail. all watch agape. as he sits, and says that now they can talk, raavan says that this is a petty trick, and this doesnt change anything, as he was lowly monkey then and lowly monkey now. hanuman reminds how strong he was in childhood, and recounts the numerous instances, that make him anything but lowly. All are shocked while raavan hears tensedly. hanuman gives the final nail in the coffin, that he already gave him life in childhood. raavan says that he couldnt do it then, but today he shall give him strict punishment, and thats corporal punishment. while all rejoice at this declaration, hanuman steps down, and the seat too dismantles. hanuman is shocked and asks whats his sin, as what he did was self defence, and he always played defensive instead of aggresive, and then ask raavan what veda proclaims sin in the form of self defence. raavan says that the demons attacked since he ruptured ashok vatika. hanuman says that he isnt at fault, but the demons didnt let him satiate his hunger. raavan says that he cant hide his sin. Meghnad says that he just recounted all of his crimes. Raavan says that he cant trap him in words, and hanuman says that he maybe foolish, but raavan being so wise, how could he commit such a crime, of kidnapping someone eles’s wife, and how its a heinous crime, and doesnt suit him, and that he should return sita to rama, and then beg to rama, for apology and rectify his mistake. he asks raavan sternly to still salvage the situation. Raavan gets enraged at the mention of his lord, and how he is a mere jungle traveller, and its a sign of his monkey sense, to find god in him. Hanuman says that this is his devotional worship talking. he alks about the power, strength and grandeur of Rama, adding with every talent, and all the demons that he handled so far, that he is the messenger of that Lord himself. he asks him to not facw the ire of lord rama, and instead go with a humble apology, to him. Raavan gets furious and demnds to kill him right now. he asks why does hanuman think that he would accept rama as his lord. all guffaw including raavan. hanuman asks him not to underestimate the opponent, or overestimate himself, as he shall lose his life, but with him, his warriors shall be killed too, and that their family would miss their presence. he asks what shall he do, when his Lanka shall be ruined, just like the gardens.


Precap: Raavan says that the biggest punishment that a monkey can have, is that he goes sans his tail. he asks his demons to light fire in his tail. hanuman listens shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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