Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman’s statue built from a rock by lord shankar’s blessings. Hanuman is happy. Shatrugana is crowned the king of mathura as the song jai jai jai mahabali hanuman plays. Hanuman and shatrugan are now going back. Hanuman is flying and he sees down in the forest, he says was that lord ram? Hanuman says no it was a vision, hanuman then remembers sita saying they will get a vision when luv and kush have to meet lord ram. Hanuman says so its time for luv and kush to meet lord ram, I have to go to the ashram. Hanuman gets down. Shatrugan says hanuman ji, tell the soldiers to stop playing the drums as the ashram is coming and no one shall be disturbed. Hanuman tells the soldiers, they stop playing. Hanuman says I have to go.. shatrugan says where? Hanuman says

I shall go and tell rishi Valmiki about our victory and in ayodhya even lord ram is waiting so you all go ahead I will come from behind. They all go and hanuman goes.
Hanuman stands outside the ashram looking at luv and kush and says lord ram will be so happy to meet his sons. Hanuman says I will see lord ram happy after a long time, he is always sad. Sita comes and says so my lord ram does not even smile now? hanuman says mata sita, how can lord ram be happy without you? he is very deep in sorrow and pain, he has spent so many years without you but still he has never felt true happiness, even when you were taken to lanka, he was not that sad as he is now. sita has tears and says now its time hanuman for luv and kush to go out in this world to tell the story of lord ram and also meet him. Hanuman says yes mata, luv and kush shall get a chance to go in the palace of ayodhya and show their talents, lord ram will soon know then that these are his sons. Hanuman says lord ram will be very happy, if you come back now your pureness will also be proven to everyone. Hanuman says for that lord ram needs to know the current situation. Sita says then hanuman you have to promise me 2 things. Hanuman says yes mata, I will do anything. Sita says you will yourself never enclose their true identity to lord ram, and you will always keep your identity from them unless it is time for them to know it. hanuman says yes mata.
Then hanuman luv and kush pray inside the ashram. Hanuman prays and his hands shine, all the gods appear and they say we bless you. all gods give their blessings to luv and kush. As all pray, luv and kush get blessings from gods, their weapons and powers and hanuman gives them weapons and power and knowledge too. After the blessings, luv and kush and hanuman stand. Luv kush say you are a great person. Hanuman smiles and says if you have any question please ask, never hide doubts in mind. Luv kush say you seem to be a great person, you gave us powers and weapons so easily, why did you do that? who are you? sita looks at hanuman. hanuman smiles and says when it is time you will know who I am and what relation I have with you. luv kush say mata sita, give us permission to go now. hanuman says yes, start your journey with ayodhya. Luv kush are happy and say ayodhya? The city of shree ram.
Luv and kush start their journey and go from village to village with their instrument veena and recite the Ramayana by singing a song of it with their sweet voices. Luv kush finally come at the entry of ayodhya. Both of them say, we have come finally to ayodhya, luv and kush touch the ground and take blessings and say jai siya ram. They both enter ayodhya.
In palace, lord ram is in his room and he hears the sound of jai siya ram. Lord ram gets up, hanuman brings food and says what happened? Lord ram says I felt like someone close to me has come. Hanuman thinks it means luv and kush have come in ayodhya.
Luv and kush are outside the palace, singing the song for lord ram and sita, the people gather and praise them. As they sing, lord ram bharat and laxman come in the balcony. Lord ram says these boys sing so beautifully, bring them in the palace. Laxman goes to luv and kush and thinks as closer I come to them I feel like they are related to me. Laxman tells luv and kush that he is the brother of shree ram and they have been called in the palace. Luv kush says shree ram? They both go.
As luv and kush start entering the palace, luv kush say I feel nervous as we are meeting lord ram for the first time, how does he look? Inside the palace, hanuman hides and says I cannot come in front of luv kush but now lord ram will know these are his sons. Luv and kush come inside the court. Lord ram thinks as they come close, I feel they are related to me. Luv kush come in and say pranam shree ram. Everyone in the court look at luv and kush, hanuman hides and watches. Lord ram says boys, sing your sweet song. Luv kush sit and start reciting the Ramayana by singing the song, they tell everything in their song starting from lord ram’s birth to dashratha, then his marriage to sita, sita’s kidnap by ravana after their exile, lord ram’s triumph over ravana. Sumitra thinks these boys brought the entire life of ram in my eyes.

Precap: luv kush say to lord ram, the woman who was kidnapped by lanka, who killed shatanand and the great devi who has loved you always, the one whose heart you won, where is she? Where is mata sita? Lord ram is shocked and sad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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