Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra Dev agrees to bring Amrit for Ravan. He leaves for Chandra Loka. Ravan laughs evilly.

Problems leave you without patience. People choose the wrong path to get out of the problems. They accept evil as their protector. One should face everything with patience. No one will be able to turn evil ever then.

Devi Rohini and Chitra tells the guards to be extra careful. Hanuman luckily came to help us but it will not happen every time. Hanuman comes just then. He greets them. They ask him if there is any problem. He nods. Chandra Dev came to Sumeru but then left from here angrily. They are worried for Amrit’s safety. Hanuman offers to keep it at some safe place. They stop him. one cannot pick it so easily. It is guarded from Asuras because of the smoke and for others,

they have to chant a special mantra. Hanuman asks for the mantra. They share that this is the speciality of the mantra. No one can remember it. Devi Chitra prays to get the mantra. The mantra appears before the Kalash. A book appears in her hand. She gives it to Hanuman. He asks her what if someone fails in reading the mantra right. Devi Rohini says it will automatically switch in some other Kalash. Only Chandra Jal will be left in it. They are worried for Amrit’s safety. Hanuman thinks of something. I will tell you how to save Amrit.

Chandra Dev wants to do anything and everything to protect himself from Shani Dev. Why save Amrit when it cannot protect me?

Hanuman tells the Devi’s not to worry about Amrit now. It will be safe anyways. They like his idea. He asks them about Chandra Dev. Where can I find him? They tell him where Chandra Dev goes to when he is upset. They guide him towards the planets which help Chandra Dev in rising up in the sky.

Hanuman reaches the place where both the planets are but Chandra Dev is nowhere to be seen. Two spears are aimed so as to stop Hanuman. They turn out to be the Gods of those particular planets. They ask him who he is and why he has come here.

Ravan is sure Hanuman wont be able to do anything. Do what I have told you to do. Rahu and Ketu assure Ravan that Hanuman wont be able to meet Chandra Dev at any cost.

Hanuman greets them both. Has Chandra Dev come here? They ask for his introduction. Why have you come here? Hanuman shares that Devi Chitra has sent him here. I am Kesarinandan Hanuman from Sumeru. He relates everything to them. I have to complete my mother’s promise so Chandra Dev can rise freely in the sky. My mother’s fast will be complete then. Both the Devta’s come out of their protection bubble. You have come for Chandra Dev’s good. We help him in rising but we haven’t seen him since some days. he asks them if they have any idea where he could be. He thanks them. He turns to go when they suggest a solution. We both can meditate together. if he is around, we will get to know about it. They do so and tell him that Chandra Dev is near Chandra Loka or there only. Hanuman says I just came from there. They reason that he might have reached there just now. Hanuman nods. He thanks them and leaves for Chandra Loka.

Chandra Dev’s wives are relieved to see him there. He says nothing to them and walks towards where the Amrit Kalash is kept. He prays to get the book of special mantra. The book appears in his hands. Rohini asks him why he got this book. Chandra Dev says I have made a pact with Ravan to protect myself from Shani Dev. I will give him Amrit and in return he will make Shani Dev his captive. They call it wrong. Please don’t do it. Gods have done so much to get it. Chitra points out that he is going against dharma. Chandra Dev scolds them. You should be supporting your husband but you aren’t following your dharma. He begins to chant the mantra. His wives think to stop him from doing anything wrong. Chitra knows their husband is behaving weirdly right now. At this moment, we shouldn’t say or do anything.

Hanuman thinks to take Chandra Dev to Shani Dev and rectify their problem. I wont how mother must be in Sumeru.

Everyone is concerned for Anjana. Nani says she is becoming weaker with every passing second. I don’t know if she will be able to complete her fast or not. Kesari feels helpless. Anjana follows puja and fasts strictly. If Hanuman succeeds in his mission then Chandra Dev will appear in the sky tonight on Chaturdashi.

Hanuman keeps thinking of his mother while he is on his way to Chandra Loka. He notices Chandra Dev leaving on his chariot. The planets said it right. Rahu and Ketu appear in his way. Are you in some hurry? Hanuman recalls his last fight with Rahu. Hanuman politely requests them not to come in his way. I have to meet Chandra Dev urgently. Rahu laughs at him. we wont let it happen. Hanuman notices Chandra Dev going far from him. he begins to follow Chandra Dev. Rahu and Ketu are on either sides of Chandra Dev. They decide to increase their speed. Kalnemi smirks. Hanuman does not know that he is actually following me by mistaking me to be Chandra Dev.

Chandra Dev chants the mantra. The Amrit Kalash appears in his hands. Rohini tries to stop him but he warns her not to even try. He leaves on his chariot.

Hanuman too increases his speed. Rahu says we have anyways brought that vanar kid too far from Chandra Loka. They tell Kalnemi to handle the rest. Hanuman says now they cannot escape me. The chariot begins to fall.

Precap: Chandra Dev gives Amrit to Ravan. Fulfil your promise now. Ravan smirks as he holds the Kalash in his hands. Shani Dev tells Hanuman he has been fooled. It isn’t Chandra Dev. Kalnemi comes to his original avatar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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