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Vali tells Hanuman to get up. You have to fulfil your father’s vow and save Sugriv Bhaiya. Get up, Markat. There is movement in Hanuman’s hand. Everyone around also asks Hanuman to wake up. Anjana cries. Kesari and Anjana ask their son to get up. The same plea is repeated from all the sides. Anjana wipes her tears when she notices Hanuman opening his eyes. Vali says you still have strength. You will be punished with the last blow now and all these people here will be pained to lose you. You will neither be able to fulfil your father’s promise nor save your Sugriv Bhaiya. Hanuman thinks of his father’s vow. He looks at his parents and at Vali’s parents recalling his promise to Maharani Ma. He opens his fist again and closes his eyes. Anjana thinks Hanuman made up his mind but

has backed down now. Is it because of the promise he gave to Maharani ji? She cries again.

Vali looks at a big boulder and lifts it. Your life will end now Markat. Everyone looks on in shock. Anjana asks Maharani if she is feeling guilty seeing her son in this condition. His condition is because of your promise only. Maharani apologizes to her. Anjana says you are not at fault. I understand a mother’s love for her kids but I have faith that my son will do what is right. He will follow the path of dharma and justice. I am proud of him. Maharani says I understand your pain. You might not blame me but I know it very well. I am also guilty with Vali. I will have to free Hanuman from his promise. She thinks of Vali making her swear against it. She is in a fix.

Vali tells Kesari to keep his crown in his feet or your son Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman is going to die. Kesari angrily shouts Vali. He recalls Hanuman asking him not to help him in this fight as it will be against the rules and only put Sugriv’s life in risk. I am such an unlucky father. I am only a mere spectator of the injustice done to my son. I cannot take it anymore. People cheer for Vali (his soldiers of Kishkindha). Anjana and Kesari shout Hanuman. Hanuman opens his eyes. Vali is all set to attack when Maharani stands in his way. You wont do anything to Hanuman. Vali tells her to move aside. Don’t be a hindrance in my way. I have been insulted since childhood because of this Markat. All that will go away now. Don’t stop me at the last moment. She says a son is who will make his parents, and state proud. You only walked on the wrong path. He says don’t lecture Great Vali. She points out that a great person is unlike you. I was wrong to tie Hanuman with the vow but not anymore. He again tells her to move aside while she tries to make him understand to give up the path of adharma. He reasons that only victory is of utmost importance in any fight. I know you wont free Hanuman from your promise. She fails in stopping him. Hanuman is standing on his feet by now. Finally Maharani also frees Hanuman from his promise. Vali is shocked to realise what his mother just did. Ma freed you from the promise Markat but only this Great Vali will free you from your life. Maharani ji heads back. Vali throws the boulder towards Hanuman but he moves aside.

Vali shouts after his mother. I don’t need anyone’s promise or any boon or anyone’s support, be it mother or father. I am enough for this Markat. Anjana looks thankfully at Maharani.

Vali angrily turns to look at Hanuman. I will kill you right before Sugriv who you want to save. He summons the mayavi weapon once again and makes it present Sugriv there. Sugriv is still caught in the mayavi mirror. Sugriv thinks Bhaiya has become more powerful now by gaining half of Hanuman’s powers. Vali tells everyone to look on. I will kill your beloved Markat right before your eyes. Sugriv requests him against it. Vali adds that this mayavi mirror will take him to Yamloka afterwards. He turns to Hanuman. Your end is destined now! Both Hanuman and Vali clench their fists angrily. Vali lifts Hanuman in air and hits him against all the giant mountains. Both of them are pushed in different directions and Hanuman falls down on the ground. Sugriv looks sad. Why did you risk your life for me? He requests his brother to kill him instead. Please leave Hanuman. Vali refuses. He hits Hanuman continuously. Hanuman keeps falling over the mayavi mirror all the times. Sugriv is affected by it. Vali understands it and does not relent.

Ravan remarks that this is the perfect time to kill this vanar kid. He is weak now. Rishi is brought there all tied up in chains. Ravan says this Rishi’s body is erupting like volcano. Rishi shouts in pain as Asuras pour water on him. Ravan stops them. I can free you from these powers. Use these powers against that vanar kid. You will feel at peace then. If you accept it then I will free you right away. Rishi nods. Ravan tells him to go and help Vali.

Vali keeps hitting Hanuman towards the mirror. Sugriv asks his brother to free Hanuman. Vali says you both love each other a lot. Both of you will die together now. Sugriv begs him. Maharani prays to God. Return Hanuman his powers so he can face Vali.

Rishi screams in pain. Kalnemi says he is getting out of control. Ravan asks the Rishi to control the powers. Rishi breaks the chains with the powers inside him. The Asuras stay in the corner scared. Ravan tells the Rishi to use these powers against Hanuman now or he will kill him with his hands. Rishi nods at him and then flies out of the cave. Ravan laughs. Now that Vanar kid will die! Look on Gods, the powers that you gave to that vanar kids to kill Asuras will kill him now.

Hanuman feels bad for Vali is attacking Sugriv through him. I wont let it happen now.

Precap: Hanuman and Vali run toward each other. Rishi comes there. Vali is sure even Gods wont be able to save this Markat now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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