Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Beside the Ocean
Raavan tries to take his feet, and move them, but angad himself retreats away, saying that its futile when noone could move an inch, and he wouldnt want to do the sin, of having a father like man, to have his feet touched and also adds that touching his feet wont land him anything, instead he should do the same in front of lord rama, and beg for forgiveness, to be salvaged of his sins. he then starts the arti, about rama’s feet and how it absolves a person of all sins. hanuman starts chanting too, and all are mesmerised hearing it. hanuman gets overwhelmed with tears. raavan hears tensedly. angad continues top chant on about rama’s feet. An enraged raavan asks for angad’s mouth to be sealed shut.

As the demons get onto capturing angad, he jerks them off, while raavan and meghnad are tensed. meghnad then tries his magical trap rope, to tie him up, but hanuman decides to rush to his rescue and then comes in his miniature avatar and lifts him from below, and throws himup. angad wonders who is helping him. hanuman flies up and joins him too. raavan and his demons are tensed, as they eye the gaping hole in the ceiling from which they escaped. raavan gets enraged and then hits the floor with his gada, while the floor vibrates. he then curls up a ball of fire, and himself emanates in front of the army, in his ten head avatar. he warns them all to run away, or else he shall kill hanuman and rama for sure. angad says that they shall fight the war. they march ahead with boulders, determined to take lanka down. as the security guards eye the large monkey army surging ahead, they get scared. they start beckoning for meghnad. they start throwing the boulders at the lanka’s main gate. tensedly, Hanuman thinks that this is the wrong way to wage the war and he needs to stop it anyhow. rama complies, when hanuman suggests something. he then takes his flight. he hopes that this doesnt start costing them only heavily.

Meanwhile, meghnad starts his attack with the bows and arrows, and breaks up the boulders, and then directs it at the monkey army itself, while creating a magical shield around lanka. They all scream for a retreat, while raavan enjoys with his demons. just then, they find hanuman soaring in the sky, towards them, and get tensed. raavan wonders whats he upto. hanuman thinks that he has to cross this magical shield anyhow. the monkeys observe him tensedly. the security guards guffaw as they stand secured, in meghnad’s security shield. Meghnad asks hanuman not to waste time, as noone can cross this shield. hanuman says that this isnt impossible, but trying to shake off his confidence, determination and firm will is. Hanuman directs his army and then starts talking to them all that out of aggression, they started the war but never bothered to wait for either, rama, or sugriva or laxman’s instructions. he asks if this follows the code of ethics of war. he tells them they cant win the war out of haste and aggression, but by proper captaincy, and asks if they even realise how bad they must be feeling, at this action. hanuman says that they should go and apologise to rama now. they stand with their heads hung low, feeling sorry and apologetic. hanuman takes them back to lord rama. rama eyes them tensedly, and says that he understood one thing very clearly, that he cant allow them to risk their lives like this, and if they wage war like this, unattended and unled, their emntire army can get wounded, and he wont bear it, and hence has decided that he wont let anyone risk their life, even if he has to fight alone. they are boggled. he says that he shall follow the code of ethics in war and then instructs surgiva, requesting him to return back with his army, as this is the better option, that fighting an unled war into failure.


Precap: Surgiva apologises on behalf of his army, saying that they are all after all monkeys, and asks him to give as much punishment as he wishes, but not ask them to take this stern step, to retreat from the war. they all eye him tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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